Our fears are constantly lurking in the back of our minds, and maybe even lurking around every corner. Well for me, my fears are lurking in the depths of the oceans that surround our continents, sporadically terrorizing people who wander into their territory. There is a never-ending list

of phobias in this world, many in which keep our minds hostage, causing us to live in a conscious nightmare every time we come face to face with them. Fortunately, researchers may have found a way to help us reduce our phobias and help us cope with them. A computer program has been discovered which swiftly flashes images of what freaks you out. Will this finally be the breakthrough that will allow us to face our fears?

I have had Galeophobia since I was 4 years old. Galeophobia or Selachophobia is the abnormally large fear of sharks. It started when my father had scared me with a Jaws movie cover. We were at Blockbuster when he had the thrusted the the dvd into my face, causing me to scream at the top of my lungs and run out of the store with tears running down my face. Now, I’m afraid to go to the beach, thinking that if I go into the water, a scene from Jaws will come to life before my eyes. I can’t go into the shark exhibit at Seaworld without crying, nor can I watch Finding Nemo without freaking out either. I’m constantly teased by family members and friends about my fear, but that doesn’t make me ashamed of it. Now I want to stand up to my galeophobia, look these sharks in their beady eyes and tell them that i am no longer afraid of them. This is what this program is trying to help us achieve.

Evidently, this computer program is supposed to help people who have severe phobias, face their fears, lowering their anxiety. Here’s how it works: a patient is placed in a MRI scanner, which flashes a series of images of what they are afraid of in about 0.03 seconds. It does so so quickly that your mind is unable to recognize the photos, allowing the brain to process what it saw and reducing your fear. Then in the second part, the patient sees the images again, but this time the they are shown for a longer period of time. The reaction of the patient is the same as when the saw the pictures the first time around. It shows that they are able to control their emotions and confront their fears. They have experimented with twenty-one girls who suffer from arachnophobia, and the results show that none of them showed any fear during and after the experiment. Success!

However, I do wonder if this will be successful with any other person who suffers from their phobia severely. Knowing myself, it would be an absolute challenge to get me to lie in that MRI scanner, knowing that I will be flashed with images of my worst

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 nightmare. This experiment reminds me of a horror movie when the protagonist is creeping around the corner of their house and the demon jumps right in front of them, scaring the bejeezus out of whoever is watching the movie. That is how I would imagine my experience, which makes the chances of me actually trying this experiment slimmer than it already is. Yet, I have tried so many other forms of therapy that would help me deal with my fear, and although they have eased the anxiety, it was not enough to help me confront my phobia and or help rid my mind of the living nightmare. So can this will be the first successful program that will help me and so many other people?

I hope that this program gains recognition as it can truly help many suffering people. It can help diminish the incessant list of phobias that take over our minds everyday. People can go about their days without having to think about the chances coming face to face with what freaks us out the most. Children can live free of their nyctophobia (fear of the dark) when going to bed at night, Claustrophobic (fear of small spaces) people can settle in small spaces without being bothered, Patients with trypanophobia (fear of needles) can receive vaccines without panicking, and people who suffer from Galeophobia, like myself, can finally have a piece of mind when going to the beach or even watch Finding Nemo without freaking out about an animated shark. These phobias will, unfortunately still be there, but will be locked up tight in the back of our brains. Eventually, we will learn to exist amongst our fears and learn how to kill them before they take us prisoner again. Let’s just hope that this program will be successful in the road leading to the destruction of our fears. Let’s not let our fears win.

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I consider myself a loving person to all, no matter who they are. I am definitely not one to discriminate, nor do I have any desire to. Though they may be different than mine, I respect everyone’s values and beliefs.I believe that being prejudice towards people because of their race or religion is very demoralizing.  I will never express hate towards anyone because of those things. I have no business bringing anyone down with any hateful words or actions, whether I know them or not. I know, I might sound hypocritical to some, but this is what I realize and believe in. Currently, the most hateful and insulting word that we hear more and more each day is terrorist. People are aiming this at those who look Middle Eastern, those who are Muslim, and even towards people they do not even know. But one man stands up for himself and for his children, publicly, telling the world who he really is. And to me, this man’s confession and his true bravery of telling the world his main concern and his personal experiences of such discrimination was an eye-opener.

