The Cold March and Destruction of Nature

The image has a deep and profound meaning as well that may influence one to think more about not only what they do today but also think about what they should and shouldn’t be doing in society.

What the image shows is a child holding a cat and looking up at the world. He is standing above a wasteland and the sky he is looking at has the images of the clouded leopard, snow leopard, golden cat, tiger, lynx, and leopard. Below them under the heavens we can see a dystopian society that is made up of abstract buildings and flying vessels with and a dark drab background. These all combine to bring up the simple message that we should enjoy the animals that we currently have that could potentially become endangered in the future. In addition, we can also see that if we go down the wrong path for too long then we could end up ruining nature and the environment.

This is a powerful image because of the implications that it can show if we continue down this road of not protecting the environment. We have already seen animals become extinct or become near extinct, but ended up being saved. An example of this is the buffalo which is an animal that was hunted to near extinction at one point and was later saved. If we do not think about the impact that we can have on the many different animals in the world then we may lead them  to extinction and never see them again in the natural world. As society advances onward and humans have more of a need to push forward and urbanize as well as to advance technology we may also end up causing irreparable harm to the many diverse species of animals, such as the different cats in the world. In the image we can see that the boy is holding a cat which is looking up to the other cats that once lived in the world. What this is saying is that as time goes on animals might start to lose their family and others of their kind until they are the only ones left. If we keep on destroying environments of animals and driving them out of their homes we will eventually drive them all to extinction.

The image is not only for the purpose of displaying the fact the some animals may become extinct in the future, but that society may advance beyond nature and turn into a gray damp dark colored world. As we advance we have been getting rid of more and more nature in our environment and in their place put in homes to live in. In the future we may no longer have the view of nature and our views may be replaced with that of advancements in technology that could drown out the world in monotony as well as metal. If we don’t do something about the way that we advance technology and drive nature out of our world then we could end up in a dystopian like society in which we can no longer view the beauty of nature and the animals that live in it.

As life moves on animals tend to die and life moves forward. Despite that we still need to be able to enjoy our lives for what they are now and make the best and pay the most attention to it as we can. One needs to be able to enjoy their lives as it is now and what they have because similar to the quote in the image we may not know what will happen in the future and the things that may disappear. In the current state of our world we are pushing animals out of their natural habitats and leading many of them to harder lives that is harmful the them and their way of life and continued existence. What we have today such as the penguin or rhino may not be alive tomorrow to be seen and observed in the flesh. Similar to the dinosaurs will we drive animal to extinction and be left with only their bones to study. If we don’t enjoy the amount of nature that we have now that is already diminishing then will our future generations be able to enjoy what we have seen, or will the world fall into a fate similar to the image and leave children to only think about the many different species that went extinct as we pushed forward technology and urbanization recklessly.   

Learning From All Experiences

Learning From all Experiences

In the quote  we can see many deep messages that can be related to one’s everyday life in and help them improve and become the best they can be. The overall message is also very clear and can be easily interpreted.

What the first part of the quote is saying that one should not blame others for things that happen in their lives. I think that this part of the quote is true because it can help one to learn and improve. If one never blames others in their lives and instead takes responsibility or analyzes why something happened, they can hopefully learn from that experience and commit it to memory. An example of this is that if one takes responsibility for something that they did wrong. A simple example of this is that a student that has family come over and is unable to finish their homework needs to not blame their family members that came over, but think what went wrong and the reason for why they couldn’t complete their homework. Maybe they could have done it earlier and simply procrastinated in doing it, or they can ask the teacher for an extension because of personal issues. In the end, one will learn from more about what they are doing wrong through thinking through experiences and what went wrong. This can also help one to advance as a person because of the deeper insight that it can give one that can therefore be applied in everyday thoughts as well as experiences. I think that this is a lesson that one should take to heart because of how hard it is to do. It is easier to blame somebody for one’s own mistakes, while it is harder to admit that they were the cause of the mistake. People need to be overall more willing to accept that they are wrong and to learn from their mistakes instead of blaming others.

