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Let America Be America Again

   In the poem Let America Be Again by Angston Hughes a lot of rhyme is use to draw  attention.Repetition is also used for effect with variations of the message that freedom doesn’t exist for Hughes. He hasn’t felt a part of the American dream. He does not feels he is a part of America because he hasn’t felt like he has belonged. His tone becomes pleading when he says “dream the dreamers dreamed”. When he says “There’s never been equality for me, Not freedom in this homeland of the free'” he is just trying to shows the level of  freedom he feels is from the American dream along with the other races and as well as the immigrants.throughout the poem Hughes is hoping the reader receives his message about how he feels. In this poem Hughes shows different expressions towards the end of the story he shows how he feels that there is still hope and that freedom and also how it is worth fighting for it.So throughout the story there are different types of feelings. For example the tone for this poem can be considered a type of mad expression but then changes through the poem. For example towards the end of the story Angston Hughes’s feelings become to change. At the end of the story he starts showing hope and try’s to let others know that there is still hope he begins to believe there is hope.


    “Let America Be America Again” is still very relevant in all sorts of ways and is being talked about in relation to  a lot current events. This can relate to problems in the world today like to Equality and racial issues. Before African Americans and poor people had little to no hope. People today sometimes look down at others because their lower class or because of their certain skin color. They feel that just because you’re either a certain skin color or a lower class you won’t be able to accomplish something good in life or be successful. Today lower class people are still locked down on and that is not right. There are many more reasons why the poem “Let America Be America Great Again’ by Angston Hughes relate to stuff that are still happening today in the world. Although slavery does not play a role today people are still being judged. When people are judged and have no support they lose hope of even inspiration to accomplish what they want to do. This makes all these people feel like if they can’t do it and lose hope. This does not only happen right now but it would happen before as well. Many people had no hope of being something better then were. A lot of people can express what they feel in many different kinds of ways too. In addition Throughout the story Hughes shows that he never experienced any type of freedom or equality in America. Instead of him Experiencing freedom and America being a land of opportunity it was a land of greed to him. He has a lot of despise towards the dream. He feels that the American dream has been destroyed. Everyone believed America was a land of opportunity and i mean it was to some people but not to all.