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Everything in life changes. We are not always the same age, we are not always innocent as we were at age 3, we are not always living in the same places. The idea of change came to me as I was thinking about what to write for this blog. There’s one thing I can’t get off my mind, my favorite place, Universal Studios, is making many changes to their park, television and movie studios, and Citywalk. It’s hard to see things change when they’ve been a certain way for so long. Change can disappoint or it can bring good. Some people say, “ Everything changes for the better,” but I believe that it depends on a person’s mindset and attitude if this change is good or bad. Some people embrace change with open arms while others try and shut it away.

Everything has a consequence and change is no exception. Even though some people embrace change, it doesn’t always mean it’s good. There are many outcomes of a bad change. When a change is bad, a person who generally doesn’t embrace change will keep that fear of change, a person who embraces change can then either fear it or continue to embrace it. For me, I tend to fear certain changes.

On December 31, 2012, my favorite attraction at Universal Studios was closed to make way for the new Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Ride. I did not deal with this very well, I’d always shed a tear or two(more like I cried my heart out) every time we’d pass it when we’d go to the park after it had closed its door, but I decided I would embrace this change, or at least try to, because the new ride would be good for the park and it’s attendance. When the ride finally completed construction and we went to test it out a couple months before it’s grand opening, my family and I waited for 2-3 hours to get on and I was excited. I had embraced the change and was semi-happy with the overall look of the ride and the small details that made things adorable in the ride line and in “Gru’s house,” one out of two pre-ride areas that help move the plot of the ride story along. After riding the ride, I learned that this was indeed a bad change. The ride interior, I had issues with, because the illusion wasn’t there and the ride, to me, was lame and sad. This is what caused me to fear the new incoming changes of the park especially hearing about the park’s five-year plan for their 50th anniversary and, more currently, the construction of Nintendo Land.

According to Lisabeth Saunders Medlock, there are 7 things humans should know when it comes to change, These things are emotion, vulnerability, alone, help, adaptation, hope, and grow. This is like a step by step guide of how people can deal with any types of changes. These things are good to listen to, to take advice from, because dealing with change is always hard even though you embrace it. According to these 7 pieces of advice, we should be not be scared to be emotional or vulnerable. We must know we are never alone, there is always someone there for us afraid to ask for help. I think this is one of the most important ones because many people are afraid to express their fears to others. “Everything changes. But we forget this, constantly. That’s because it’s sometimes downright scary to think about change,” said Midge for Tiny Adapting, growth, and hope for the future are the last three. We must know that we can and will adapt, in the process we will grow as a person, but will not change, and we should have hope for the future.

Ever since the park has continued to expand and change I no longer need to go through all these. After having dealt with it, I can now go from the first two steps to the last two steps. I now hope for the future of the park and what’s to come while still having the fear of what’s to come. I hope Nintendo Land is worth the movie studios coming down and the weird layout of the park that comes with it.

Everyone deals with change is different ways. Some welcome it with open arms, others reject and fear it. No matter what we must keep moving on. Change can be good or bad, but whatever comes from it, we will be able to carry on. Change is, well, ever changing. We don’t know what’s to come from it all the time. Following steps and getting advice is good to help through change big and small.


The Music of our Lives

Being a teenager is a very interesting thing to be. It’s a time when a person is young, studying, and tends to be the time when a person may look as best as they ever will physically. A time where having fun is amazing, some teens do crazy things, they experiment with new experiences with the bit of freedom they get. It is also a time of struggle, people try and find out who they are, why they are here, school is hard. Many teens struggle with depression, the state of sadness which is now characterized as a disease. Many teenagers love music. Simply looking around my school you and see teens love music. There are many kids wearing headphones or earbuds and the occasional group of friends playing music out loud. On Fridays, spirit days, holidays, leadership plays music out loud for all to enjoy. Music has ties to emotions, they can make people happy or they can make them sad. Music can help or hurt depression. Teens who listen to music for about 4-5 hours a day are 80% more likely to become depressed. Many teens, and people in general claim that sad music actually helps with their depression. Studies show that this is false.

