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Mind-Blowing Theories

Before I read this article, I honestly thought that it was not going to be interesting and it was going to be about stuff I already know, but boy, was I wrong. As I read the article, I was literally mind-blown and was saying “whoa” the whole time. I started thinking a lot about these theories and based on what I have learned my entire life, I believe them.

One theory that I found very interesting was Presentism. It states that time is now and real. The past nor future exists because we are not living it. The future is just our imagination as well as the past and very similar to our dreams. Another interesting theory is the exact opposite, Eternalism. The past, present, and future are layered, making time multi-layered. This means that the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously. Time is seen from a specific location so if you choose reality, the future becomes imaginary. I personally, believe presentism because it seems the most logical to me. Like, you can’t choose to live in the past because you may be in the past for me, but for you it’s the present. You will no longer live in my world because I’m in my present time and you would be in my past time. Also, I would be in your future time which means I might not even be born yet, so therefore, I don’t exist in your time.

Phenomenalism also caught my attention because it is the idea of no existence without perception. This means that everything around us is there because we are aware of it. For example, you have money because you know you have it and you’re aware of it. If you are not thinking about it, it disappears until you or someone else thinks about it or interacts with it. I don’t really believe this theory because I don’t really understand it and I don’t know how this could work.