March 27th, 2017

The unforeseen inevitable resides in our minds to even imagine the creation of a second existence, a second conscience, a second ability to tap into the authentic apex of our potential. The infamous concept of the afterlife, a life after the embodiment of a human has deceased, but some believe that the human spirit has gone to a different dimension and technically has not left the real world. So many countless inconclusive theories and ideologies that try to prove the sense of an afterlife. Well, I personally have never even thought that an afterlife could be possible eel because i did not understand what it meant to enter a different dimension. But after reading this profound article, that consists of an excerpt taken out of a book that invites us into the realm of an afterlife. The book and article is named “Book Excerpt: ‘Surviving Death‘” by LiveScience, but the original book’s author is Leslie Kean. She is a dedicated journalist who has always had an enjoyment in wanting to know the unknown. The book is about a variety of studies and experiences that people have kindly shared with her so she is able to feel a sense of interacting with them.

In the beginning of the article it pertains to her experience in writing this book and she states that “While exploring the evidence for an afterlife, I witnessed some unbelievable things that are not supposed to be possible in our material world. Yet they were unavoidably and undeniably real.” The tone and wonderful usage of her vocabulary attracted me to the piece and made me read on and on. In this quote, I began to have so many questions that indefinitely needed answers. Questions that daunt the human mind. With her phrase when she states “while exploring the evidence for an afterlife, I witnessed some unbelievable things that are not supposed to be possible in our material world.” The questions that arise are around the area of, “what evidence?” “what are things in this case?”, it is so hard to believe and even think that we are capable of reaching yet another point of clarity. The point of clarity I am speaking of is born when we have that common realization that we are living life and that we are a person and we have a domicile that has our dear loved ones such as siblings and parents and close friends. That we have set virtues and goals and experiences and wishes. We feel emotions, emotions that excite us to explore the world. Now, how could one even think of being able to that all over again. In this article it tells that the impossible is actually man made. This point of clarity is elaborated more in depth further into the reading. She begins to talk about the underestimated complex power of the brain, it’s limitations. Supernatural powers; moving things with your mind, inhabitant intelligence, unexplainable talents. One of those things could be the experience of being able to talk to embodiments or spirits that no longer roam in our world. These case stutdies bring a shock when you first lay your eyes upon them that there have been medical reports by prestigious doctors that they have reported that a dead corpse, with no signs of a functioning brain has shown that it has traveled to another place that we simply cannot decipher, or can we? Their minds have reportedly been on a journey to a different dimension that we are basing this topic on.

The interface of even touching the surface of afterlife is tricky. It depends on beliefs and religious beliefs and just the natural human nature of one. Who knows if one has the ability to even let the thought of afterlife to intertwine with our real life and we should let it be a sort of inspiration or motivation to either avoid it or pursue it. Anything to wildest dreams and nightmares to wielders of power that feel they do not fit in our world.

The unreal stories read in this article is such a unique opportunity that we as people can inhabit. The story of a young mind, young as two years old has recognition of a second family, a whole other characteristic and scenarios that his current family is unaware of. The lucid details that are used when describing this experience makes you believe that an afterlife is actually upon us waiting to be discovered. The thought of afterlife is a beautiful yet scary thing that infuses one with excitement that our memories, experiences, adversities, and fortunes could pass the unimaginable with us and create this whole different system of another life. Is it possible that when we die, a piece or aspect of us is still alive, it “Survived Death”.

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March 21st, 2017

The purity of your childhood, the foundation of your secrets, the love of laughter; friendship. The article I have stumbled upon is a crucial piece to puzzle known as life. It is about friendship and all its characteristics that bond us to ourselves and promise us a better life. The inspired writer Jane Collingwood conveys the importance of childhood and the massive impact it has on aspects of life. her article titled “The Importance of Friendship” displays examples and quotes of infamous philosophers that perfectly set the role of friendship in our lives. As the article goes on she gives great detail on how it causes modern problems with common people, the usual norms. Such as being homeless, divorce, altercations, arguments, and much more. She creates a lucid pathway to us being able to interpret and relate to how crucial friendship is in our life.

