Who you calling big foot?

Maybe you’ve heard of him before, whether they called him Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or Yeti. One thing for sure is that he is one of the biggest debates in the world. I’m almost certain you’ve heard the question, “ Is Bigfoot real?” Many people believe Bigfoot is real and I am one of those believers.

See when it comes to these sci-fi like creatures I am most likely a believer. Before we get into the evidence of Bigfoot’s existence let’s talk about what is a Bigfoot. A Bigfoot is an ape like creature that stands 7 to 10 feet tall with footprints 17 inches long. This may sound like a fake made up animal but according to Animal Planet, “ there are way too many eyewitness sightings of Bigfoot for it to be imaginary.” I believe this to be true because in the last 10 years there has been many Bigfoot sightings to prove he isn’t a myth. If you still doubt this reason then ask yourself “Why would all these people make up seeing an eight foot tall ape?” Sightings of Bigfoot date back to 1811, that means the tale of Bigfoot has been around for about 200 years. Another argument to support Bigfoot are videos and pictures. There has been multiple pictures and videos all showing the description of Bigfoot, a 10 feet tall ape like creature that is extremely hairy. These pictures and videos make it onto the news, which means they have to be believable and not fake. I did a quick survey among 10 people, both friends and family. I asked them if Bigfoot was real and 8/10 of them said yes. My family told me that Bigfoot is just an endangered animal with human characteristics. My uncle, who believes in all kinds of sci-fi animals, says that Bigfoot is a species of monkeys who evolved but not into humans. Everyone will have their different definitions and believes. We can see many people trying to hunt Bigfoot in the forest. For example in today’s society they make shows about the hunt for Bigfoot, for example “Finding Bigfoot” or “Mountain Monster”. One thing for sure is that Bigfoots name is well known and it has a bounty on its head. Can you imagine how much money and fame you’ll receive if you ever find a Bigfoot. Bigfoot goes as far as the indigenous people of North America. In native tribes across there are stories of a giant hairy ape like creature. This says that Bigfoot has been around for a while if the Native Americans have stories about it. The reason I say Bigfoot is old is because Native American stories are usually passed down from people to people which means the source of the story was likely years ago. There has been massive footprints found and many speculation is toward Bigfoot. There has also been unidentified sounds in the areas Bigfoot has been spotted in. I’ve never saw a Bigfoot but out of the evidence of others I believe he is real.

In conclusion, many would argue the existence of Bigfoot. However, I personally believe he is as real as a normal ape. Some may say Bigfoot is a myth but there are way too much evidence and sightings for this to be a myth. Thank you!

1st blog

         We all make choices; but in the end those choices make us”
-Andrew Ryan
          The quote above is by a fictional character from the video game “Bioshock”. Although this quote is from a video game it doesn’t mean it isn’t relatable. I enjoy this quote because it is really relatable to many people and myself. If you choose to be humble, loyal, and noble most likely you are a good man/women with a bright future. Why?, because your choices made you into the man with good habits. However, this applies to all choices negative and positive. I can relate this to myself, let’s say i procrastinate on this post and wait to do it until 11:00pm. I’ll make procrastination a bad habit and end up being a lazy grown up. This quote means the choices we decide to make, whether good or bad, are going to shape our personality in the end. If you’re still not convinced then just apply this to someone like Jesus Christ. This man chose to suffer and die for his believers sins and his choices made him into a noble, well respected man. Like i said before this applies to bad choices too, for example let’s use Adolf Hitler. This other man did the complete opposite he chose to kill men, women, and children. He broke many families and killed a lot more. In the end he was looked down as a unrespected bully that was hated, all because he chose to do bad things. This quote is a really good example to someone being a big jerk or someone being really nice.
             To me this quote is like a really big compliment. Just picture this, you study every night and end up a math class ahead next year. Someone noticed you were doing good and told you the quote. If it were me i would think, “wow he just told me i’m doing good and after hearing the quote he probably thinks I am a responsible man.” It might be a little different if you are doing the complete opposite, people can use it as an insult. You can also use to quote to keep yourself on top of your work. When you are about to slack off just think of the quote. Think that if you do this negative choice it can affect your future personality, remember even the littlest bad habits can have a big toll in your life.
            In conclusion, although this is a quote by a fictional charcter from a video game, it still is a really good quote.