How Close Are We to Successfully Cloning the First Human?

You may be wondering if that is even possible? We already tried doing a clone on a mammal (Dolly the sheep)? Yes it could be possible we’re already capable of cloning human cells, but should we go beyond that point. Well, i’m here to give you some information on what the answer is and will we be able to do so. But, in my opinion i think it’s better to not clone humans. What would happen to the world if there was more humans. The earth and the rees that gives us air would be rarely seen if there was more humans we would be taking up the whole space.

To clone it’s down to a fairly simple practice. You need two cells from the same animal. They both have to be alive if one is dead than what you can do is put it on a freezer for storage. One of which is an egg cell from which you’ve removed the DNA. You take the DNA from a somatic cell and put it inside the devoid-of-DNA egg cell. Whatever the egg cell goes on to produce for offspring that will be genetically identical to the parent cell. But in humans they need two cells. One from each parent, each with their own DNA. A cellular technique occurs in nature. Bacteria is reproduced through binary fission. When it divides the DNA divides too which each new bacterium is genetically identical to it’s predecessor.

in the other hand, Mutations allow bacteria to become resistance to antibiotics bent on destroying them.  But a mutation can be fatal to an organism or can preclude them from existence at all.

Well, experts say that dolly the sheep is the famous mammal ever to be cloned well, she is the only animal to be cloned. For now scientist have cloned mice, cats, and several types of livestock. But, scientist have cloned cows. In some recent years it gain scientist a better understanding on the process of cloning and how come it doesn’t work. We come to the fact that cloning is extremely hard. By all means cloning humans is out of the question. They reinforced the need for a strict ban on human cloning. The process of cloning is very difficult.

In my opinion clones we cause us trouble. We would be destroying more habitats for animals and we will build more building means more fuels and a lot of oil for cars. We have a limited supply of sources in our planet and we can’t afford losing them in something that will only cause trouble. It’s better to discover something that will actually help us in our environment problems today than making the problems more severe.



Life as a Teenage Mom

You’re probably wondering why i choose to write about this topic for my blog. Well i decided to write about this is because well, being a teenager is hard… well if you make it Hard. Anyway i choose to write about this article because we all have to know it is WRONG to do that, just WAIT all  on its time. I read an article called “My life as a Teenage Mom.” 15 year old girls probably think about clothes, boys, and parties (I’m saying SOME not ALL okay,  don’t get me wrong).  This girl in the article her name is Jamie she is a teenage mom and her life is going pretty hard for her.

Jamie had her baby at age 15. Jamie couldn’t keep it a secret from her mom so she did what she had to do she told her mom but her mom wasn’t mad she was just disappointed. And adoption was out of the question jamie’s mom had her brother at age 17 so it was sort of a repeat of life.  If you’re wondering what happened to the father well he wasn’t all in wanting to be a dad they had their disagreements. So their not together it pretty much ended when jamie told him she was pregnant (What a guy) jamie thought it was better that way. For now jamie is doing okay with her life. Her parents support her well her parents support both of them because jamie has a job and her mom takes care of her son by the way jamies son is named Tyler.  Jamie Can’t go all to her social life she can’t really talk to her friends due to her son. But jamie has become a better version of herself taking up responsibility. Jamie plans to go to a community college one day. But, for now she is focusing on Tyler. It’s better to wait. it isn’t easy. From jamie’s experience, it’s better to finish school.

My thought about Jamie is well i don’t really know why she did that. I mean having a kid is a wonderful thing but all on its time. If i had a baby i would be scared how can i take care of a baby if i can’t take care of myself? that’s just bad. Being a teenaged mom is hard. Knowing your studies will end and you won’t be able to have a good career. It’s better just to stay at school and not be that committed into relationships because it could sometimes go too far. For now focus on studying and having a career.

That was my blog.  I can’t believe jamie has a son. But, taking from jamie’s experience im kind of nervous myself.  I’ll just focus on my studies:).