        There are many types of music out there, so many artists to choose from, yet when people are feeling down they tend to listen to sad music and when a person is happy they listen to happy music. People who are depressed tend to hear sad music. There are many genres of music, but the genre doesn’t come into play as much as what the song is saying. According to Time magazine, as long as a song has a sad vibe, no matter the topic, the person will not feel better they will twist it into something worse. For example, a person listens to a breakup song while going through a breakup. A person who is not depressed will maybe cry, see that this may be what’s best for them, and start to move on. A depressed person will hear the song and have a negative reaction. They will think that they were not good enough or that love never works for them. They begin to lose hope instead of regaining it. I know that I’ve said that some of this music like My Chemical Romance helps (I’m not and have not been depressed), but sometimes I see that it just makes things worse. I know I think a lot and I try to prepare for the worst case scenario, and this music has caused me to think far beyond what I was picturing in my head. I wouldn’t consider this a good thing since it just brings weirder, sad feelings.

        There is music that has been said to help with depression including classical or pop. For some girls, it helped to listen to One Direction to help them feel better, which I can relate to. To be honest, I love One Direction so much. Their music is just uplifting if you listen to the right song. I believe in the power of the right song. The power of the right song is simple. Depending on your emotions the right song can help. For me, I listen to music that matches my mood. By music, I mean specific songs that are chosen for that mood. For example, if one may feel misunderstood or sad they may listen to “Welcome to my Life” by Simple Plan. I believe that music expresses the way we feel in words without us having to come up with it all alone. It makes us feel like a part of something, not alone. If one is feeling happy and pumped, then they may listen to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Just the way a song can help express what a person is feeling, I believe it can also make someone happy, which research has shown to be true. If a sad person were to listen to a song like “Happy,” then it could lift up their spirits.

        Right now, scientists are having trouble figuring out if people who listen to sad music become depressed or if people who listen to sad music listen to it because they are depressed and want to isolate themselves. I think this can go both ways, there is no clear answer. Sad music can make a person feel sad and people who are sad listen to music that’s sad because they believe it helps. If people listen to sad music, it doesn’t always mean they are or they will become sad. Some of my friends in the past have listened to bands that are known for their music about sadness, pain, suffering, and they are really happy. Everyone is different which means music can affect everyone in a different way. The people who I’ve known are sad listen to sad music and some have gotten out, but I see that others seem to just get worse instead of better. The more they listen they more they fall deeper and deeper. For me, I have some days that if I’m happy and I listen to a sad song it‘ll bring me down, but it’s rare. In sociology, we learned about behavior and how behavior is created from the nature of a person and how they have been nurtured by their surroundings. I believe that these factors place a very important role when it comes to how music will affect someone. If someone relates a song to a loved one that passed away and they hear that song, even though they are happy, they can simply feel terrible after hearing that song. Triggers are real, they are more than just a meme. If someone by nature likes sad music, then that’s who they are. If someone feels sad and/ or is influenced to hear that music then it’s nurture.

        Music has a big impact on any people’s lives. Many people listen to it and there are a variety of genres to listen to. Music affects humans and their emotions. Sad feelings and sad music can lead to more sadness as studies show. Sad music, in general, can lead a person to become depressed. I think the effects of music on a person vary due to a person’s behavior which is made up of nature and nurture. Music is a part of our lives, we must be careful of the influences it has on our lives.

