Consuming Less Junk

Consuming Less Junk

Why do people have a mindset of consuming more and wanting the newest things? Is it the feeling of satisfaction they get when buying? To prove this point, we see that people enjoy buying the newest phones every year. This habit of consuming more can make your self-esteem high in one second but then it can destroy you internally and externally. Eventually, with buying more things such as clothes and home essentials can lead to having stress and being in debt. In addition, the American culture makes you believe that you need to be a consumerist and that you need to own more by surrounding you with advertisement each day to trap you into consuming more. Therefore, having enough is what you want to be looking for, either in your closet, house or whatever it is that is cluttered up. Although America implements on you that with more things you are a better person, consuming less things improves the way you live because it leads to being happier, living in a good environment and spending less .

Owning a lot of things and being surrounded by each of them can be a hassle. However, by having less belongings, you can be at peace with yourself. In the TED talk “ Less Stuff , More Happiness” , Graham Hill,  says that less stuff is “ going to give you a little more ease in your life” ( Hill, 2011). This means that your life will be less difficult in a sense that you won’t have a lot of stuff that is preventing you from being positive, relaxed and from not finding things you have misplaced. I’m certain that everyone at some point in their life have misplaced something and can’t find it causing you to be stressed out. This shows that with less in your  house or mind you can have a happier life making you healthier. Consuming less is not just for the purpose of having less but also changing the way you live and the way you see things that will help you be successful.

Living with less will help you live in a good environment. This means that it will benefit everyone in your community not just you as an individual. Graham Hill states “ so we’ve got triple the space, but we need even more space. So where does this lead ?… huge environmental footprints …” ( Hill, 2011). Hill emphasizes that we accumulate more space over time and this harms the environment because we always want more. For example, each time you buy something from a company, that company uses a lot of harmful gases and vast amounts of natural resources. All of these companies are playing a part in climate change and if you want to do something about climate change, buying less will definitely work. With less stuff you can have an opportunity to help the environment by decreasing the polluted air and improving the air quality we are breathing.  Hence, buying less will reduce the resources being used to manufacture things and we won’t be extracting the world but rather making it a better environment.

Advertisements and billboards are constantly grabbing our attention, which makes us desire more. Since we are lost in the desirement of what we want, we don’t realize that sometimes we spent too much on a simple object. For instance, Hill states, that if we buy something “ we want  stuff that we’re going to love for years, not just stuff ” and that “it’s actually a great way to save you some money”(Hill, 2011). This means that you shouldn’t be buying something repeatedly if you’re going to throw it away the next year because it doesn’t have a purpose of buying it at all. This will just make you waste money that you could’ve used for something better. We need to be cautious with what we are buying and the amount of it because we don’t want to be in debt. This acknowledges that  one of the things that makes us have financial issues is not being reasonable about buying less. Spending less will absolutely improve your life by saving more money for important things.

Perhaps people have a mindset of consuming more because the American culture targets us with advertisements everyday to buy more. For this reason, we always want the most popular, best and newest things. However, with these norms we will not have a better lifestyle. Consuming less will improve the way we live by making us happier, living in a good environment with quality air and spending less avoiding financial problems. In addition, whatever we buy we need to ask ourselves if it is convenient and ratiocinate if it is a need or a want.