Did you know loneliness can be deadly


Have you ever seen a kid all alone and think he’s a loner or “Whys he sitting/standing  there all alone”? Did you know that loneliness can cause someone to go down the wrong path or have some health issues. Yeah you don’t believe this huh.i kinda thought the same thing when i ran into this article a while ago. I agree with this article because there are some people out there with mental health issues and don’t really know how to deal with it because they either don’t know how to talk to someone about it or they don’t want to be judged by having issues. This article gives facts about how loneliness kills and what it does to your body, also gives you the best ways to help someone or prevent loneliness. I also have some personal relation that i’ll state in one of my paragraphs so keep reading and you’ll find out.


John Cacioppo which is a social psychologist at a university in chicago studied how the human body reacted to loneliness and being socially active. John explained how a group of fruit flies which were isolated from other fruit flies died earlier or where in the worst health than the ones who interacted with the other flies. He talked about how the arteries harden themselves that causes high blood pressure and how inflammation can disrupt the person from learning and with their memory. John and a friend experimented on the immune system of a lonely person which had a lot of symptoms in like the genes of the immune system and how the body just let all its defenses down to some invaders. In my opinion, anxiety, high stress, gloomy, lack of self control, fretting, lack of meaning and cynicism are bad to have for personality traits and may lead to loneliness and or mental health problems. John explained that the circulating stress hormone cortisol and blood pressure can be pushed to the danger zone for the cause of stroke and heart attacks. John has stated that people who are lonely sleep less and wake up more at night which Cole and John researched, also which loneliness can make them rate their own social activeness negatively.

But the difference of taking a break of socializing is nothing bad because i like to be alone most of the time to get my thoughts together because there is a lot going on. I could relate to this because i have been lonely in the past and now because of my mental health. I intend to get anxiety when i talk to new people or when the attention is on me. I also like loneliness because when something bad happens for example in my home i usually blame myself because i’m used to being blamed even though i didn’t do it i would think” what do i do make it better?” leave or ?, i wouldn’t want anybody to have a problem with me or for me to cause something so i intend to isolated myself from other people so nothing bad happens. But sometimes i would like to be alone to listen to music and sort out my thoughts because i needed a break, but usually im what i said before.

In conclusion, i would like you to go up to a lonely kid and eat lunch with them or start a conversation because john stated that lonely people needed to view the world more positively and to also work on their social skills. But you’re not the only one who would be doing this, imma try to do this at my school and do this to help myself as well =). But when you go up to the boy/girl try not to make them feel uncomfortable because when people try to talk to me i intend to act awkward and or feel very weird/ uncomfortable around the person. Also if you are going through this try to make friends with the same interest like you or people who like similar things to you.


Special Olympics

Have you ever heard of a Special Olympics Champion Matthew William, Matthew has won three medals in three different sports and national games in Canada. Matthew trains five days a week for basketball and speed skating but also works with mental performance consultants to work at his best when performing, Matthew also worked with top notch coaches. Matthew and people like him were shunned away not long ago because they are in the Special Olympics. Why you ask? Matthew and four and half million athletes have intellectual disabilities, Matthew was born with epilepsy and intellectual disabilities.Matthew was one of 6,500 athletes with intellectual disabilities in 165 countries who competed in L.A. The games were live coverage on TSN and ESPN, he asked if you knew it was broadcasted,to be honest i didn’t know there was something called Special Olympics but am really glad that i know now because they are inspiring and helpful. Matthew said that on day before the game against the Nigerian basketball team, the Nigerian basketball team went to the World Games Healthy Athletes Screening, seven of ten teammates needed hearing aids. The clinic gave them free hearing aids and the Nigerian players were so happy to hear their coach’s instructions, the bounce of the ball, and the referee whistle, they were full with emotions and could also hear clearly of their fans cheering them on. “Half of the adults in the US don’t know a single person with intellectual disabilities” Matthew said. Matthew also talks about how the R-word(the R-word is retard and or retarded) is hurtful to himself and the four and a half million people who have intellectual disabilities. Matthew quoted from his fellow athlete and global messenger John Franklin Stephens who wrote“Come Join us Someday at special Olympics. See if you walk out with your heart unchanged” to a political pundit who used the R-word as an insult. So going back to the question Matthew asked about “What do you think when you see someone like me?” i would say that they are inspiring and they are just like the people around us and nothing else, in our society lots of people are either judged on appearance or religion. Some people are sometimes to afraid to act themselves because they are either scared or anxious they will be judged on their personality.There is always going to be a hateful person to ruin your happiness or life, so just be yourself with what you have and what you are there is always people who would like you and who would care for you but might not show it with their actions. In my opinion i would like more people to know more about people with intellectual disabilities and how they feel when they are judged on what diseases they have or illness. How would you feel if someone out of the blue judged you without knowing you?It would probably make you feel sad or depending on one’s self, so you shouldn’t judge people on what they have or what they don’t have. Matthew also explained how some people with intellectual disabilities are scared to join a sport and have some health problems with being judged and left out. Matthew has also thought that sports change people’s lives. Do you agree with Matthew? In my opinion i do also agree with Matthew because some people have the same interest and you know the feeling you get when you meet people who love the same sport or sane goal as you, i can’t really explain it because for me in middle school i play soccer for two years(seventh and eighth grade) I’ve seen my teammates change through the times we were together. Most of them changed in a good way but the rest not that much, we became a little closer with each other and still keep in touch even though we aren’t together, you also meet new people in sports that may later become acquaintances or friends. Now that i practice with another team i see some people change in a good way as well, i’ve also seen myself change little by little by being in sports. Now going back with the question Matthew asked “What do you think when you see someone like me?” what would you think.