In the beginning of the article she gives a brief introduction of friendship and what it truly means to have loyal friends in your life and what kind of support they offer. She provides a quote from the well known philosopher named Aristotle, she states “In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a sure refuge. They keep the young out of mischief; they comfort and aid the old in their weakness, and they incite those in the prime of life to noble deeds.” This quote made an excellent point and tied in perfectly with the topic of friends. The first few words of referring to poverty and misfortunes relies on adversity but adversity relies on friends; people to learn from not only your family. She then goes on to give intel on this huge independent study by the Gallup Organization directed by Tom Rath. He strongly believes that the major culprits of our wrong doings in life produce by the lack of friendship and the close comfort we have with them. That if one were to ask several group of people they would say that the reason why they are so unhappy and have so many social problems in their life is due to them missing they important piece of the puzzle and that it affects them e to rely not only to their self esteem but as well in such important aspect of life. Tom Rath conveyed tests on several people to see their responses to certain situations and he was shocked. He discovered that our minds are designed to be enticed and inspired by other minds that think alike like our others or opposite that helps us decide and live life easier. He elaborates that if we would tend to go on a healthy diet if our best friend were as well too. He also gives another great example that we would fall more in love with our job or become more involved in it if we had a best friend in that workplace and shaped it to be a comfortable environment for us.

Friends, this is easily a topic anyone can relate to. If one cannot then that means that one has major problems in their life and has a obstacle that they cannot get over. Friends and close friends let you express this other side of you that no one ever knows they have, they let one find their inner self of jokes and their insecurities fail and their actions are always correct. I do not know what it is about friends but they provide the best feeling of comfort when one is down and simply wants somewhere to be there for them and wants them to listen and give advice and help them reach triumph in any situation. With your family everyone is their own persona and know the correct way to act in this proper way. But with your friends you are released from they and crest special bonds that always cross your mind in times of need and confusion and help you solve any mystery any situation. A problem of love and desire or struggle and fear, friends give you the extra comfort of family. They act as your values, the people you keep close within you convey the type of person you are. Each person gives you a certain trait that helps you develop more and more in the world. No matter what, always obtain friendship.

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February 21st, 2017

8th wonder or continent?

(royal music…..mostly Kanye West) Yes, yes it is once again your majesty, your highness whatever you please to call me. URGENT NEWS!!!! Jonathan’s kingdom might grow even stronger and expand its reigning power in new found lands. Recently scientists and geographers have discovered that there has been a hidden continent in our planet, called Zealandia. Most of this continent is under water and only a slight sight of New Zealand is above. The source of this information is from an article published in the Livescience website, known as “Earth Has a Hidden 8th Continent” by Tia Ghose a senior writer.

First is on explaining what kind of discoveries were found that provided the new information. The massive bodies of water that surround New Zealand, Zealandia has a very large depth of altitude from the depths of the ocean and the sea level. According to the article, the edges of Zealandia are at 3,284 feet below sea level and adding on to that the ocean’s crust is 9,800 feet below sea level. This proves that Zealandia is well under the surface that could be seen with the naked eye. “…isn’t a huge landmass that geographers somehow missed.” The second researched piece of evidence are on rocks that have aged for rocks that have aged for over 20 years beneath the ocean. This part shocked me to know how geologists worked and how far they went, geologists sailed on ships to recover rocks on the ocean floor that allowed them to learn the history of these rocks. The amazing thing about the rocks and oceanic crust is that most sea floors around us have basaltic rocks. But for the new continent it is full of limestone, granite, and sandstone. It intrigues me that in other parts of the world there are hidden rocks that could be ancient and date back to even millions of years ago. Imagine the other treasuries and discoveries that are just waiting to be found and solved with this whole new continent. It excites me to know that what exactly we can develop with this continent, i have many questions myself to ask. Such as if any life inhabit that area? if so, what type of life? the weather? and so many more. I see this as a new addition to our already beautiful planet. Further on, another piece of evidence, to elaborate on why it was so secretly hidden. There is a strip of crust that easily separates Australia from Zealandia making them two different continents. Although to the naked eye on could mistakenly confuse Zealandia to be apart of Australia.

Next on our agenda is to explain the history and how it developed. From the massive supercontinent known as Gondwana, Zealandia broke free and as time flew by it caused an ocean between Australia and Zealandia. Zealandia was not usual on how it separated, usually the continents divide in regular ways by breaking apart, but Zealandia appeared to stretch out before it broke from the supercontinent. It caused massive weight on the continental crust that makes it sink underwater and also give it the ability to float. The size of Zealandia is considered small compared to the other continents. It is only relatively bigger than India and equals half of size of Europe.