Karim Shamsi-Basha is an Arab-American writer and photographer who lives Alabama. He took to journalism to explain to the

Image by Karim Shamsi-Basha via                    The Huffington Post

world that he is not in fact a terrorist. He has been called a terrorist more times than he can count, yet he does not cease to hold his head up high. In some cases, people have called him a terrorist indirectly, but in many, they most-daringly called him one   straight to his face. Every time he has encountered such hatred he puts up his mask and holds his chin up to show that in no way do their words bother him, not giving them the distasteful satisfaction that bringing up the idea gives them. However, him speaking out against these insults show that it does in fact bother him and that he has had enough of it. But no matter what has been aimed at him, he still chooses to be forgiving and his love for humanity continues to grow and grow.

This is bravery at its finest. Karim Shamsi-Basha has set an example for targets all around the world, setting bravery inside them and telling them to stand up for themselves. But instead of writing this for himself, he had decided to write this for his children so they will not have to live in a world where this insult is shot at them like an arrow shot straight into their young souls.  I have to agree with Shamsi-Basha. Children should not have to grow up and be insulted like this. I have an old friend who has recently, in the past few months, been a victim of hateful remarks and acts. She was approached during school by a few classmates and was pushed around and called a terrorist. The situation came to its worst when one of them came up behind her and pulled down her hijab. They left her with, “you do not belong here terrorist, go back to wherever you came from.” All of this coming from young teens just because she was a Muslim-American and Afghan. The hate has become increasingly worse due to this recent election, but luckily many people, like Karim Shamsi-Basha, are trying to raise awareness to it and are trying to bring an end to it, as our future and those younger than us and those of the generations to come depend on it.

We do not now who these people truly are on the inside and what kind of love they are capable

Image by T Hassan via The Express Tribune Blogs

of showing. We just make assumptions based on what extremists have done. We should not believe that Muslims or Arabs will behave or act the way these horrible people do, as we do not know all of them personally so we do not have the right to label people using hateful terms. Like he said, “Out of the one and a half billion Muslims in this world, most are loving people; there are terrorists of all colors, religions and nationalities in this world; 99.99 percent of Arabs and Muslims hate terrorism; most Arabs are ashamed and at a loss of how to fix the problem.In the Arab world, we do have more than war, guns, death, hate and terror. We have love, compassion, mercy, smiles, hugs and hope.” We should not judge these people because of how they look on the outside, but do so on what is on the inside because what is in there is what really counts.

All I really do is look for the good in people. And when I do, I try to help them let that beautiful part of them shine and show the people around us who they truly are. If we all do this, hate will diminish and our world will be one full of love. I know it is a lot to ask, but it is worth a shot. There are different reasons why people act this way, but the main cause of this is our ignorance. But the ignorance will dissolve once we spread the awareness. We should stop the use of the words Muslim terrorists as it targets and covers all Muslims. we should stop the use of any racist words that target anyone from anywhere around the world. It will benefit all of us, as part of a family, as part of a community, as part of a country, as part of the world itself. And like Karim Shamsi-Basha and his people, I want peace, love, contentment, and hope.

“All we want is peace and love and contentment and hope.

Hope of a serene world that knows no white, black or brown; hope of a world that allows people to coexist without pointing fingers, or guns; hope of a world where we would learn about each other and denounce ignorance, prejudice, and racism.” -Karim Shamsi-Basha

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In the beginning, women were always told that they were not as important as men and that they had a specific place in society, playing specific roles in their domestic life. Patriarchy ruled for centuries, making women believe that they were less than they really are. The rights written on the United States Constitution only pertained to white males. It wasn’t until the 20th Century, when women began to throw down the rag and fought to make it known that we deserved to be treated as equals. Thus, the 19th amendment was created, giving women the rights that men only had.

However, till this day, women are still thought as inferiors to males. And we have had enough of it.

The Women’s March on Washington was an organized event planned by women, even some men, of different ethnicity, sexuality, and religion. People from all over where invited to come together to peacefully protest and to reaffirm that human rights pertain to women as well, also including LGBTQIA equality, reproductive freedom, and rights for immigrants and refugees who came to the land of the free to seek a new life of chance, freedom, and safety. This event was triggered by the recent election and inauguration of President Trump. People were not comfortable with his rhetoric and began to feel attacked, therefore deciding to demonstrate how they feel through the act of protest and marches. However, people thought that the organization of the march lacked diversity, as it was believed to be only organized by white women. This year, three women activists, all of different ethnic and religious background, were chosen to lead the march as national co-chairs alongside co-chair, Bob Bland. Their names are Carmen Perez, who is Mexican-America, Linda Sarsour, who is Muslim-American, and Tamika Mallory, who is black American. They have become an inspiration to women, young and old, across the world because of their bravery and their perseverance to fight for their rights as a human being. I, myself, can say that I am deeply inspired by them.

