Donald Trump is a Bad Leader

Donald Trump is a Bad Leader

I believe Donald Trump sucks. He’s not even a politician, he’s more of a businessman. He looks like a cheese cheeto and has hair that looks like the top part of corn. I strongly believe that this orange man is the worst president out of all presidents. He is racist. He refers to the people of the Japanese culture Japs. That’s the term we used against them in World War 1. He also threatened to deport most Latinos out of America because he wants white people to support him. He said most of Latinos are rapists. He wants to build a giant wall to separate America from Mexico because he didn’t want Latinos jumping over the border. He also put a ban on letting people from different cultures into the country. He has put a muslim ban on some airlines. He’s a sexist, he has made many different remarks to support this. Once in court, a lawyer had to breastfeed her baby and Trump called her disgusting. It’s like he expects the baby to just be able to walk and eat solid foods on its own. It’s not disgusting because breastfeeding is a natural thing for a mother to do for her newborn child. He is a horrible representative for our country and I believe he will destroy our country. He is possibly threatening a country known for their military. The country is North Korea. They are widely known for all the nuclear bombs they have. Trump is literally making fun of Kim Jong Un the dictator of North Korea and that can irritate him and possibly make him nuke us. He believes that America is this really tough country and that it would be fun to just possibly start a war with a really really strong country. Like ummmm no I’m happy with my house looking the way it is and not completely destroyed by a nuke. I would like to make the country a better place by getting rid of our orange president and Bernie Sanders should’ve been president or Hillary Clinton. I have no idea why people would vote this guy to be our president. Our country’s leader. Like it’s really disappointing to me that he actually won the election. He’s also against the DACA organization that Obama helped make. It stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Basically what this organization does is that it shields young undocumented immigrants from getting deported. They didn’t do anything wrong, they were born into the country without their parents having any papers to make them legal so they shouldn’t be deported. Apparently Trump doesn’t think so, he doesn’t want it to be a thing. There has been polls supporting the Dreamers which is the name the people are called. The polls have shown that most people don’t want the Dreamers to be deported and that they should be able to stay and become citizens if they have the requirements to become one. Even though this is the case he still wants DACA to come to an end. That’s just an evil thing to do, he’s basically trying to deport children who were born “ illegal” in the United States back to where their parents came from. The U.S. is supposed to be the land of opportunity and now Trump is basically taking that away from us and the people being protected by DACA. DACA is one of the best things in the country to help support people have an opportunity of having a good life by getting jobs,having nice homes, and etc but now he’s just taking that away from the people. That’s just a horrible thing to do and he doesn’t really have a reason for it. It’s probably the racism he has talking in this situation. This was such a bad call to make that most of his supporters turned their backs to him. I see why they would do this, he literally is making the country a harder place to have a good life in for people. He thinks that this system is unfair because we are taking the jobs of Americans and referred to us as “illegal aliens.” That’s just not right, you can’t call someone an alien just because they are different from you in a few ways. Plus we were born in the country so how does that make us aliens if we were born where your were born. It’s honestly stupid how racists Trump and his team are. Him and his team are destroying the dreams for future children who were born from immigrants who don’t have papers and he’s doing it for no reason. HE IS A MONSTER PEOPLE!!! If the people don’t do anything soon then our country could be destroyed. I bet he will turn our country into dust in the next few years of his presidency. He should’ve never ran for president because all he is doing is fueling the fire of racism and is not making anyone’s lives better in any way. He’s just destroying people’s lives. He has already sent out parties collecting illegal immigrants and deporting them back from where they came from. Those are my thoughts on why Donald Trump is a horrible president.

There are a bunch of things that are out of this world in Earth and I’m going to tell you 15 of them. We have from dirty thunderstorms to sandstone formations. All of these things are pretty crazy and really interesting. Dirty thunderstorms or volcanic lightning are thunderstorms that occur in the smoke of a volcanic eruption. Its a weather phenomenon made in a volcanic plume. There is a famous photo taken by Carlos Gutierrez in Chile above the Chaiten Volcano. Studies say that charges of electricity are generated when rock fragments, ash, and ice particles collide produce static charges just like in normal thunderstorms. Flashes of lightning sometimes appear when volcanoes erupt because of the ash coming out of the volcano in a process called charge separation.

Another interesting thing is the shimmering shore located at Vaadhoo, Maldives. It’s best noticeable at night time and it looks amazing. It looks like a field of little things glowing on the shore of the ocean. Scientists say the little glowing things are bioluminescent plankton that appear on the shores of warm waters. They also say that the plankton move to the shores because they are stressed. Many people have said that the beach is beautiful at night because of the little glowing plankton that generate the light. I believe it’s a sight that everyone should see at least once in their lives because of how amazing it looks.

There are amazing formations of sandstone located in Arizona. A famous formation is called The Wave. It’s located in Arizona by its northern border to Utah. It’s a well known formation because of it is colorful and it’s a pretty hard hike to reach it. Since it’s such an amazing sight many people try to visit it but it’s fragile. The formation has been made with thousands of years worth of erosion making it fragile. They use a lottery system to let 10 people visit everyday and also you need to plan a trip there ahead of time to visit. Also dinosaur fossils have been found near the formation aswell as beetles and other bugs. There are only 4 trails to access The Wave and the shortest one takes about 8 miles to finish and it begins at the Wirepass Trailhead.

This place is interesting but kinda creepy and weird. It’s the spiderweb cocooned trees in Pakistan. It happened because in 2010 there was a massive flood that happened at Sindh, Pakistan. Apparently the flood took a long time to go down and when it finally did, millions of spiders were on the trees. That is because many spiders and other insects were forced to look for high ground to not drown in the flood. This is actually a good thing. Since there are a bunch of spiders in the trees, studies say that there are less malaria spreading mosquitos. Some people believe it is a hoax and that spiders didn’t cocoon the trees but that other insects like moth pupae.

Another really creepy place is The Blood Falls in Antarctica. The mystery of this weird phenomenon has finally been solved. At first scientists thought that it was algae making the water a dark reddish color. Recently we found out that the weird water was coming from the Taylor Glacier. The coloring comes from oxidized iron in brine saltwater which is the same thing that happens to iron when it starts to rust. When the saltwater comes into contact with oxygen, the iron oxidizes and has a red coloring. That affects the water by giving it that dark red color. There is a brine lake located under the Taylor Glacier and over time it picked up iron. Since the brine is under the glacier it wants to get to lower pressure which means its injected through fissures in the glacier to get to the top.

There are many other interesting places on Earth but these were the most interesting to me. I like the weird places like the cocooned trees and the Blood Falls in Antarctica. I also like a bunch of beautiful places like The Wave in Arizona and the glowing beach.