Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help improve and evolve ourselves as a human race. AI can helps us understand things that we couldn’t understand before, it can help us recall and think better than ever before. Most people come up with the conclusion that we build AI to see how smart we can make it. The truth is that we have to ask ourselves, how smart can our machines make us. In the TED-talk by Tom Gruber he talks about all these good points on how we can collaborate with our machines to improve ourselves. One example he gives of an AI that helps us is Siri. Everyone with an apple product has used Siri before in one way or another. She can help us to find what we are looking for like a nearby restaurant or a picture online. `I agree with what he says in his video because to me it is only a matter of time when everyone has the same perspective as him. I believe that in the future the world will be filled with cyborgs, which are augmented humans with abilities that surpass basic human limitations.

One point that he makes that i find interesting is that they put a doctor up against a machine to see who can detect cancer from sample pictures. The computer ended up with getting 92.5% correct and 7.5% incorrect while the human got 96.6% correct and 3.4% incorrect. Then they made the machine and the human works together and they ended up with them getting 95.5% correct and .5% incorrect. The AI was better at picking up on the harder to detect cancer and the human was good at the false positives. To me this is really interesting because there are people out there who think our jobs will be replaced by machines but the reality is that we will be working alongside the machines.  

His second point was basically stating that machines have more creativity when it comes to the possibilities of creating something with certain/limited supplies. This is in fact true but the machine doesn’t know what or how we want something. When a human partners up with the AI and looks at all the possibilities it has created, we can pick and choose which one is most suitable or  plausible according to our knowledge. This can really help out people’s jobs and make it better for us because we are getting one of the best design for whatever we are trying to create. The partnership of man and machine can become and is the greatest partnership that has ever existed. We would evolve so quickly and become thousands of times more advance in no time.

His last point goes back to what I said about how I believe there would be a world full of cyborgs in the future. He didn’t say that completely but he did talk about how we should implement AI into ourselves. He point out that memory is the foundation of human intelligence but it is flawed. We tend to forget lots of things but what would happen if we were able to remember everything. This can make all of our lives easier even if you don’t think it might apply to yourself. When anyone tries to become a doctor, an engineer or anything really, they need to learn lots of important things when they attend school to learn how to do their job. What if they were able to recall everything they learned in an instant. It would make their jobs easier but not just that but we can get practically any job we would like to get into. All we had to do is take classes or however you can to learn information on what you want to do and learn all the techniques and all there is to it. This idea, if it were to become reality, can help out people who have trouble remembering things. Anybody with alzheimer’s can be instantly cured. If we are ever able to achieve this idea of working with AI, I believe we will be in a golden age.

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