Image by Tamika Mallory via Facebook

All three women came from different families and different cultures. Each of them has experience as activists and organized many events similar to this. They agreed to take part in this, because they felt as if it was their responsibility to represent their community, to become role models to those around them, and to make themselves stronger than they already are as an individual. My mother and my Godmother, Valerie, always taught me to be the woman I want to be and stand up for myself and against anyone who attempts to stand in my way. As an American-Mexican I do find myself trapped sometimes in situations of racism and discrimination.

My entire family felt attacked  by the strong, racist rhetoric that has been floating around since the beginning of the presidential campaign to now. We felt hated by those who agreed with every word our new president has said, especially if it was aimed at the people of my race and to the others who felt attacked as well. But my parents have taught me well enough to not let it get to me and stand up against the hate and stand up for the rights I have as a female, a American-Mexican citizen, a human being.

People may say that having rights should not matter to me right now because I am still a minor. To you that may be true, but in a couple years I will join everyone out there as a legal adult. But as of right now, that is still my future, and I personally believe that I should be entitled to know what my future may look like and if I can help make an impact to make the future brighter for teens my age and even those younger than I am. We should have knowledge of what society is like so we can help change it for the better if needed, even if it means starting slow and making our way up to the top.We should know if there will be anything standing in the way of our future and trying to st

Image by Kathy Aney via East Oregonian

op us from succeeding because of who we are. We need to let the world  know, that we are bright young women ready to conquer and make a difference wherever we go. Like Perez said, “I want to make sure my children, my nieces, get to see themselves on that stage. It’s important as a Latina woman, as women from different walks of life, to show we can come together in solidarity. If any young girl can see me or Tamika or Linda [on that stage], that’s success.”

It was amazing to see how many people participated this past weekend to march. Not only did it happen in Washington, where it was originally planned to occur, but it happened in cities across the United States and in different countries around the world. 627 protests and marches took place this past saturday everywhere. My Nina Valerie participated in the Women’s March in Los Angeles with my aunt Sandra, aunt Jackie, my grandmother, and my cousin Brandon. People of different races and religions came, along with members of the LGBTQIA community, and men marched for our rights. It was fantastic and heartwarming to see how many people came out to support each other and stand with each other, especially seeing men there supporting their significant other. This past weekend showed how strong we are as a nation, as members of the human race. It showed that we will march on together, forever, for equality and human rights.

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Most young girls, especially ones my age, dream about their wedding day. What flavor cake they would have, where they would have the wedding, what style dress would they get, but most of all they, dream and wonder about who they would marry. I know I did when I was younger and to be honest, I still do. I often daydream about how my wedding day would be like and I ask myself “who am I going to marry?” Of course we don’t take these thoughts seriously at this time, as we are still young and we have many more years to go until we can make those dreams come true. Marriage is a huge compromise and requires true love and a bond between two people.  Well, at least I myself think so and do not take this seriously at the moment. However, I can say otherwise about  two Egyptian youngsters, who have been recently engaged, and their families.


Image by Masrawy via Daily Mail

A man in Egypt, Nasser Hassan, was celebrating his eldest son’s wedding when he decided to raise the guests’ already high spirits by announcing his 12 year-old son, Omar’s,  engagement to his 11 year-old cousin Gharam. It was not their decision to marry but Omar’s father’s decision. They had no say in this life changing choice.  Everyone who witnessed this announcement did not mind. In fact, the guests were overjoyed. However, once photographs were shown in the local media, many people became shocked and outraged. The news of this young couple’s fate traveled fast across the world which caused many more people to feel this way. I was even shocked and a bit upset when I saw this article. These kids, in my opinion, are too young to understand the meaning of marriage. I am too young as well, but I am old enough to know that marriage is unsuitable for anyone my age or below. It is so unfortunate that these kids and many more around the world are being forced to marry someone who was chosen by their parents.