Now after all the information I can include my information. Zealandia, to me made me actually think about our planet and geology and made me her in depth with the art of geology. It made me have an epiphany that every continent is moving and shifting as you read this. In the article i read that Australia is ascending towards Zealandia and will eventually split Zealandia into two parts in ten million years. It truly is remarkable of what the natural Earth is capable of doing, i see as if the world is shifting not according to its features or constantly changing attributes, but as if it was trying to change into how it originally was. It is a crazy theory, but after going in depth with this topic and reading about it you achieve a confused mind and form absurd theories and questions like these. It gives me a mysterious scared feeling to know that there are still so many hidden things that we are yet to discover and what they could reveal or unveil. The discover of Zealandia wields the knowledge of our capacity and the natural capacity of this world.

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January 23rd, 2017

EL REY!!! that is Spanish for “The King”, I am not gonna do a usual long intro about my royal highness because I do not want to bore all of you……for long…….Moving along, there is a topic that I have done research and have inaugurated in this truly a part of me. No it is not gold and fame haha, but it is music. The powerful, significant, beautiful art and formation of music. Oh, music is such a piece of work that is an excellent way to express your love, hate, passion, and dedication to anything. The informative article i have found is called “Why listening to music is the key to good health” It does not provide the author although. The article introduces 6 proven reasons why music is truly a key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I will only include the three that I think were the most important and really gave a giant impact in people’s lives.

The author starts their article with a brief to a common scene in the world of a regular human being, where you are at home on a Saturday afternoon and have music playing which makes you feel better and gets you in a special mood. The author then goes on to introduce the first reason which is how it can help chronic pain such as back pain. This even shocked me but when one listens to music it automatically affects the nervous system and the limbic system that both regulate and control our blood pressure and our emotions. Whenever the body receives a note of soothing relaxing music it relaxes the tense muscles on the shoulders, neck, and back. According to the scientists and information given, this music as well releases any physiological tensions and actions such as stress which causes anger, sadness, and more that intentionally tenses up the muscles. With the marvelous sound of music it relaxes and soothes those muscles.

Another justification is that it improves your exercises and routine workouts. I know there are lots of people that do not participate in any sport activity or complete physical exercise commonly but for those who do, this is a very important point. Music lately has been discovered that it is the most frequent and reliable source of focus. It takes away any distracting noises and background movements as well, it enhances endurance, ability, and even strength. Studies have shown that many exercises that include the help of music give a much better result. It controls the natural flow of our brain and stimulates endorphins which is a energy released that brings up our mood and keeps us carrying on.

The last and final reason is memory loss. Yes, music is amazing. It does not cure it or anything but it gives another path to help adapting to it. Music is a great connector which helps people make small connections in their brain to certain tunes and songs that are inaugurated with a person place or thing. People with memory loss, learn how to make connections with the sound of music.

At this part of my royal blog, I like to express music in my own terms and see how it affects me in my life. Music has so many different categories that are still undiscovered, every genre has its own purpose and meaning to it that is attached to each person that that they could assign themselves too. Music for me all comes down to style. Style is such a huge BEAUTIFUL AMAZING COMPLEX characteristic that defies and defines one another. Style carries anything from music, the way you talk, dress, and act socially and how you convey yourself to others. It is about purity and knowing that you are the person who you want to be. I learned about style while reading a story by Maya Angelou called “Style” which is a short story that indicates all of the key points and differences in style and how wonderfully complex it is. I for instance love to demonstrate myself through music, I dance through music, express my feelings through music, even think through music. When I say “through music” I am referring that whenever one of these actions are made, they are best made when music is involved. Music allows me to speak when I cannot find the words I need, it allows me to think when i cannot focus by myself, Music is my friend when I cannot find any. Every note I hear, every beat and bass in imbedded into my mind and heart. My favorite genres are Rap, R&B, Alternative Rock, Trap, Pop, Soul, Acoustic, and anything that releases my mind.

Well I think I have explained just how music is a key factor to living and it’s diverse reasons why. All types of sounds and noises are music, do not let anyone tell you that what you love to listen to isn’t music or i’ll send them to the dungeon!!! Live creatively and peacefully and let music help.

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October 24th, 2016

Even kings experience STRESS…..
A royal welcome to all my knights, back once again to teach all my upcoming officials. Also as well as……..I was gonna wait to tell you all, but since we are all here, to teach your prince, Chauncey, yeah that’s right he’s next in line. But for today I have stumbled upon an interesting article that explained a question that has always established in my head. As I always look on a way to annex this question this article helped me. The article is called “How do you tell the difference between good stress and bad?” This article does not provide an author but it is found in an website where journalists or writers share their articles on topics like these.