Girls, Media, Hate

Media, yellow journalism, judgment, chastisement, no wonder so many girls are not happy with the way they look. For this blog post, like I do most my blog posts, I went on and scrolled down looking for something to write about. I found an article on China, their trash problem, and how they are solving it, but instead of writing about the world’s trash problems I went back and kept scrolling. Most the articles on there were about relationships and celebrities and they were at the top. As I continued to scroll down I found more pressing problems like China and their trash, but the talk about celebrities wouldn’t stop. There were more articles on celebrity fashion choices and “fabulous” transformations, by fabulous transformations I mean huge weight loss. It’s that simple. Any girl can easily find reasons to hate herself. I’m doing an assignment for my English class, I bet people would’ve ever thought that while doing an assignment for school someone could find reasons to despise the way the are and look. Now, I’m not saying that these things can’t or don’t happen to boys, but I will be talking about girls. Media has made many girls go from loving themselves to hating themselves.

Starting with girls and their weights. It’s true, over time things tend to change sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. I truly believe this has gone from bad to worse. Looking through Yahoo I found many articles and pictures about artists and their weight losses. When I looked at the before pictures some were right after or during this time when these celebrities were pregnant. Of course, they are going to be fat! They have or had a 5.5-10 lbs mini human(baby) inside of them. They praise once the woman is skinny or muscular but when they have gotten out or are in the process of making a new person, a new life, the media shames. Other pictures were when these ladies were maybe a little chubby at the most, but not fat. Many were definitely in the normal body fat area. All these ladies looked fabulous in their before picture. If these famous women were criticized for looking normal, then a  girl who looks up to this person and sees their change will want to do the same. Now, change isn’t a bad thing always, but if a girl is in normal weight this influence will be bad. 50% of girls see themselves as fat from the ages of 11 to 13. 2 weekends ago, Lady Gaga performed for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. She was called fat when she came on stage with a crop and a sparkly bottom. Although I may not be a huge fan of Lady Gaga, she put on an amazing performance. Her outfit revealed her stomach, and she may not super thin, but she’s not fat. Chrissy Metz stood up for celebrity saying that you shouldn’t call a person fat when they aren’t.

Another thing media heavily judges is face and body. Not just facial features, but makeup too. Constantly people say girls wear either wear too little or too much makeup. They dyed their hair the wrong color, boobs are too small, waist is too big. We constantly see commercials trying to sell makeup or a cream that will make you look younger. We hear about celebrities who are 40 but look like 20. It’s everywhere. A singer/ songwriter Melanie Martinez speaks of and shows the dangers and outcomes of changing your face and body in the song Mrs. Potato Head. Her song says, “ Don’t be dramatic it’s only some plastic. No one will love you if you’re unattractive…It’s such a waste.When little girls grow into their mother’s face.But little girls are learning how to cut and paste.And pucker up their lips until they suffocate.” Her song speaks about how little girls, and girls in general, are swayed to wear makeup and change how they look. How through media kids learn that they need to change themselves to be and feel pretty. In her music video her character, Cry Baby, is watching television when commercials for diet pills and blonde wigs come up. She begins to cry for she is not blonde and is eating cookies which maker her “fat.” This causes her to go into the bathroom, put on makeup, take diet pills, stuff tissues into her bra and put on a blonde wig. When she returns to keep watching tv the scene that is shown is a girl and her boyfriend who decides to give her the gift of plastic surgery, which she is thrilled about even though she’s very pretty. After the surgery, her face is disfigured and her boyfriend no longer loves her. This makes Cry Baby realize that she should love herself the way she is and she takes all her makeup, stuffing, and wig. It didn’t always use to be this way. In 1800, being thick meant you were healthy, it was a good thing. Finally in the 1920s is when skinny was officially a trend which was here to stay.

The last thing I will talk about is how people criticize clothes. Yes, cute clothes are cute and I like them, but if something is comfortable I’m going to wear that too. Natalie Portman was criticized for wearing black flats with a gorgeous dress. I understand that it might bug people that they may not match but black flats are comfortable and the woman is pregnant.  It makes sense. I know that I can’t wear heels for a long amount of time, which is why I carry black flats with me when I do wear heels. Girls shouldn’t always be pressured into wearing the right clothes. If a celebrity is getting attention for wearing the wrong thing then a girl will too. It may not be all over the news, but it will be in her school. I’ve heard of some punishments that parents use. They involve embarrassing their child because kids are cruel. It’s true, kids are cruel.

