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Dreams, the wonder to many scientists and psychologists on why we have them and what they mean. Everyone has dreams whether good or bad we dream of something every night. Many researchers believe that dreams are good for us that it actually helps relax the brain. However the are people who do believe that dreams are useless and does not benefit a person, when in fact they do. Dreams can actually tell a person about themselves, sometimes they are clues to who the person really is. If in our dream we are alone or with people or the location and situation of the dream are all hints of how we are and what we enjoy.

I know I am a person who has a dream but does not recognize a single person in it. Well except me of course, but in reality our brain can not make up faces it just takes it from our memory. The cashier that gave me a lollipop 8 years ago or even a person walking by me at an amusement park can be the friend that’s with me at the beach in my dream. Dreams can also be a warning to not take the bus that day or do not forget to take your book to school. There have been people known to have a dream warning them not to take a certain plane in their dream and the next day after deciding not to go the plane, the same plane is reported to have crashed. These are just example as to why we should take a couple of minutes in the morning to recall and thing about our dream and to what it means.



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  1. andrewsa Says:

    Nice blog! I believe dreaming itself does not exactly have a purpose, but it is rather the effects the brain gives off when we sleep. It “cleans up” processes and thoughts during the day, and whatever is “used” becomes a dream.

  2. PLahaise Says:

    Work on integrating your source material within your blog post. Also, this is a bit short.

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