My view on stress is impossible to avoid forever. For example there are times where I want to take off my crown and rip out my hair and feed it to my white lion…ugh, It is honestly something you need in life in order to have a great life full of morals and experiences. Even though many people hate the feeling of anxiety and the overpowering, overwhelming feeling of pressure and anger and even depression. I believe that if you experience stress, it teaches you how to avoid it and handle it later in the future if you ever come across an obstacle that places you stress on your moment. Although stress is a horrifying thing, there are so many ways to conquer stress and move it out of your way to find a solution to the reason of your stress. Many people get stuck on stress, but the reason stress us there is because it is teaching on how to solve your problems and their consequences.

This article introduces two different types of stress, good stress and bad stress. It first introduces the benefits of stress. It provides logical information with help of expertises by stating that expertises have found out that stress is like a shot of energy created in your body to push yourself to your goals. It even helps by setting goals and accomplishments. Stress even helps as an indicator and tells you to calm down and that is bad to have this much stress. Although when your mind and body is filled with concerns and worries it is filled with many chemicals such as epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol. Many of these chemicals can lead to high blood pressure and even heart attack. This signal acts as stress that notifies you to avoid specific actions physically, emotionally, and mentally. Stress has yet another benefit, it helps improve the immune system, it teaches the body on how to protect and shield the heart and blood against high stress levels.

Bad stress does not need that much of explaining at it is stated in the article. Bad stress, we all know it. This kind of stress is born when you are worried about an upcoming event that you could or could not be prepared for. It could be produced when you are going through a breakup, too much work, problems at a job and home. Anything that does not go one’s way could bring stress. It is one of the top leading factors to heart diseases. It is a scary, disgusting, infuriating factor that stays in your head until you get the magical feeling of relief. Stress takes away concentration and focus and makes you put all your attention only on the thing that is causing you the most stress. It is an agony to have, but there is always a way to get rid of it.
As we come to an end of the KINGDOM’s most viewed website, we conclude this blog with saying how stress could be relieved it many ways and there is always a solution. Remember do not try to completely avoid stress, because it has its benefits but avoid the bad that causes obstacles in your life. It is essentially part of life and works as a lesson to be learned. Goodnight my kingdom, make sure to polish your swords.

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October 12th, 2016

You know the definition of “happiness”…did you know the other one?

GOOD EVENING!! my knights, it has been a while since i have spoken to you all. I apologize for that, i’ve been polishing my throne and had sent my robe to dry cleaning… smells like….royalty. But anyways, today i have stumbled upon on an article, that has spoken to me and has made me think about my happiness; happiness this is the key word. Oh it is a pleasant article that has a deep message that is realistic and backed up with facts and personal opinions. The article is called “True Happiness” by Dr. Mark Atkinson, he begins his article with an introduction to what true happiness is. He presents various questions such as “What motivates you” and “Why do you do what you do”, this way he has has already started the reader with a thought in their head to keep throughout the rest of the article.

Oh where’s my scepter? AH! there it is, that scared me. As i was saying, next on the article Dr. Atkinson explains the gift of true happiness. He states that having true happiness is not only good for you, but for you health, society, relationships, and work. People who have true happiness live a life that is outgoing and is filled
with new experiences everyday, a connection to nature and things around you that bring you pleasure. With the gift of happiness one can enjoy life easier and even become more successful than those who do not accept the precious gift.

Dr. Atkinson presents two topics, two different definitions, two different “happiness”. The first one he presents is named “Normal Happiness” this type of happiness is when someone says they are happy but not necessarily, this type of happiness occurs when you are in a good relationship, you enjoy work, nice car and home and you are healthy. That is normal happiness, it is not bad at all to have but it is not the real meaning of the definition. Experiencing this type of happiness is only when people get what they want in life and they get it their way. This type of happiness only lasts for a few moments of pleasure due to a fortunate event, but once that ends, one is back to not being happy. Everyone knows moments in life like that are only cherishable, you cannot stay happy for that specific moment forever, once you realize that you have understanded the meaning of true happiness. It is conditionally, once you get upset or sad about anything, the normal happiness starts to fade away. Normal happiness is targeted by most people as a goal, but that blinds them from the real true happiest that they could reach and they avoid certain elements that help them achieve that, and instead achieve normal happiness.