Drugs Abuse and Addiction

Do you even wonder if drugs can do you harm?? Well, it does. Just by taking it once or twice of cocaine a week can make you their puppet.  As i say puppet i mean you are literally their puppet. You’re like a zombie that has no idea what their doing and is completely out of control.  Once you start you can’t stop, you just want more and more and more.  I’m going to tell you what it does and how i personally can relate to it.

Cocaine affects everyone!!! believe it or not. The ages more it mostly starts is your high school years. “Peer Pressure” it’s called, making you do things that you’ve never ever done before. People forcing you to do things that you don’t want to, it’s horrible, making others feel that your cool, well it’s not .  It also sucks because you have a whole life ahead of you but that moment you just made a big mistake, you went to the wrong side of reality.  Your brain is like being crushed like a soda can, the more and more you do cocaine the more your brain is being destroyed by the chemicals of cocaine that kills brain cells.

Cocaine is something “I” find really dumb and unnecessary to do.  If you don’t know what else to do in life at least die for something that you did good or worked on not for just something that doesn’t even have a meaning for life. How cocaine is affecting us, families, and even your close friends. You can lose all of that and you dreams/goals that you may have for your future and it all just goes away for that piece of plant.  (Sorry if it sounds rough but i just don’t get why people will just waste their lives over something that doesn’t have value.) Anyway, back o the topic, cocaine is a very craving substance.  Cocaine can make you feel “On top of the world, very confident, alert and awake” But some people get over confident and arrogant and aggressive and end up taking very careless risks.

Its sad to think how cocaine has past down to generation to generation with people. How the years pass by and still nothing is being treated with this problem. It sad also for me to experience things that i do NOT want to see or do as i’m in high school. It’s hard to wonder how  the future would be like still, if there are drugs i wouldn’t like to live in a world like that. And, it also sucks that how teens are being affected by this and how they make a bad choice in life but they just do it. It bugs me really how and why they do it.

In conclusion just “DON’T DO DRUGS!!” it’s just a waste. If you already do drugs think again what you’re doing.  Cocaine is a very powerful weapon to use.  You could go to jail just for that and even offering someone some under 21 years of old. I think you still shouldn’t be doing cocaine and ANY other drugs under 21 years of age. Addiction is something you should be scared of. How it affects your family and friends and your dreams for the future. So please just don’t do it think ahead before you do if you already did all i have to say is “It’s your life.”




No, the world did not end on september 23…

Is september 23 still the meaning of “It’s the end of the world?”. Do you think the world will end next year on september 23….? There are reasons that the world will end but all in time. I think that septemeber 23 is just a bogus myth. Here are the reasons or facts why the world didn’t end on september 23.

In september 23,  people say that, that day has something to do with a religious meaning. In some how people are starting to be aware of september 23.  Some other people say that the “Secret” planet named Nibiru or planet X will crash/near miss into earth.  Also some develop a meaning that september 23, 33 is “Jesus” the age that jesus was crucified. In which it turned the moon black. Also back to a religious meaning it is prophesied from the book in the bible revelations will occur on sept. 23.

But in reality we don’t know.Some say that planet X was suppose to hit earth in the year 2011 or 2003?  It’s hard for us to know becuase of biblical prophecies vs astronomy.  But now that it didn’t happen there starting to talk about how planet X is not real.  Back in the years Vikings and other ancient celebration has happened when their was a solar eclipse.  But, the world will not end that day but will.

I think that this whole “THE WORLD WILL END ON SEPTEMBER 23!!” is i guess you can say improbable. Even when there is enough evidence that says september will be the last day of earth it would be unlikely. The past years on september 23 the world hasn’t ended yet. I kinda find it annoying. But i will say that it might not happen that day but it will soon.

In conclusion september 23 could be likely to happen but just not always in the day sept.23. The end of the world will happen but not necessarily in that day. Most the sept. 23 are because of the bible and other scientist. Also the “Secret planet” nibiru and planet X.  But, like i said the end of the world will happen but not necessarily on that day.

