A View on Technology

According to statistics, 71% of high school and middle school students rely on electronic technology for their homework answers. We now have apps and websites like Photomath, Answers.com, HwPic, Homework Helper, Slader, etc. Even I, can’t say I haven’t used one of these for my homework. It often happens when you procrastinate. Saying you’ll do it, then the time comes and you still haven’t done it. That’s where the usage of internet to get your answers comes in handy.

Is the internet a good thing in today’s generation? Or is it just making us dumber? Some argue that yes, it is making us dumber. Apart from dumber, it’s making us lazy too. In addition, today’s generation now has kids as early as the age of 9 using the technology that we learned later on. Although the internet has positive learning benefits, it has several negative ones.

The positive learning benefits of the internet are sharing your ideas and solutions, getting tutoring, learning with videos, communicating outside of the classroom, and much more. Students can now do their work and submit it through the internet. This is an easy way of completing your task.

On the contrary, the internet is and can be used negatively. The kind that affects your learning. Learning is for you to see how it’s done and then practicing it yourself until you understand it. However, some are ‘ learning ‘ by copying the answer. That to me isn’t learning. That is making us dumber. We often rely too much on the internet. And even with technology this advanced, we can now even ask our phones to look up the answer for us.

As can be seen, it has both good and bad effects. Now it all depends on how YOU use it. You could easily use it to help you but ‘help’ shouldn’t be you getting all the information to write what you didn’t really learn or understand. 

Should You Have Regrets?

Whether you want to or not, you will one day die.  At some point, you will pass away. Whether it be an accident or maybe just growing old. It could be painless or possibly painful. However, it will happen. Here are some ways to avoid the biggest regrets of dying.

Have you ever wanted to get on a rollercoaster, but you were too scared so you backed away? Get on. I’m telling you, get on. Did you ever like someone but never told them? Tell them. Having regrets is like making a mistake. Many argue that it’s good to die with no regrets, no mistakes. Therefore, you can feel like you lived your life fully.

On the contrary, when you regret things you usually end realizing your mistakes. As humans we all make errors, it’s bound to happen. Once you see your mistake, you learn from them.  And you tend to become a better person than you were yesterday.

So my question is should you have regrets before you die?  Everyone has a different opinion. My opinion?  It goes both ways. However, having regrets results in being better than the last time. In conclusion, everyone has them. You can’t deny it and you shouldn’t. A person is made to make mistakes and learn from them.