Media has a lot to do with what a girl thinks about herself. They cause girls to hate themselves and the way they look. They become unhappy with the way they look. 50% percent of girls from ages 11-13 hate the way they look. These things can cause eating disorders and death. Media encourages girls to change the way they look. It’s a problem that started 97 years ago and has only escalated. Media needs to push girls to love themselves not hate themselves. Girls need to be showed to love themselves, they need to be them not change.


My Two Cents

Opinions, everyone has them, they are what separate and unite us. In my family, there are many opinions. There is a huge variety, seriously, any flavor of opinion you want, you’ll find it. My family is mainly Evangelical Christians, but that doesn’t mean we all believe in the same thing. Many topics are controversial. Some of those topics are certain holidays, LGBT community, Donald Trump, and relationships between the family in general. Of course, I have my own beliefs. I’ve  noticed that certain beliefs stick while other may change.

Holidays are a big part of my family, but we don’t all agree on everything. There are two main holidays, Christmas and Halloween that cause conflict. Christmas is the biggest one. Most of my family members nowadays celebrate Christmas, but my grandparents don’t agree. I was surprised to learn my mother didn’t want to celebrate it either.I was raised with Christmas, I love it so much, yet when my mother explained to me what she and my grandparents believe it made sense. It made me feel guilty for being so fine with celebrating Christmas. I didn’t understand why and I quickly tried to come up with solutions so that celebrating Christmas wouldn’t make me feel so bad. I had never thought that this idea had been “in” me for all these years. In a family, certain beliefs are passed from generation to generation.Maybe ”this idea was passed down to me. It made sense after thinking it through, my grandparents on my dad’s side believe it and my grandma on my mom’s side believes it and so does my mom. They believe that Christmas is a holiday created for a sun god. I know, knowing the beloved story of Christ being born that day so well, this can’t be true. Yet, to me it made sense and there is evidence proving this theory. Not all my family believes this, though. Many of my aunt’s believe in it but have their own reasons for allowing it to have been taught to us. Currently, I don’t have a clear standpoint on Christmas, but maybe due to my past generations, I will stop celebrating it when I’m older because they have passed down their belief unto me, which isn’t a bad thing.

The LGBT community and Donald Trump are two subjects that had brought dilemmas. Now some things may not be passed on from generation to generation, but there are things we believe through learning. I think this is why these two topics are such dilemmas. We, as the Christian faith, believe that being Lesbian, homosexual, gay, etc. is a sin. This does not mean we are against them. They are people they are humans and everyone sins, they may not like the way we view it, but it’s tolerance. I have my own view on this topic, but seeing things unravel, I can see my family’s view. One of my relatives, of the new generation, is in the LGBT community. We have been tight to not judge anyone for anything so for us it’s “okay,” we tolerate it so to say. Some of my family members do not and it’s because of what they’ve lived through and what they’ve been taught. I’m part of the new generation that has learned things like not to hate anyone, not to judge, and they technically learned too, but the way it was taught to them was different. The past generation of my family wasn’t perfect. Some of the older members of my family were beaten and starved as children for punishment. Everything was punishment, do something good, punishment, do nothing, now if you did something bad double punishment, so they view the world differently.

My family was a bit divided this presidential election because not everyone on my family that lives her is legal, yet Donald Trump was the more “ Christian “ person. Some of his views are Christian views. The older generation tended to vote for Trump because they had been taught God is the most important thing. The younger generation voted for Clinton because their views were different. They were raised in modern cities with a diversity of people and they believed it was more important to save family than to stick with old rules.

Opinions and beliefs change over time. Some beliefs get passed down from generation to generation. Others are learned or experienced throughout a lifetime. Although many opinions contrast and others unite we should be aware of past, current, and maybe even future opinions and ideas that may come. Things change over time, life, earth, po and opinions. Although things seem like they will always be this way, they won’t. I think we should all keep an open mind on all topics, you never know what the future generations of this earth will believe.  