Marriage should be a decision for two people to make on their own. It is a commitment made for two mature people in love, not for two preteens. I, myself, am definitely not ready to commit to a tremendous responsibility, so what makes them ready to become husband and wife? It is saddening that their families are forcing them into such a life. I mean, are they not aware of the laws in Egypt that prohibit anyone under the age of 18 to get married? Their relationship is basically taboo. But families in Egypt do not cease this practice. UNICEF has estimated around 17 percent of Egyptian girls that are married before they turn 18. I bet this was not a decision that they made on their own.

Parents around the world are willing to give up their child’s future early before they can even live it. Some of these parents see nothing wrong with this. Omar’s father even says it is “nothing inappropriate.” I, however, see everything inappropriate with this situation. If my parents made such an intimate decision for me I would be ashamed and disgusted. These people probably do not even think about what their


Image by Masrawy via Daily Mail

children feel. They just assume they would be all right. Omar’s father just assumed they  loved each other so that would make it okay for them to marry, “Omar has always loved Gharam so much that he used to say he will marry her when they grow up.” He even said both of them acted “beyond their years” and developed “strong feelings ” through other social media and “wanted to get engaged.” His father also claims they will not get married until they are of legal age. But who would believe this when girls in that same country are being forced in marriage almost all the time? Omar and Gharam may had not felt that way towards each other anymore. They could probably be feeling the exact opposite. Reda Eldanbouki, the head of the Women’s Center for Guidance and Legal Awareness, went to report this situation to the National Center for Childhood and Motherhood. He said that this, “will only lead to an early marriage in which the girl will be deprived of equal chances to education, growth, and will isolate her from social spheres.” This is what will happen to Gharam when she marries this boy. This is what the National Center for Motherhood and Childhood calls “an assassination of childhood.”

We should be in charge of our own decisions. We are taught in school on how to do so. Nobody should have a say in what our future should or should not be. We are our own person and we should be the only ones in charge if our personal choices, especially if they are decisions like these. This is why forced marriages should be stopped. Children should not be forced into something they probably do not want to do. So parents around the world, I would appreciate it if I can choose my own husband without you forcing one on me and I think every child and teenager on this Earth would appreciate it as well.

My family and I find pleasure in traveling. I know I love to be on the road and if I could, I would travel the world. My family and I have been exploring the cities, states, and even countries beyond Los Angeles since I was a youngster. My parents have even been traveling together since before I born. And now we own a trailer, two in fact, that allows us to be on the move to wherever we want to go.  The only unfortunate circumstances, besides packing and unpacking, are the prices you have to pay to take a simple road trip or to fly across the country to visit a family member. Now, it’s becoming too expensive for my family of four, and other families, to go on a get away.


Image by Nora Dunn via Facebook

For one woman, however, it is not so difficult to not only travel but to live around the world and, simultaneously, save  herself one hundred thousand dollars.

Miss Nora Dunn is a 40 year old woman who has been exploring the wonders of the world, non-stop, since 2006. Dunn had sold almost everything she owned from her personal possessions to her financial planning practice. She has written several books on her new lifestyle and how it came to be and owns a blog. People who follow her adventures know her as the Professional Hobo. She has traveled through fifty countries and five continents and continues to find new places to go. Dunn has been living the dream. The best part about this is she has saved more than 100,000 dollars in accommodations. Isn’t that incredible? Dunn had sold almost everything she owned from her personal possessions to her financial planning practice in 2006. She has also saved some of her money by finding free places to stay wherever she went. Throughout the years, she has been keeping track of her expenses and the result of that surprises her followers, me, and even herself.


Image by Nora Dunn via The Professional Hobo

In just 2015, she saved 25,288 dollars! She found it costs her less to travel all the time than it does to just live in one place. I wish I can do that!

