“What is Daca? and Who are Dreamers?”

What is a dreamer?
Dreamers are undocumented people who continue their dream and have the opportunity to studied in the university or in collage. The majority of dreamers came from Mexico, El Salvador , Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru.


As you can see in the image it explains
how many people came from their countries and on the right said it explains how many undocumented students are there and where are they studying at. Dreamers have the chance to study in America and become some in life. They can possibly have the dream job that they want to be in. One fact about dreamers is that they are being protected from the program Daca and that dreamers mean
I think that dreamers have an amazing opportunity to learn about any subjects that they didn’t know before and all that learning can be useful for them whether it’s about reading , knowing measurements , but most importantly helping others that couldn’t take the opportunity of being a dreamer.

What is Daca ?

Daca is a program that our old president Barack Obama created in 2012.”Daca is a kind of administrative relief from deportation.” Barack Obama decided to give a chance to the illegal miners to come to america so those people can studied and have the same privileges as an american miner to study here and work here. The program daca also prevents individual minors to be eligible to have a work permit.

Daca requires:
You must come at the age before you turn 16 year old to america.
You need to graduate from high school as an enrollment student.
Must not be part of a felony
Must not have a criminal record
Daca is a great program for dreamers to assist too and i like to think of it of a school of opportunity. The meaning of Daca is

Donald Trump’s announcement

Our president Donald Trump announced that the program Daca should be taken away immediately so they can deported undocumented people in the property of the United States and for Donald trump to have a chance to build the wall between Mexico and United State. Apparently he is having difficulty on building the wall . Donald Trump had the power to take down the program Daca because president Obama created Daca as a policy decision, on Trump speech he said that “we want our children to be dreamers too” but on the day Donald Trump became president of the United States he decided to take away Daca for the reason that they were no good enforcement meaning to some people who are criminals or being members of a Gang. Over 800,000 undocumented dreamers have been protected from deportation and have been working there best to not get deported or lose their privileges, but unfortunately Donald Trump is taking that away from them.

My personal though/options
I decided to write about this topic because the undocumented students that are in the program Daca have been worrying lately of what’s gonna happen to them and their family . There are a lot of a student that are losing those privileges to study here in America and losing their working permit . Dreamers have been disagreeing about the decision that our president have chosen which is taking away Daca from as Dreamers that have been working hard to accomplish their goals.


I disagree that our president is wanting to take Daca away from the dreamers that showed determination through every year. They also have the right to have the same privileges as a regular student in America just because the dreamer are illegal miners doesn’t mean they can’t have the same right of having a proper education. Imagine that Daca is gone unfortunately the rest of undocumented minors did not have the opportunity to study and accomplish their goals ,this I why I decided to write about the Daca program and dreamers .

USC draft

One of the best university you can attend to is USC , why USC you might be wondering , well let me get started why USC is one of the best university you can attend to and along the way am going to be sharing some information about the university USC. One fact about USC is that it is located here in Los Ángeles , USC has a meaning and that meaning is that usc is named as University of Souther California. I consider USC as one of the best academic university and the fact that USC is a private school. What I like about USC is that the university accepts any type of region wether there are Latins,white or any type but they are weclome to attend to the university. USC athletes are known as the Trojans and there mascot is a traveler, the school colors are Red and Gold. The color gold is being represent by George W white . About 23,729 students from USC have graduated to become Engineerings, Social Workers, and medicine . USC has been considered Rank 3 for fundraising institution and also being the top 25 university with academic students, teachers , and most importantly teaching skill that teachers have given to students . USC is also recorganize of the best techonolgy that students from that university had created .For example , they had invented “DNA computing ,dynamic programming, image compression ,Viop and antivirus software “. About 42,469 students are attending USC . This is why USC university one of the best university you can attend to .