Love is a big part of everyone’s lives. It’s different for everyone and affects everyone in different ways. The meaning of love is an intense feeling of deep affection. I look at the world today and I see how much love has changed. Many people think that love is that one thing that has stayed the same throughout human history, but that’s not accurate from my point of view. There are many different types of love. Romantic love, friendship love , parental love, family love, religious and self-love which have always existed, but have also evolved.

Throughout history, the way we live has changed and has affected our society. We have gone from a matriarchal to patriarchal to an almost egalitarian society which has not only changed love but has had other effects that have changed love. Having the option of divorce is one thing that I think has changed love the most. Now, I’m not saying it’s necessarily bad, some people are just not meant to be. The problem I see is that since that option is available and is a very common thing nowadays, it not only causes a lot of harm, but that could be avoided. Romantic love is very complicated. Looking for you perfect match is hard and many people get it wrong many times. It’s just a part of life, but I think some things just may not work for everyone. I think that people should have a longer period of dating time before marrying someone.

Kevin Hart talked about love I one of his comedy shows. He said many young people say that their partner isn’t the same person they were a year ago after dating for 3 months then being married for a year. He continues to say that people don’t change, but that instead, after a while of being in a relationship people stop trying as hard to impress the other person and begin being their true selves, flaws and all. I partially agree with this. I do think if people really want to they can change, but the other part is true. People now rush into marriage too fast. If you know you want to spend the rest of your life then why not wait to get married? You have your whole life to do it. I believe the problem can sometimes be insecurity, people get married sooner because they don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but isn’t that also a good reason to wait? If people rush into things because they fear they’ll lose the person, doesn’t that mean that it wasn’t meant to be? Why stay with someone if they aren’t the one,if you have doubts, and who you’ll loose in a very painful way? 50% of all marriages today end up in divorce and I think having longer dating periods will help with reducing this number.

Family love, this type of love varies for there are many types of families, but lately, there is a lot of cruelty happening among parents and offspring. On the news, I’ve seen many cases lately where parents are abusing of their young. There was a couple who raped and murdered their own child. In another case, a dad left his 4-year-old out in the street as a punishment and left her alone at night until someone found her. He told her to sleep and she tried to, but she was terrified. I know that most parents would die for their child, but lately, as this happens more and more, I have to as, where is the love? This last week on Vanowen street a 2-year-old baby girl died. Her father stabbed her which was the cause of her death and  then he set his apartment building on fire. I know these sound like radical cases that will only happen to crazy people. Just to clarify , I am not saying that everyone is doing this, but it is what’s happening and it’s happening more frequently.

Love has changed a lot over time. Love hasn’t been consistent in the way it is. They way  romantic love is today is causing many divorces. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because some people aren’t meant to be, but it could be and should be avoided. The love between some parents and kids is starting to fade and violence is emerging. Let’s hope it will never fully fade away. We should all try to love as much as we can. Love is complicated, but it’s worth it.

Killer Clowns

Many people fear them, many children love them, and simply others don’t care about clowns, but lately there have been many clown sightings. It is the scariest month of the year after all, but their “clowning around” isn’t always all fun and games. Yes, Halloween is in this month, but that is no excuse for what they are doing. They’ve been causing havoc throughout 39 states.

These clowns are not the friendly ones, but more like the ones find in the book/movie It ( book by Stephen Hawking). They are not only threatening, but actually acting upon these threats. Some clowns just go around scaring or hurting people. ABC news reported a woman being attacked by a clown. She was choked by a clown, he threatened to kill her, and she ended up going to the hospital. Other people have been chased by clowns in parking lots, which isn’t an attack exactly, but it is scary. I know that some people faint if they get too scared, so they are a threat in this way as well.