Fortunately, we can follow Dunn’s lead in saving and traveling. In her traveling blog, She gives her followers financial travel tips. She even has a five-part series called, How to Travel Full-Time in a Financially Sustainable Way. She gives us tips on how to reduce our travel expenses, how to save money on transportation, how to be prepared to sell everything you own and when and where to sell them, how to earn some dough by working on the road, and how to manage the finance of full-time travel. The only hard parts she has experienced so far is generating her income and planning where she wants to go next. Reading her advice and her experiences makes me want to pack up and hit the road with my family and use these strategies. It amazes me how much these strategies have worked for her. It’s great that she is saving so much money, especially since she is doing something that usually costs many people a fortune. She just dropped everything she had in 2006 to follow a dream she had when she was nine years old and she’s  been loving it. She has inspired people to follow their dreams. Dunn has helped these people refocus their life’s ambitions and dreams and helped them work out their finances to get them there. Her stories make her lifestyle so intriguing, but it’s just scary to think when you drop everything to travel the world, you are on your own. The temptation to travel the way she does is real, but in reality, it’s not something that I would have the guts to do.  


Image by Nora Dunn via Facebook

Saving your money is not the only cool aspect to living in different places around the world. Dunn enjoys the cultural experiences she has when she moves into a new country. To get the full experience, she declines the opportunities of living in hotels and Airbnbs. She volunteers in the community she is currently in, in exchange for a place to stay. She does not mind this because this allows her to connect with people and their culture, learning new ways of life throughout her journey. The best part about this is she can take her time in enjoying her travels. I believe this is the most exciting part about traveling, especially if it’s long term. Connecting with those around you and learning how they spend their daily lives is so amazing. It is not always a one-way ticket. You can also teach them your way of life and your culture, while learning about theirs. When my family and I go to Mexico, we have family members who show us how they perform a certain quotidian task. Usually, it is different from how we Americans do it so they sometimes ask us if we do it a certain way and if so, they ask us to show them. That is the beauty of traveling to foreign places. You learn something unique that others would not know how to do and you pass the information on to them.

Now I have the sudden impulse to fly halfway across the world to experience something I have only seen on social media and in pictures in magazines. There are so many beautiful places that she has been to that I have only dreamed of. I want to explore, meet new people, and make new memories. It would be an amazing experience if I went alone, but it would be marvelous if I had my family come along and share the experience since I have spent most of my life traveling with them. And maybe once I become more comfortable, I will set out on my own journey and wander the world by myself. Seeing someone like Nora Dunn, live the dream of being a full-time traveler and how she lives it makes me long for the experience. So maybe, just maybe, I will follow my dream of being a world traveler too.


The Torres Family Yosemite 2014





Image by Jason Reynolds via Facebook

People show the best side of themselves when they do something that is noticeably pleasant, satisfying, and moving. Showing this side of yourself also helps you, and possibly another, in the long run. 14-year old LaRon “Ron Ron” Tunstill of Louisville, Kentucky, is living proof of this. The teenage boy was volunteering for an organization called PurpMe when he came across one homeless man in particular. He sat next to him and struck a conversation. Tunstill noticed that the man’s shoes were worn out, tattered, and that they were soleless. What he did next was really moving. Ron Ron untied his brand new Nike Air Jordans and handed them to the man. The man was stunned and, at first, refused to take them, as Ron Ron only had them for one day, but the boy insisted on him taking them. Tunstill had said, “He didn’t want to take the shoes at first but I told him take them because that’s what God wanted me to do.” He was so touched and saddened by the poor man’s story that he felt the need to do something for this man to make him happy. Little did Ron Ron know that his act of kindness would touch others’ hearts, as well as mine.

This type of news elates me and it pleases me to know that not all people are heartless and mean. A lot of people, like myself, have been taught  by our parents and other peers that treating people with kindness and giving to others is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, some were not raised like we were. These types of people were probably born and raised in an unsafe environment or were exposed to negativity everywhere they went. Tunstill was once one of these people. The founder of PurMe, Jason Reynolds, had known the 14-year old since he was 4 years old. He described Ron Ron as a wild kid who grew up in a rough neighborhood. He said that Ron Ron was affected by what was going on around him, causing him to turn to violence and become disrespectful towards his peers. But that all fortunately changed when Reynolds started mentoring him and helped him turn his whole life around. Ron Ron’s life took a turn for the better, which helped him realize that he should help the world become a better place. He has been volunteering and giving to those in need and performing acts of kindness, just like this one.


