volcanic lightning

Volcanic lightning



There are many things that are bizarre in the world. There also many things that happen in mother nature that are incredible and unrealistic things. From volcanos that have lightning to oceans that glow in the dark to even rainbow trees. Sometimes mother nature is so fascinating that even scientists can’t explain what or why something in nature is the way it is because it so bizarre.


The most interesting thing I’ve found out about nature is that there are volcanos that have lightning. Literally volcanos that also shot out lightning. Scientists still haven’t really found out why the volcanos do that. Ina thunderstorm ice crystals are the reason for lightning because the ice crystals hit each other and create a static charge which then leads to lightning. The ash clouds are harder to study and find out what causes the lightning in the volcano. Two studies say that the lightning could be from the particles rubbing against each other and creating enough static to make lightning or where normal lightning come from a thunderstorm in the stratosphere.



It is incredible that lightning can be caused so close to the ground. Researchers studied a volcano in japan called “Sakurajima volcano” which is very active and they studied it when it erupted and the ashes raised and the particles rubbed against each other caused static and then which charged up and led to a lightning strike. Researchers also found that ice crystals can also cause the lightning by colliding with each other and causing static. Researchers said “It opens a world of questions that we didn’t even know existed.”  All this research is important because larger eruptions cause more lightning and can be dangerous. “Lightning is telling us things that other geophysical monitoring techniques can’t see” – Van Eaton


I think that this natural thing that happens is cool and interesting because it’s not all the time where you see a volcano and especially a volcano that has lightning. I have always found volcanos and lightning interesting and cool and now both together is just a whole new level of awesome. I’m still amazed at the fact that mother nature causes all these bizarre and wonderful things.



In conclusion, volcanic lightning is cool and is my favorite thing that occurs in nature. So much intense stuff in one, a volcano and lightning that’s something intense and cool. Mother nature has other cool things like a pink lake that’s naturally pink in Australia or natural salt water fountains. Nature is an amazing place that can amaze anyone with its awesome things that it has instore for them.

10 mind blowing theories

10 mind blowing theories that will change your perception of the world


There are many theories that people have thought of, these 10 theories will make you rethink life. These theories will blow your mind. “the reality is not as obvious and simple as we like to think.”

There have been many theories about what might happen when the universe ends. Our universe runs on energy just like any other thing like the sun. the universe has a limited supply of energy like everything else. The theory is that when the universe runs out of energy, the universe will stop and become frozen. The motion of the particles which create heat will slowly stop and therefore one day the whole universe will stop. This is something crazy thinking that one day probably the whole universe will stop. They named this theory the Big Freeze.

Solipsism is a philosophical theory that is crazy. This theory is that nothing really exists that it’s just the individual’s consciousness. It’s sort of like the matrix. You can try and remember every single dream of your life but you can’t. it could be possible that even your own life could be a dream. We can touch, smell, taste, and see but that can all be a hallucination. People who have taken LSD say that they can touch the most convincing hallucinations. Everything could just be a dream and only individual people can be sure of their own thoughts.

George Berkley was the father of idealism. He stated that everything exists as just an idea in someone’s brain.  One day one of his “opponents” kicked a stone with his eyes closed and said “I disprove it thus!” the idea here was that if he had his eyes closed it couldn’t have been in his mind. Berkley said that there was an omnipotent and omnipresent god who can see everything at the same time.

The famous philosopher Plato had a theory like any other philosopher, his theory was that there is a world of “perfect forms” that everything we see is just an imitation and its just what something should really be. Plato also said that everything is made up of the same basic material. This was proven to an extent of the discovery of the atom and molecules. Plato also argued that by studying philosophy more we can see how things really are and how the perfect way of things should be.

Presentisms is the theory that the past and future are imagined concepts. The only real thing is the present. In other words, the breakfast you had yesterday ceased to exist unless you were to revisit that time, like reading a book once you finish it or close it, it will cease to exist until you open it again and read it. The future is just a made-up thing an imaginary world because the time cannot exist before and after it has happened which was claimed by St. Augustine.

Eternalism is the opposite of presentism, eternalism is that all time exists simultaneously like layers of time. This means that the dinosaurs, George Washington, and Logic all exist at the same time but can only be observed from one location from one perspective.


Another theory that questions the existence of reality is the brain in the jar. This is a theory that nothing really exists that we can just be like a brain in a jar. Nothing can be real but only our own consciousness. We wouldn’t really know if we would be even real. “we cannot confirm the actual existence of anything except our own mind.” It’s sort of like a matrix if you think about it.

The multi-verse theory is a theory that there is an infinite number of universes, infinite possibilities. The theory also is that there is another universe where you might be a millionaire or not even exist because your parents never met. There are infinite possibilities the possibilities are endless.

The fictional realism is a theory that is related to the multi-verse theory. This theory is that Superman or Goku or any character that’s fictional exists in another universe. Since in the multiverse everything should exist somewhere so any fictional character cold is real in another universe.

Many people are interested in what happens to objects when you don’t look at them. This is called the phenomenalism theory. Scientists concluded that they simply disappear.  Philosophers believe that it only exists in people’s consciousness. Something only exists if you’re aware of it or if someone else is interacting with it. “There is no existence without perception, this is the root of phenomenalism.”

These 20 mind-blowing theories may make you think and ponder for a while. Many of these theories I have somewhat thought about when I was really bored. My favorite theory here is the multiverse theory where anything is basically possible. Hopefully, these theories made you think and ponder a bit.