Bullying is no laughing matter

       Hello Beast slayers its me back with my second blog, today I read about how bullying is no laughing matter  and we should help to end it instead of adding to the flames because it can become a huge problem for kids and we need to stop laughing and ignoring it and help. This article states that all kids get teased at least once in their life and teasing is a very bad problem  in schools. But when the teasing would get out of control it would become bullying and get is the biggest problem for young kids.  The article says that it could be verbal like names or threats or physical which is punching, pushing or taking things. That must be very sad to come to school to get bullied and pushed around by very mean kids. Kids normally start to get bullied  because of things like where they come from and how they look and it makes the kids start to feel bad and shy. The article also says that researchers estimated that 20 to 30 percent of school age kids are getting involved in someone getting bullied or are victims themselves.


           Now I would like to emphasize that bullying is no laughing matter or a thing to joke about this is because there’s so much things that happen because of just telling someone you’re ugly or what is wrong with you, you are disgusting. Kids of this generation are starting to take the feels of their peers for granted because they think it won’t hurt them it’s just a joke, but they forget people can’t read minds you might think you said it as a joke but it wasn’t for them. They might have went crying home because you called them fat, stupid, ugly, or crazy and you would never know because you thought it was a joke. People are always thinking of bullying as a joke just something that will never happen but it does happen and it does hurt people that’s why we need to stop joking and thinking the subject is just another fake problem.


         Bullying is real and we need to stop it because their can be very bad and huge consequences. Studies have found that teasing and  bullying can lead to a higher risk of mental health problems from when you get bullied to the rest of your life , such as low self-esteem, bad grades in school , depression, and a  risk for suicide.


        Beast slayers have you guys ever thought who you might be hurting with your words well today i interview a person named Billy  who said that their life was garbage because of how people treated him they teased him calling him fat, ugly and not very bright.. He stated that he was always lonely and had no one to play with in school and outside because he started to think the things people called him were true he was only a stupid little boy that was ugly and fat.He also said that he was never going to get a real friend that cared for him and wanted him to go places with him because of his appearance and how he acted. That made me feel bad and surely you too because just think there must be a ton of people thinking like that, like life is useless and they shouldn’t talk to anyone but we slayers can make it right. All you and me have to do is spread the message of anti-bullying across the school and friends that you have to make poor little billy happy and proud to be himself again and not have to hide in shame because of the names they called him and his appearance.


           I would just like to remind you beast slayers that in reality i can’t convince you all to go out and tell you’re friends about bullying but what i can do is tell you all today that if you just help when you see someone in need and tell them they are worth something it will help them a lot with what they might be going threw. Just think you could be the difference between a helpless soul and a happy friendly Billy.    


Dino’s are coming

Today I read an article about how jurassic park come really become a thing in the future. The article was made by Sean Martin and published by “Express”. It stated that scientists have found a tyrannosaurus Rex that was pregnant with a baby Rex before it died so when it  died the mom was still pregnant with them. They also say now the movie style project could in fact bring the dinosaurs back like in the smash-hit movies of jurassic park.

       Sean also says “since the monster was with the child when it died it still has medullary bone intact” that means that it basically has a lot more of DNA than other rex’s. Lindsay Zanno also says that “it could be possible” that is because the bone has a lot of the necessary DNA for the first  time in history to make a dinosaur human made.

       He also claims that experts mess with the chicken’s DNA to make dinosaur like chickens that have Dino parts. This is possible because today’s birds have the same looks and DNA of a dinosaur so that’s why they test on chickens and birds more than other animals in the planet. An example in the article says “Chicken fibula only go about three quarters of the way down to the tibia”. Sean also included that chickens look very similar to the dinosaurs in their eggs. So the researchers took a part of the gene called “IHH” which made the chickens grow things like tubular fibulas, like a dinosaur.

     This article states that the leading experts think they will have dinosaurs roaming earth again in 2050 which is very close to now. Imagine if you could see dinosaurs running around the earth. Dr Madsen.p said they might bring back the dinosaurs all thanks to the fightless birds like the chickens which is weird because from a small chicken will come the mighty tyrannosaurus rex wow. Deep within the DNA of the chickens are what the dinosaurs did and what breeding and gene he dino’s.

    Then sean added that dr.Alison said that creating dinosaurs from birds could be problematic. I thought no one would say that because you also have to think what if it goes really bad and it starts to kill a lot of people. She also stated that we already know that birds have a strong connection with dinosaurs. But what if they stated that we could also have more than just t-rexs with the devolution of birds.

     What if she says that if we could just rework the evolution into devolution and bring back more dinosaurs with the genes of the oldest version of the chicken. But the problem with that would be how to match it they say because they don’t know how to properly match the genes yet. That’s why it will take a long time before they uncover the dinosaurs because they will have to piece together the genes of the dino’s. But this article says that soon they will have dinosaurs and it will be great.