Image by Purpme via Facebook

Sometimes it takes motivation and encouragement to get people to act. PurpMe is an organization that helps change lives for the better. They encourage people to take action and facilitate acts of kindness wherever they go, shall it be planned or at any random time. Reynolds originally had put this together to replace violence on the streets with love and community outreach. They want to influence others to spread the love not hate. Reynolds explains his goal by saying, “We may not have much ourselves, but we do the best with what we got. We just want to start a movement of people loving and uplifting one another.” I believe that they really have achieved their goal and have made so many people happy. Again, Ron Ron is a prime example of this. After all      that he has been through, he stayed as the greater person he as become and continued to mentor younger children that were just like him. These acts of kindness are so selfless and heart-warming that they should definitely encourage others to do such things as well. I believe that it strengthens both yourself and the person you are gifting and gives you more power to act because it would make you and the other person feel better about yourself.

It should be everyone’s goal to help someone in need and present them with the gift of kindness and happiness. These are feelings that everyone should feel everyday in their lives, and we should be the ones to constantly deliver them. Selfless acts like these are what we should see on the news everyday. These generous people do this out of kindness from their heart, they do not do this because it is mandatory. Nothing like this is mandatory.  Of course there are so many other compassionate people just like Ron Ron and I praise them for being so thoughtful and selfless. These people do this because they believe it is the right thing to do. I believe this as well. I strive to be this kind of person. I want to be someone who can make someone’s whole entire day just by one simple gesture. It would be a dream come true to have everyone on this planet give to someone in need, whether it be something simple to get them through the day or maybe something so extravagant that it may change their lives forever. We should all follow LaRon Tunstill’s lead and make someone in need smile again.

Image by Aleppo Media Center via Global News

Image by Aleppo Media Center via Global News

It is a horrific and completely life changing thing to lose someone you love so dearly, especially in a devastating event. It scares me to even think about it and the thought of it sometimes keeps me up at night. I have just seen a video of two young brothers from Aleppo, Syria, covered in dust from the aftermath of an explosion, grieving for the loss of their brother. It was such a heartbreaking sight, but I could not help but watch it more than once. These boys, these children of war, are robbed of their innocence and their brother. They are exposed to the evilness these terrorists have delivered to the only home they have known. These kids are young and deserve to only know happiness and kindness in this chapter of their lives. This darkness of the world has taken over and that knowledge is no longer present.

Watching the tears streaming, uncontrollably, down the two boys’ dirty young faces brought tears to my own eyes. It was heart-wrenching watching them embracing each other like there would be no tomorrow. It’s shocking knowing that their brother was so violently taken from them, by men they have never met, and for a reason that definitely does not pertain to them. These children deserve to hold on to their innocence for as long as they possibly can, without such inappropriate disruption. The boys look about 9 or 10 years old, which is not an age these kids should experience such a thing. Their brother was probably around the same age which is tragic to think about. This is so wrong and this should have never happened. I have sisters myself. Watching this video made me realize that anything could happen at anytime and I could be a victim of such a tragedy. Even though I do not want to have such thoughts, present events constantly remind me that it can happen. Children deserve to live their lives and do not deserve to have such a precious thing taken away from them so soon. We should be allowed to have our happiness, not sadness and tragedy.

I feel as if I were robbed of my own innocence hearing, watching, and reading about these terrible acts of hatred committed by human beings. It is terrifying knowing that this is all happening right now, on the other side of the world but nevertheless, the same planet we are living on. I believe that children should not be so exposed to violent acts such as terrorism, especially first hand like these boys. Children, of course, should not be left in the dark completely and should be briefly informed of the world’s current events. I also believe that Aleppo Media Center, an anti-government activist group who released this video, are trying to tell the world that enough is enough and that we need to stop this madness. These horrible people need to be stopped and they need to be brought down.

I feel so guilty to be forgetful and, at times, oblivious to the luck of living a life of comfort and a sense of security that so many people wish to be living right now. This video was sort of a reality check, reminding me of how fortunate I am to be in my position. And I am sad to say that I take this life for granted. I am so lucky to be alive, healthy, and to have everyone I love by my side. I want to have the ability to save these kids from tragedies like these, but it makes me upset that I cannot do anything about it but send simple donations. In my eyes, this is not enough. It upsets me that I do not have the ability to magically send these boys and the other children love and security, or to just take them away from that awful place. I can’t rid their minds of the awful events that took place. Worst of all, no one can ever give the boys back their beloved brother. Oh how I feel so guilty for all of these things. I just hope that this all changes soon for the better and that we will all work together to present light and happiness to the children of Aleppo once again.

Image by Aleppo Media Center via Global News