Thinking about your path

“Two roads
Diverged in a wood
And I took the one
Less traveled by,
And that has made
All the difference”
– Robert frost


Frost publish this poem when he was living in England. In 1945 America recognized him as a poetized. Robert frost is really sorry because he couldn’t take both path. He took the one less traveled by and paid off his things. This poem really caught my attention because it really makes you think about your path. I found this poem in In life there’s always two roads. Either you take the easy road and fail to succeed. Or you could take the hard route and be well none as hard working person. Sometimes life hits you hard but, you have to keep on going. If a person gives you everything and takes care of you for life you never going to be a successful man. In the real outside world nothing never comes to you, you always have to get it yourself. What would you prefer? Taking the left path with nothing or taking the right path with hard traps. Many people have cheat their way thru things. Why cheat when you have the capacity to learn many things. Some times when you take the easy road you do succeed but not for so long. I still remember when I cheated my way thru a test. Yeah! Probably I passed it but when we took the CST I failed and got 40%. Just how my mom stated “that’s why god made you a brain so you won’t have to cheat”. Robert frost said that he took the won less traveled by but he got what he wanted but not all. Robert frost is my idol he never cheated himself thru things. Two roads diverged in a wood I’ll take the harder one even though ill struggle more.  But it’s worth it because I get more experiences with other things. When I grow u I’m going to try to take both path so I could have experiences with both. So I could know everything from head to toe. Robert frost quoted many quotes out there in the world. He was a really successful man in life. Look if you take the wrong path you could end up homeless in the street or you could have a job but not well paid. But if you think very well you could end up as the future president or the next man/lady in mars. That’s why they say to always think bright outside the box. So you could be grabbing ideas and dismissing ideas that you could see that won’t work out for you. Hopefully get to understand what I am trying to say. Don’t be afraid and take whatever is best for you. Well this is all I got to say for this quote.