The second type of happiness is the real meaning of being happy, it was everyone needs but don’t know that they want it. In order to be truly happy, you shouldn’t have to say “i’m happy” when someone asks, you should know you are and not think about it. Someone shouldn’t even have to ask that question, they should be able to tell that you are. This happiness includes being grateful and showing appreciation and gratitude towards literally everything in life, even being alive. True happiness is when you wake up and are delighted to go to work and say thank you for another day, and can’t wait to see everyone and be happy. But of course, us being humans we still feel anger, remorse, sadness, and fear. But the difference is that you don’t let that best being happy and you don’t let those emotions overcome who you are and take away the happy person that you proudly are. True happiness brings a much deeper connection with all of one’s surroundings, nature, love, purity, and clarity on how to truly live a beautiful healthy life. In my personal life, i see happiness as a result of how we live our life, it a deserved and well earned outcome. I know that i am truly happy, for many reasons. My kingdom has grown, i have been announced that i will raise a royal prince….i am just kidding. But I know that i am young so some might say it is way too early to know what happiness is but in the world today people even younger than me know what it is. I find myself happy right now because i have found my best friend, i know that sounds cheesy but i have. My best friend has brought me the sense of love and comfort and the sympathy of happiness. She(my queen) has motivated me, inspired me, and brings out the real happiness that i can experience. I do get caught up in feelings at times but it is towards her as i am overwhelmed with love and enjoyment and depression when we are apart.

Well it is time for me to go back inside my palace and decide to whether have a bed frame made out of gold or silver. But before i leave, i must say that this article has presented me with many eye opening questions and has made me realize the thought of even being capable to reach that happiness. Oh but it is, appreciation and gratitude is key to achieving this. It does not need time to live a happy life it takes less than seconds, a second of realization of you must do to be truly happy. You have to love who you are, where you are at in life, love everything. Have compassion for what you do, be passionate and careful for yourself and your blessed life. Let go of all the concerns, let go of all fears, let go of yourself, and go find the version that you want to be. Don’t settle with normal happiness, true happiness is what gives us life, a longer healthier life filled with a bond of life’s beauty and experience moments that last forever. Farewell my knights, have a goodKNIGHT…get it… okay.

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September 20th, 2016

Fear, what a scary word…do not let it be.



        Today, I, your royal king, has found yet another moral article that i’m pretty sure everyone could agree and relate to. So my knights are you all ready for this, sit down on your royal chariots. The article i have found is called “Fear, Doubts and Making Changes in Your Life” by Remez Sasson. It is an informative article explaining the point of fear and how it is not only found in life objects such as having a fear of spiders, fear of heights, or even scared of oranges. But the fear being talked about in this article is the intense, overwhelming fear that exists in our mind, the fear of change. Change, trying something new, and making something new are the three states in one’s mind that brings the most fear within them. If you are wanting or needing a major change in your life and you can not find a way to accomplish it, well, fear is your answer. Fear is the stopping factor that holds you back from reaching those much needed goals. So what do you do? Tell me how to pass that fear, do not be scared to answer, once you answer, you have defeated fear. It’s that easy.


       Setting goals, accomplishments,  and desires are easy. But one of the reasons why they are hard to reach or view them is due to them having a deep resistance that literally stop you from reaching them. So, before choosing your goals make sure to analyze them and break them down, step by step, set up a plan on how to exactly achieve them. Make sure there are not any hidden signs of perturbation. Those are called literal dreams, dreams which range to morphing into a waffle who poops money or a wild example like this. NOW dreams like these could bring fear because one can not see that happening, so, get rid of those dreams that hold you back from seeing your actual goals that are behind those absurd imaginations, nightmares, and dreams. In any goal or desire there are big fear factors, which are the fears that make you the most scared of that certain desire. For instance, a teen wanting to learn how to drive, but is scared of the road and driving around other cars. If you do have fears like these, that is perfectly normal, but you have to realize that it is clearly impossible to not face a fear, but it is not impossible to conquer it. I DO NOT CARE who has told you that you can not achieve your goal. If you accept that, right there is yet another fear, fear of what people think of you.


       If you are scared of change because you are afraid of failing, well, you will not go further in life you will only get even farther from your goal. You can not let fear control on how you live your life. Once you have fear or a doubt, it builds up to having more than one doubt and eventually ends up in you having no accomplishments to reflect on, and be nowhere in life. You have to realize that viewing the world differently is not a bad thing, you do not have to follow what the entire world is doing, make your own world. CHANGE is what makes every human unique, different from one another. People are scared of different, but with being different brings a different mind, style, thought, beauty, character, and imagination. Being different means change, you change from being scared and are different from all the other people trapped in fear once you have passed it. Once you have passed fear you can invent, create, accomplish, but most importantly you can become the person you have always been wanting to be. You stay in the same place you are because you think you are fine, but you are not fine, you are masking “fine” with fear of changing and seeing the outcome, do not let the security of yourselfs embodiment to be trapped in the word “fine”.


