In the article Four Ways Happiness Can Hurt You by June Gruber from the website Greater Good Magazine, Gruber writes as the title implies about how happiness can hurt you. The four ways that Gruber writes that happiness can hurt you are reason #1 being that happiness makes you less safe for people only wanting to do things that make them happy and won’t think of the consequences if they felt other emotions like cautiousness. Reason 2 is that not every problem or situation is going to require happiness, a smile isn’t going to heal a cut, and we need to cry it out, in fact, let all of our emotions out. Reason 3 is that not everybody is the same type of ‘happy’ for example happiness can lead to people not doing anything productive because it makes them ‘happy’. The final reason 4 is that pursuing complete happiness can lead to unhappiness because you’re striving for an unrealistic goal in your life that will lead to stress and frustration. Being happy all the time can really hurt you.

I truly agree with Gruber’s ideas of happiness being hurtful towards you because in our society being happy all the time is everywhere in advertisements and social media.  In our culture, we see complete total happiness as a goal, but being happy all the time can just make you lazy and will make you ignore everything else that displeases you or cause you to avoid anything that will make you upset. Humans come with an array of emotions and each one serves a purpose to our problems if no cried when we got hurt and just smiled the world would be chaos because everyone would keep their suffering inside and they wouldn’t talk about it due to society telling us being happy is the true way to feel. There are people from all kinds of places with different values, and to them happiness can mean a varieties of thing like having a lot of money, eating sweets, doing thrilling things, etc. so we can’t follow everyone else’s reason for being contempt with their reasons for being happy because what makes them pleased can hurt us. Setting yourself up for an unrealistic goal can set you up for failure which is what pursuing happiness is you’re never reach that goal as humans we have limits you can never have a full day where all you do is smile and have no problems what so ever people, when you set goals and can’t reach them you end up feeling upset and unfulfilled and think lowly of yourself which will end up making you feel awful. Happiness is good but not an everyday thing it’s only an emotion, they change all the time.

All in all being happy all the time or even pursuing happiness can affect you in a negative way and hurt you. If all you could feel is happiness then you wouldn’t understand anyone or know empathy in a situation that requires remorse, sadness, or even anger. Not every problem just needs a hug and to smile it off, we have many emotions and their purpose is to let us see situations in a special type of angle like when we are fearful we gain the fight-or-flight response. Just because everyone else around seems happy doesn’t necessarily mean that they are happy, happiness connects with many other emotions but on the outside, we may just see it as being simply happy. Some people just wear a smile all the time yet feel so many other emotions just needing to get a breath of fresh air but can’t because being happy is the ideal. Being happy doesn’t equal healthy. If you can’t be happy don’t force it out and let yourself release all you’re other feelings then you can truly be happy.