The second part of the quote is also true that can be applied to everyday life because it gives a simply obvious message that many people ignore. The second line is basically saying that being surrounded with other people that one believes to be good will give one happiness. This is overall true because the easiest way to secure one’s happiness in their environment is by changing it in order to be an environment best suited to their needs and likes. An example of this is that people generally surround themselves with good friends that they like and enjoy talking to, similar to the phrase, in order to be happy. I think that this is true because it is human nature to surround and talk to good people, or people that are similar to themselves in order to seek happiness. I think that this part is interesting because many people don’t think about their friends and the types of people that they surround themselves with because it is seen as a natural thing. Despite that it is a simple thing that one can do in order to improve their lives.

The third part or sentence of the quote basically says that even surround one’s environment and friend group with bad people will still give one experience. This is also true because people can learn from the bad experiences that become amassed from that bad person and learn what not to do. In addition, they can also learn what doesn’t work as bad people usually do bad things. I think that this is important because it is good to learn what not to do.

The third and last sentences in the quote are interesting as well because it can also be integrated into one’s everyday life in order to have a better quality of life. What it is saying is that terrible people will give you lessons to learn from while the best people, or great people, will give you memories as those will most likely be the one’s that are best friends and people that one will always be around, and as such will provide a lot of memories as they will be companions for a while.

All of these connect together in trying to get people to improve their lives through the use of many different things, mostly being somebody that keeps an open mind. By keeping an open mind and learning from all of the different life experiences. I think that people should in generally try and learn from both good and bad experiences in order to enrich their lives.

In general, most people don’t think of doing these simple things because it is easier to blame others and avoid responsibility than to learn from said mistakes. I think that this is sad because people should be able to accept responsibility on what they have done wrong as well as be able to learn from their mistakes because it will be able to make the world a better place. This is because people need to be tolerant in order to keep and open mind when viewing new ideas. If one rejects one way of thinking simply because it goes against their own thoughts or beliefs or because they don’t like that line of thinking, then they won’t get far in thinking because of how closed minded they are. Another thing that was interesting about the quote is that these are all things that a lot of people do on a regular basis but don’t think about, such as staying with good friends. Despite that it is important to recognize which are good friends and which are bad friends so that one can safely coordinate and think about how these people are influencing their surrounds, environment and way of life. Having good friends will be able to give one a better experience and memories, but that would need one to think about which are good friends and which are bad. This is something that is hard to do as most people don’t full show of their emotions and feelings of how they actually are like and have a sort of fake persona compared to their true selves. They might only show part of their true selves, and might be completely different people at school and at home.

Overall, the quote is an interesting and simple quote that not only makes sense to follow and listen to, but can also be applied to one’s everyday life in order to improve it and hope to live happily. Despite that, it is also a bit complex as good and bad are subjective terms that are terms that depend on the person. Although these terms are subjective, people can still generally learn from their mistakes, the mistakes of others, and keeping an open mind can help one to have a happier life, and can learn from the many different experiences and people that one will encounter in their everyday lives, whether they want to or not.

You Are Your Only Limits

The quote by Bruce Lee puts an interesting perspective on life and what we can and can’t do in general as well as how we life. The quote by Bruce Lee is inspirational and one of the many ways to live one’s life as well.

I thought that it was interesting that Bruce Lee says “There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A Man must constantly exceed his level.” It put my life into perspective because it not only talks about limits, but life as a whole and how one lives it. He is saying in the quote that the we have no limits and that the only limits are those that we set on ourselves. It is also saying that there are only goals that one sets for themselves in order to be overcome. Our mind is a powerful thing and we truly have no limits except for those we set up ourselves. This can be applied to a mindset by trying as hard as possible even if it seems impossible. We are constantly putting limits on ourselves in our daily lives. For example, students regularly tell themselves that committing everything they learn to memory is impossible, and thereby impose limits on themselves. It is also more productive to set goals and not limits because by setting goals, one has something to try and reach and aspire for. By setting up a goal, they will be able to see what they need to do and improve to be able to reach it.

Another part of the quote that was interesting was “If it kills you, it kills you” which I found interesting because it is something else that can be applied to everyday life in order to try and improve. What the quote is saying is basically that whatever happens will happen and we will be able to do nothing about it. If you die from it, then you died. One will not get past and achieve their goals if they are afraid of trying to hard. This can be applied to one’s life by trying more things in life instead of being scared of trying hard and achieving their goals. By not pushing themselves, they are setting mental limits on themselves which limits how hard one will push for their goals and trying to improve upon what they already have. We have to constantly strive for something in order to improve as people. We must not stay that the same level because we need to improve ourselves. I thought that this was an interesting quote because most people set limits or don’t try to improve beyond what they are already at.