Many teenagers see this as a joke. There have been cases where teenagers make threats to their own school. These teenagers are going to jail because they are making serious threats, so they are being seriously charged. A 15-year-old boy was arrested for banging on classroom windows while wearing a clown mask.

Others see this a very scary thing. An 11-year-old girl was put in jail for bringing a knife to school . She wanted to protect herself from the clowns. Many schools have added more policemen to guard the children against these attackers. On social media there is a hashtag for clown sightings so that people can be alert if they are nearby. The hashtag is #IfISeeAClown and the instagram account is @ClownSightings .

Many rumors spread around schools saying that clowns would attack. On October 7, 2016 there was a rumor going around Millikan Middle School that clowns would come to their school. This caused many of the students to panic. Many sixth graders began to cry. This rumor was false, but still caused a big inconvenience in school that day. Most attacks are aimed toward students through the internet and in person.

Teenagers  aren’t the only ones taking part of this trend. Many adults have been arrested for threatening mainly schools. A 55-year-old man was arrested for lurking around a middle school dressed as a clown. He was asked to leave and responded with violence. 24-year-old Ariel Salgado, 20-year-old Cesar Ortega and 18-year-old Aaron Villescas were roaming the town wearing clown masks and holding plastic weapons. A 21-year-old was following cars leaving the parking lot and pushing carts.

People are taking action, but it’s not what you think it is. Ronald McDonald, the face of McDonald’s is staying low and not making many appearances regarding to these sighting. Clown Lives Matter are  a group of professional clowns who are trying to prove that they are safe. These professional clowns are losing business due to these attacks.

For me, this is somewhat scary, but for many it’s terrifying. I’ve never seen a clown around town, but if I ever did I’d be sure to call the police. This is no joking matter. I think if they weren’t causing any harm and were just walking around that’d be alright, but that is not case. Be careful everyone, especially on the night of Halloween. They are hurting people, they are attacking. I think that we could find a way to put an end to this madness, but sadly I can’t think of a solution, which I think makes them even more dangerous. If we don’t know who they are, where they are, and why they are doing this then that makes it harder to catch them.


Scary Things Happening in the World

To be honest, I never thought this would be my second blog post topic. I had so many ideas, but nothing really felt right so to say. This topic is pretty far from my comfort zone since it freaks me out.  Well here I am, writing about harvesting organs in China.

In China you can get abducted by the government, sent to prison, and then have all your organs removed while you’re still alive. This freaks me out so much and sends chills down my spine just thinking about it.  For two decades they’ve been forcing citizens to be medically tested for this exact purpose, harvesting organs.

Personally, I think it’s a very wrong thing to do. It’s an extremely inhumane act. Inhumane by definition is without compassion or misery for suffering. Taking a human’s body apart while still alive is torture even if they are under sedation. They are murdering people. This process may technically be pain less, and although I’ve never died, I believe that  these people can feel that they are dying.

The usual process that this happens in goes as followed. Either a person is abducted or is in a political prison or labor camp. While here they are kept in dirty and overcrowded cells. They random take these people, strap them down , and take as much blood as they can from them. This doesn’t mean the completely drain them, but they take out the maximum blood they can so that the person lives. They also object you to pee  and go under medical procedures while drug addict criminals keep you restrained. This is a regular process. While all this is happening no one responds to your crying and screaming. If you die then the government will either say you disappeared or never existed.

In Communist China there are no rules against it. One of the reasons there’s nothing against this is because the government makes a lot of money through doing this. They sell the organs to hospitals so when a rich person needs an organ transplant there are plenty due to the thousands that have been murdered.

In China they are considered organ donors. Here in America a person can only be an organ donor once they are dead. The American law is the humane way of going about this. Another thing is that the person can not sell their organs. They need a written document that says what they will  donate, their signature , and a witness’ signature.

If you compare choosing to have your organs donated once you’re dead and  have your organs removed one by one while you’re still alive, the right choice is obvious. The reason China won’t change is because they have a corrupt government. They passed a law in 2014 that stated that executed prisoners would decide if their organs would be donated or not. Although this was passed today they still  kill thousands of innocent people for organ harvesting. The Chinese government  have never said how many people they have killed .