How Our Galactic Garbage May Come Back to Haunt Us

How Our Galactic Garbage May Come Back to Haunt Us

Have you ever wondered if there was trash in  outer space? Have you wondered where some of the trash goes to? Well, turns out there is trash in outer space.  According to NASA a woman was hit in the shoulder by a piece of metal which NASA thought it was part of a disintegrated rocket.  If we continue to have more trash and ends up in outer space in would mean big trouble for us.  If satellites were being disturb by trash floating in its course it would be a very big problem.

Some say that having trash in outer space isn’t really a big thing but in my opinion it is.  If there is too much trash in outer space it could affect our magnetic field that our planet has. The effect that it might have is the air and the satellites. We need the satellites for all sorts of reasons. If we don’t do something about having trash in outer space it could cause us a big problem. If the satellite was covered by trash we wouldn’t be able to predict where a storm would land or were we need to go back home if we don’t know the way back. The problem we have right now is that they’re trying to come up with a way  of pulling the trash back to earth. It would just be a cycle over and over again we don’t want that the trash has to be in one place.

Having trash in outer space is really a problem that we have to look up to. It mostly depends in all our problems. The consequences that we might have is if there is trash outside of earth is that more debris would come down on us. It can affect our atmosphere and it means we have to start paying attention in recycling more.  Other people say that they’re thinking of transferring trash into space and putting it into the sun which i am very concern about. If we put our trash in the sun it could affect the sun. If by chance that could happen it would mean we would have an even bigger problem. If the sun keeps on collecting trash from us it could cause the sun to have a big impact in our solar system.

In conclusion i think having trash in outer space is a problem. The more and more we don’t pay attention on recycling it can affect us.  Also putting trash into the sun is dangerous. We could be killing the sun if that happen and it would mean a huge problem for society.  So, what SpaceX is doing is using reusable satellites for our own good. Hopefully it could help us a little on taking care of our trash in the future and to not cause in problems that we might be facing.


Hello world!

                                         7 Unconventional Ways to Build Your Confidence

   In this article it talks about the ways you yourself can do or improve to maintain a certain level of self-confidence.  It also relates to setting goals and making a plan. It’s like you’re experimenting your abilities on trusting yourself and the ability you possess.  To also remember ” The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do”-Swati Sharma. Here are the seven ways you can do to improve your self-confidence.

   The first step to improve your self-confidence is “Take chances that make you feel uncomfortable”. What it is telling you is to take on problems or responsibilities you are afraid to do. If you trust on yourself you can believe that you can do it. You have to learn and adapt to new changes in life. Try not to get help of other people try it for yourself and you will be happy that you did.  The second step is “Fail fast and Fail often”.  Fail is a process of learning and gaining more self-confidence. You prove to yourself that no matter how many tries or times you fallen you will succeed. It’s like steps for success.

   The third step is “Be wrong and be OK with it” . You have to try not being worried that you’re wrong.  “People who take the position of always being right aren’t confident, they’re being cocky”. People how think that there always right they won’t be able to learn from their mistakes. That lowers self-confidence. It’s better to find out what’s right then being right. The fourth step is “Compliment others and help them smile”. If a person is thinking negatively about themselves it lowers their self-esteem. It is better if you support them no matter if they’re wrong you’re building their self-confidence and your making them feel that it is okay to make mistakes (sometimes). Dont gossip or backstab them. Better, support them.

    The five step is “”laugh in the face of frustration”.  It’s better to let out what you feel inside instead of holding it in . Try to think the good side in a bad situation. The six step is to “Ignore what most people think about you”. That’s something that’s gets int he way of your confidence. Other stuff that can effect you are comments that your friends or people post about you that’s called “Cyber bullying” which is different in this topic. Just don’t let be happy for who you are.

  The last step is to do it. The examples and steps i gave to you will help you in supporting your self-confidence. Be afraid take risks that will help you succeed even more in life. You could even be a role model for other people who struggle to have their own confidence. “When you have confidence, you can have fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things” -Joe Namath.


7 Unconventional Ways to Build Your Confidence