People such as Bruce Lee would push their limits by not limiting their growth through the power of the mind. Things such as mindset completely affect how one lives and grows, and should always be looked at. One has to look at themselves and see if they are living in a way that allows them to be the best they could possibly be, or if they are growing to their fullest potential. We have no limits except for the one’s that we set upon ourselves with our mind and mindset. Somebody that constantly is looking for improvements will be able to overcome any barrier because they are growing and will eventually be able to cross that goal, onto the next. If somebody has the mindset that they can’t improve anymore, they will not get improve, no matter how good they are. One doesn’t improve by barely trying but by trying hard and constantly exceeding their previous level. This is one of the many possible lifestyles that one can live and is proven to work as shown by the fast the Bruce Lee had this mentality and he lived a healthy life.

I think that this was also interesting because it shows how powerful the mind is and how a good mindset can positively affect life. Bruce Lee is known to be a powerful person, and gives great advice by saying this because it shows how his positive lifestyle and mindset helped him improve. It can greatly benefit someone because the brain and mind are our most powerful tools that we have been given. The mind and brain are responsible for affecting our growth as well as our reality, and are incredibly powerful. They are strong enough to change our body in the way we desire if we will it and try it hard enough, as shown in the quote by how the man was able to run the 5 miles without dying. If somebody tries hard enough they can achieve anything, and will be able to further surpass their limits. People that complain and say they can’t do something are the one’s that are unable to further progress past the level they are at due to negativity as well as the fact that they aren’t trying to their fullest potential. The brain is what is controlling our perception of reality, and can potentially achieve anything as long as we try hard enough. One example is that somebody that tells themselves a lie enough can eventually believe it as truth. Another example is the fact that optical illusions work, which shows that our perception of reality and life isn’t perfect and can be changed through the power of the mind. 


Simple Boosters

The article  brings up many interesting this, that many people should try. The first one that i found most interesting was to be enthusiastic in order to feel more confident. Many people would like to be more confident and don’t know how to start, but these are small and everyday things that people could do.

The one I first found interesting and thought provoking was to be enthusiastic. This is because it is an extremely simple thing that people could try everyday but don’t. One should be grateful for what they have, and be enthusiastic for the rest of the day, because they are still alive. In addition, many people don’t do this and are the opposite, completely negative and unenthusiastic. They view everything as a chore. I myself and sometimes enthusiastic, because their are somethings that I can’t find myself being enthusiastic about, such as a boring class. I think that this can help you feel more confident because it will affect one’s overall mood and attitude. If one views life more positively, it is easier to be confident about what they have and be grateful for it. Another example is that the days that am enthusiastic to learn because I got plenty of sleep and finished all my homework, I feel more confident, as if I was completely ready to learn and study.

Another point that I found interesting was to do as you say and say as you do. This was an interesting point because in this day and age, many people don’t follow their ideas, and seem to have 2 faces. Following what one says and do what they say can make someone feel more confident because they will have to internally backing that they have a stable set of morals, ideas, or values. One example of this is if someone says they will do something and do it, they will feel better and have more confidence because they will have an inner feeling of following through with what they believe. One example of this is that one naturally feels better following and completing something they wanted to do, such as not procrastinate and finish their homework early. This can make someone feel more confident because it gives the feeling that they can accomplish what they set out to do. I feel good completing my homework early, because it gives me more free time to do other activities that I enjoy partaking in. Confidence can come from the thought of knowing that you will complete what you say what you will do.

It’s not about you is one that I thought was an interesting one on this list because it is also something that people don’t really think about. People as a species generally look out for themselves, and others second. This can lead to people not thinking and hurting others feelings. By understanding and being kind to others, you won’t anger or hurt them, and might feel better from the positivity. This can boost confidence because you will naturally feel better from making others feel better. Positivity can rub off, and will boost confidence.

