Blog #1 “Monday’s”

Mondays! We all know Monday can be a very tiring and crazy day, but statistics prove that on Mondays there are millions of things going on all over the world that are great. A few examples of great things would be that there is 10,000 babies being born, there are over 1,000’s of people getting married, and all over the world people are saying “I love you”.   Even though Monday’s can be the end of the world for some people they should always look at the positive side. Whenever there is cons there is also pros.

I believe a new day can bring new happiness and possibilities to everyone. A positive mind will bring happiness and joy to one’s life. When someone is usually having a bad day they can always bring some positivity by changing their mindset. If someone were to complain about having to go through another tiring monday, they should be happy that they were able to wake up to another beautiful day. I feel as if everyone should be happy that they receive new possibilities with every new day. Life should be about spreading love, positivity and joy. Complaining will only bring you negative energy and negative results, this will only make a person feel even worse about monday. I definitely agree with making the best out of the day. Even if your day is going horrible there are multiple things in the world that can make it better. People who are positive will make the best out of a negative day. Doing a kind deed for someone in need will also lift up a bad spirit. A good deed will help because realizing that other people around the world might have a problem or life more complicated than your own will make you feel better that you aren’t in that situation.

Be kind to one another. I believe that being kind to one another will help your situation because there are multiple people out there in the world willing to lend a helping hand to someone in need. Being kind will help you see how others will do the same. People treat you differently when you put out a kind and positive feeling. Being negative and rude to others will cause a negative outcome and that could make a person feel worse about their day. Being in a good mood even with the situation going on it is best to just work through the difficult things. Life is full of different possibilities but only you can decide how you want to live your life. You can either choose to follow your dreams or to push your dreams away. Many things can happen on a monday. Just like they can happen any other day of the week. Mondays should be just as positive and fun as a friday. Monday and friday are both the best days of the week because mondays are a start to something new and fridays are the end of something great. Make the best out of every monday you get to live. It doesn’t matter if you are in a bad situation, others might have it way worse. Make every monday memorable.

Mondays can be the end of the world for most people. All around the world other people are trying to make the best with what was handed to them. Everyday is the start to something new. Everyone should be grateful for the things they are able to do. Make every positive choice count. Make monday a great day just like everyday.