       So my knights we have come to an end, some of you might have been distracted by visualizing my big, shimmery,  glistening crown. So, let me recap on everything. If you have a special desire and a desperate accomplishment and can’t seem to reach it, break down on how to achieve it and take away any fear you have of changing and see past the “what ifs” and just go for it. Fear will probably be the biggest obstacle you face, on actually achieving it is only work and that takes study. Live a life where you are your own master and not fear. Learn from past experiences where you have passed up an opportunity to change and have been to scared, don’t let history repeat itself. Clear eyes, dedicated mind, and confidence are what you need to achieve your goals. Also, fear is not real.

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September 5th, 2016

What is happening to imagination?

        I have a special story/article today for all of my readers or should I call you my “knights” I am just kidding but anyways the article I am presenting is called “The Importance of Imagination” by Esha Chhabra. The article focuses on why imagination is such a huge factor in life starting from childhood to adulthood and even into the afterlife. Now some of you might think “how can you imagine the afterlife?” Well that is the point, do not ask yourself how but instead just imagine and visualize how the afterlife is, or if there even is one that exists. Imagination is a factor that needs to be used in order to achieve higher goals and accomplishments.

        In the article Esha Chhabra talks about her life and the experiencing imagination and how it affected her life even since childhood. She mentions that around the age of 12 she developed the love of doodling and how images and words and even small meaningless scribbles can contain such a complex reason behind it. However she did not continue that path of becoming a professional doodler/cartoonist. But later in her life something happened to her that was exactly what she was looking for, she received an email of  job posting named Doodler which was a job for Google. The job was to create an image for the pictures used on their homepage for holidays or special dates.

       She as well mentions how the world still has imagination and creativity in it. That examples that there are, are all around us. She says how we now do not need cash or a card to buy Starbucks we only need our smart phones to scan. But the point is that she is stating that our imagination is being expressed in the advances in technology. But how come is that the only examples she can give? Why are there examples in current art museums or music or the general field that is the natural art. The reason why is because it is the same thing over and over. How many times in art museums have you seen the painting of splattered paint? A bunch, I know. In music as well why do people only create new lyrics or melody but still remain in the same category of either Alternative Rock or R&B? Why can there not be a new genre? Well there are two reasons but both of them collapse on each other, so the first is that the world and everyone inside of it has lost their flow of creativity and the childhood creativness that helps them express their inner self that is too shy to show. The second reason is that since it is working, people enjoy it, and it brings them money. This society has turned the art of natural imagination into a job and its only purpose is to bring money. Money has ruined the creativity of people’s minds.

       Now imagination is a thing that we are all born with naturally, but there is another problem which is educational systems and schools. Students are taught to follow this and that you must do it this way. Even though students have to follow a specific way on how to do something it does not mean that they can not add something to it and that annexation could be their own personal form of imagination. But that would be wrong to the school, it is only fine if it is an arts class like drawing, or arts and crafts.

       Imagination at times is the resolution to most common problems, if you are asked to write an essay or a narrative and do know what to write about, IMAGINE what you can and start thinking of ideas that show the purpose of the topic and the true person who you are. If you are depressed about a tragedy, imagine the positive side of it and believe it. Imagination helps opens new doors into vast unknown worlds.

        In an article named the “Power of Imagination” it states the facts of what true compassion and source of power our minds bring. Imagination is a very unique and powerful technique that does need to be practiced or trained because as we grow so does our mind and within our mind, there rests that complex mentality with imagination. It is a secret sense that is extremely distinct from all the five other regular senses. Imagination is masked because people see it silly or strange but that is beauty of it because that means that they have a different opinion on what imagination is which comes to a conclusion that they still have imagination that is within them trying to express themselves. Creativity comes in various forms and shapes that intends to express how different living things see the world. We all imagine everyday, by dreaming, doodling on your paper during school or work, even if you make a joke. Imagination is the tool on how someone could take a picture in their head and range it to the future and possibly discover new things. It has become a wonderful tool that we need in order to think and successfully develop a new mind and accomplish things we did not even know where possible. Finally it brings comfort, happiness, humanity, and art to your life if you don’t believe that, just try imagining it.

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