The finally one I found interesting was to realize that you know more than you think you do. This goes with having self confidence because many people put themselves down, which ruins their confidence. In reality, their are countless ignorant people in the world, so you are bound to know something that others don’t. Being confident in what one knows and asking for what they don’t know is also an overall productive thing to do because it increases knowledge. The use of learning can boost confidence because being able to relate or answer a question naturally feels good. One example of this is when a teacher asks a student a question and the student knows the answer, they will feel good and confident because they had the knowledge to answer.

There are many things in life that can make one feel more confident, or at least feel confident on the outside.  These simple things are usually not thought of and ignored, but could make one seem more confident. One doesn’t need to feel completely confident on the inside, but seem confident on the outside. If one seems confident on the outside, others will believe it, giving one confidence that could lead to true inner and outer self confidence.

Power of Books

In the article  many interesting topics are brought up about reading a book.

One of the points it brought up about why people should read daily is tranquility, an interesting topic in this day and age. In this era where we have many possibilities on what we want to do, who actually thinks about sitting down and just reading a book for fun. In the age of the internet, we don’t have much leisurely time to just sit and not be on the internet. People are now more occupied than before, due to the internet and the countless things we can do with it. However, we don’t have much time to just relax. An example is most students don’t just have the time to sit down and read a 600 page books, which could take 6 hours to finish reading. As students, we don’t have much time to just sit for hours and achieve peace and tranquility, because we know that we have many things that we could be doing instead. For example, I read a full book about once a month when i have time to go to the public library, pick up a book over the weekend and read it for the entire day. Our lives are filled with work and chaos, and not many have the time to read for fun.


Although not many read because  the time constraint, I agree that reading a good book can bring many benefits, including peace to one’s self. When reading an excellent book that one can such you into the story, you feel the rest of the world leave, and can have a feeling of peace. Using a book to bring peace is beneficial to one because sometimes we just need to stop the rush of life and work, and just have some time to be absorbed into an imaginary world in which dinosaurs fly or aliens attack the world.


Another reason that one should read a book daily is because it can lead to one having better writing skills as well as improving their vocabulary. By reading, one can assimilate writing techniques that one can use in their own writing, or assist in improving one’s own writing techniques. For example, if you found an author had strong transitions, you can observe what allowed for the transitions to be effective. Alternatively, if you found a transition to be weak or not work, you could note it for future writing. In addition, by reading books, you can learn interesting new words that can further add onto one’s arsenal of vocabulary words to be used in their own writing. By reading books from different authors, you can see an array of techniques that you might have not used or seen before, as well as that you have not thought of using in a specific way. An example of this is that I have been influenced by some books I have read, and have seen some ways that transitions have or have not been effective. One of the most recent books I read was a fiction book, which used interesting words that I didn’t know.


Reading is beneficial because it provides free entertainment. Thanks to the internet and public libraries, we can easily borrow or download books and read when we have the time to. Nobody likes being bored, and reading is something that can be free and quell boredom. It is an affordable way of entertainment that not many people think about when they aren’t sure how to get over their boredom. I can say for sure that most people I know wouldn’t think of reading when they are bored, but instead would think of playing a game online or sleeping.


The best benefit, as well as the simplest benefit  that reading daily can provide is the expanse of one’s knowledge. Knowledge is always an excellent thing to have more of. Increasings one knowledge also can open up one’s mind to new ideas that might have not thought of before as well as teach them new lessons. One example is as children, many have read or been read books that taught us a lesson, including the “3 little pigs”. These books are meant to expand our knowledge as children in order to expand our thoughts. With more knowledge, we can be more open minded to global and local issues, and come up with creative or new solutions that could help.


Reading has many benefits, many of which people aren’t aware of such as the tranquility it brings, or how it helps improve their writing, even if they aren’t intending to. Despite all the benefits that reading a book a day provides us, many of us still don’t try and read at least once a month, and instead would rather spend time sleeping or taking pictures. We should all try to read at least once a month for the benefits it provides, as well as to just read and let out our troubles for the time we are reading.