I remember that when I went to San Francisco someone passed me a flier about this topic and I was shocked, but not many people seem to care. There was a group trying to bring awareness to this and everyone just ignored them. This frustrated me because even though it’s not happening here doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It’s almost as if everyone who is ignoring these people is just like the Chinese government ignores the screams of the people. I’m not saying this is for everyone exactly. I know that if it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t even have remembered this cruelty that is going on and that should be stopped. I think if everyone just spread the word about it, if they can’t do anything then someone who can will be able to do something about it. I think we should start creating more awareness to this so that it can be stopped.


Sleep, I know it’s one of my favorite things to do. For me it’s very peaceful and relaxing. I love sleep so much, but as a teen it’s hard trying to fit in those 9.5 hours I need. I know for a fact that I am not the only one with this problem. At school I tend to hear plenty of “ Dude, I got like 2 hours of sleep last night,” or “I spent all night finishing my project.” Yeah, school work takes a lot of time along with our other activities. As teens we have a lot on our plate and we keep adding to that plate loosing a place for sleep on it. Sleep is one of the most important things we really should be doing more of, if you’re not getting you’re 9.5 hours a night’s worth. Late sleep times and irregular sleep patterns have negative consequences that will or have affected you. These include obesity, depression, memory loss, concentration problems, lowering grades, etc. Teenagers need to find time to sleep to improve their future and health.

Sleep affects the health of teens in various ways. Teens are going through this unique stage in their life that is really not very enjoyable at all times, puberty. During this stage sleep is extremely important because hormones that are needed for growth are released when they are sleeping. This is why teens need about 1 to 2 more hours of sleep than children do. If a teenager does not get enough sleep then they can become depressed more easily and be very moody(which is not fun for anyone). These two things can then lead to bad school performance along with a teen being tired and falling asleep in class. In the long run these things can do much harm to the young teen’s future.

Teenagers nowadays have a lot to do which causes less sleep time. School alone takes up most of our time during the week. We go to school for 7 hours, then, let’s say,  have about an hour of homework per class. If you take the bus home it can take a good half an hour to an hour to either get to the school or home making it another 2 hours. If you don’t take the bus then you may have two after school for sports, drama, or another program. So, school can take up  10-12 hours every week day. That’s half the day! A teenager’s life isn’t all about school though. On average a person spends an hour on their phone a day. Dinner time can  last from half an hour to an hour as well. The current total, if you’re not keeping track, is about 11-14 hours we are awake. This leaves teens a good 10 hours of sleep, but there are more things that are done during the day. Depending on the person, it can take a couple of minutes or up to hours to get ready in the morning. Since this is all hypothetical, let’s say this person takes an hour. Many teenagers have chores to do as well which could take about 1-2 hours. The total now is about 12-16 hours that we are awake. The problem is that there is always more and more. Each teen’s life is different and the time they take to do things is different. Personally, I’m a slow person and I have more than 3 hours of homework usually. Many teens now also spend way more than one hour on their phone. Teens are also now under a lot of pressure and competition to get into college, which means more advanced placement classes and extracurricular activities which ultimately means more time awake and less sleep. This means more teens are more likely to get mental and physical problems. Teens try to make up that sleep over the weekend which causes them to wake up at a later time in the day, but it’s not always enough. This irregular sleeping pattern can cause insomnia and other sleeping disorders making teens lose even more sleep.

The solutions to this is not very simple, but teens do need more sleep. If teachers gave less homework/projects that would help so much. Teens also have to do their part as well like not spending so much time on their phones, watching television, playing video games, etc. They should also try and get their homework done as fast as possible if they aren’t already trying to do this. If a teen has trouble sleeping then they could do simple things like drink warm milk or take a shower. Teen need more sleep so that they may be healthy, alert, and awake for school which will improve their future.