If You Give A Man Another Life

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, after retiring from a public life due to worsening lymphatic cancer, wrote an interesting farewell letter that brought up many interesting points. I thought when they said “I would value things, not for their worth but for what they mean” was a deep and profound quote that should be considered and looked and reflected upon. Many people, myself included, value belongings based on how much they cost in money. One example of this is that people value their phones a lot, especially if they are expensive. I view my figure on my desk as valuable, because it was almost $100, and therefore worth a lot to me. We shouldn’t view things based on worth, “but for what they mean.” We should value things for what they mean because that is their true worth. Their worth is what they mean to us, whether it means something filled with childhood memories or reminds us of a deep event in our lives.

“I would sleep less, dream more, understanding that for each minute we close our eyes, we lose sixty seconds of light.” This is an interesting viewpoint as well, because it is something can Gabriel Garcia Marquez could better understand due to their worsening condition. I can somewhat see the point on that they would sleep less, because while we are sleeping, we lose time to achieve our dreams, which is also why we should dream more. I can relate with this because as a lot of people in this day and age wish, I to like sleep and wish i could sleep more. A lot of people can relate to wanting to sleep more. Sleeping less and dreaming more is interesting because we really need to dream more and spend more time being productive and less time procrastinating. A lot of students, and teachers can relate because we all have our days were we just want to stay in bed and sleep, instead of doing something productive such as homework. Despite this, we should sleep less, because our life is short, and once we are towards the end, we will realize all the things we missed out on doing, and wished we did.

“To a child I shall give wings, but I shall let him learn to fly on his own.” Is an interesting point as well, because a lot of people would just like things to be handed to them, and not want to learn how to do it themselves. This can be related to education, and can be seen in some students attitudes. Some people just want to have everything handed to them, but never want to learn. Some students just want an easy A, but don’t want to learn and try to put in the effort for that A. The quote can relate to this because they are saying that they would give a child the tools to achieve something, and let them learn on their own, without being told how to. They wouldn’t teach them how to fly, but let them learn on their own so that the child can accumulate their own experience and learn from failures and improve. I can relate because sometimes i would rather just be told how to do something and get it over with, instead of trying to learn it through experience. Experiences make up one’s life, so we should fill our lives with as many experiences of learning and failing, before we are gone from this world.

“I wouldn’t let a single day pass without telling the people I love that I love them” is a part of the letter that should be deeply viewed and reflected upon, because it is something most of us don’t do. Once someone passes away that you loved, you will no longer be able to tell them how much you love them. You need to appreciate loved ones while either you or they are alive, because after death you won’t be able to express your love. I can relate to this because I don’t tell people that i love them every day. I’m sure a lot of people can relate because they have a lot of things on their plate, and are busy with homework and other things. I know that a lot of people don’t really appreciate their parents, and don’t tell them they love them everyday, because they assume their parents already know it.

“I would walk when others hold back,” is telling that we should do things, even when we aren’t sure. These are should be taken into account when reflecting on our actions because sometimes we don’t do something, and later regret it. A lot of people, myself included are afraid of doing something things, such as participating in class, and later end up regretting it because we knew the answer, but were too shy to say it. Life is too short to not do things and regret. I have regretted not taking action before, because sometimes i know the answer to something, but am afraid of answering wrong and instead don’t answer at all. Instead, we should go all out, because life’s too short to not to the most we can with our time.

We should live our life to the fullest, because before we realize it we will be regretting the things we haven’t done, hope we said things we didn’t get to say, learn things we didn’t get to learn, and achieve things we had hoped to achieve. On our deathbed, we will most likely reflect on the things we should have done and shouldn’t have done, and home we lived a different way. In the end, we can only live our life to the fullest and to an extent so that we will not regret not doing things, not achieve our dreams and goals.

The InterWEB



The internet is a wonderful invention that allows the world to interconnect, as well as to bring information in an easy manner. Although the internet can be used to do many product assignments, such as blogs or homework online, it can also lead to  procrastination and not very productive days, something I may or may have not done on this blog. Despite that, I think that 1 year without the internet would be unbearable, as I have integrated the use of the internet into a lot of my daily life, such as school. In the article by Paul Miller he said  “I thought it was making me unproductive. I thought it lacked meaning. I thought it was “corrupting my soul.”  as well as how he says “And now I’m supposed to tell you how it solved all my problems. I’m supposed to be enlightened. I’m supposed to be more “real,” now. More Perfect.” These two quotes he says in his opening brought me interest because their are people that view the internet as an instrument of evil, or something that is only used for games. I know that their are parents out there are parents in the world that think the internet is making kids unproductive, and that they should go outside. My mom, for example, always assumes that I am playing as long as I am on the computer. I could be writing a blog, but just because i’m touching the keyboard and mouse I am “playing”. Although she has this view, she also understands that I sometimes talk to my friends or do homework over the internet, and therefore understands its uses. It isn’t a negative thing, but if overused can lead to frustration or negativity. The internet shouldn’t be controlling me, because it is a tool that can be used in moderation.


In this article, Paul Miller talks about how he took a break from the internet in early 2012. He felt burnt out and “the internet might be an unnatural state for us humans, or at least for me.” By staying away from the internet for 1 year, he wanted to see what he would be doing, and what it would be like. At the start, he said that it started out great, and that he felt more aware. I thought this was interesting, because the internet is a distraction, and as we become more enthralled with the web, we become less aware of our surroundings. Why would I want to go out and talk to my friends in real life, when I can just go online and talk to them over Skype and have the same conversations. Despite this, one will become more aware of their surroundings if they didn’t focus on the web. They would be able to view the outside world for all its beauty. I can somewhat relate to this because when i go on vacation to visit my relatives, which have no internet connection or wifi at their home, I feel more aware of the outside in which they live in. I can observe the birds chirping, wind blowing, turkeys roaming, and just ignore the need to check my gmail or see if I will have enough time to play games today. The world with the internet brings a lot more tasks to do, as well as more ways to reach others. This brings up the thought, is it better to be aware and not use the internet, or be distracted from the real world and live on the web. The world is a beautiful place, but can become boring. Since I frequently use the internet, I find it hard to just doing nothing but enjoy the world, because I am aware of the things I am missing out on. If someone in the 1500’s heard about the internet, they would rather use it to communicate than mail letters, because it is more advantages.


However, the internet can also be used to one’s advantage. Paul Miller, in his experience with not using the internet for 1 year, found real life mailing to be a lot of work. He had fun with his PO Box, but felt it was to troublesome to write letters back to fans, and that “ leaving the house to hang out with people took just as much courage as it ever did.” as well as  “A year in, I don’t ride my bike so much. My frisbee gathers dust. Most weeks I don’t go out with people even once. My favorite place is the couch. I prop my feet up on the coffee table, play a video game, and listen to an audiobook. I pick a mindless game, like Borderlands 2 or Skate 3, and absently thumb the sticks through the game-world while my mind rests on the audiobook, or maybe just on nothing.” This is something can be passed on somebody’s personality and what they do. If they enjoy going out and looking at the world and what it has to offer. There are a lot of people that prefer to be on the web, and it just comes down to what they enjoy. People shouldn’t push others to do something they don’t enjoy. I don’t forcefully push the internet onto people, and others should be conscious of what they do. I enjoy using the internet, and have many things I can do, whether it be for entertainment or to be productive. I can read articles on new scientific discoveries, or watch videos for an entire day. I could mess around with a virtual machine all day or write a blog post. The many different things I could do are boundless, and are preference. I couldn’t find myself mailing a letter to someone to communicate with them, but emailing a teacher is something that is not uncommon.


The internet also makes it easier to communicate. In this age, we can talk to people across the world, or call or send email to our friends when we need to communicate, instead of sending letters. The internet can be a way to communicate. I use the internet in a lot of ways for communication, such as talking to friends and emailing teachers. Their should be an intermeshing of the use of the internet and the real world. This brings up the issue of how long one should use the internet. I love using the internet and all it has to offer. The first thing I do after getting home and taking off my shoes is turn on my computer. It has become a daily schedule after coming back home. Most days I will have a need to use the internet for, and all days will I utilize it in some way. If I one wants to go out, they need to plan when and where so that people can prepare, but on the internet one can be in shorts and undershirt while talking, and no one will know. You could talk with people that aren’t in the country, or in another state and still communicate. I agree with most of the articles points, because I use the internet a lot. The internet is becoming more and more common in this day and age, and being used by everyone. I’m sure that most students in this age use the internet in one way or another, showing how connected our lives have become with the internet. The internet can agree with reality, as it doesn’t have to be a negative thing, and in the end the internet is simply a tool that has countless uses.