It about “Breath of the Wild”

I would agree with many others and will disagree with others as well. So my opinion is mine and everyone has their own opinion. My opinion is that “ Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild ” is an amazing game, the reason I say this is because of how the game works. One reason I say this is the battle/fighting mechanics in the game. They’re simple but yet a challenge in a way. It’s a challenge since weapons now have a durability and break. That means you have to find weapons or fight enemies and take theirs, and it’s simple since you can master the fighting mechanics at first. It might be confusing at first if you are not used to the buttons. Even I was confused at first since I haven’t played with Nintendo controls, and they sometimes make the controls confusing. Back to topic, there are many ways this game is more challenging since you have to find weapons shields and each weapon is different. This game also has elements, that change the way fights become. For an example, you can be frozen, electrocuted, and burned by enemies or by the biome you’re in. In certain areas in the game, there is extreme weather or extreme temperatures (I don’t consider it extreme). In those areas, you can find elemental enemies. Flaming enemies will burn you and your wooden weapons if you get hit or if you go in that certain areas. Same goes for other elements but different effects, lighting will make you drop your items that are equipt and ice will freeze you in place. You can also do the same to enemies and use it to your advantage.

Something else that makes the game wonderful is the world and story. The world is huge with many things to find and hopefully more with DLC 2. The Story isn’t much but with DLC 2 we can get a better story for the game. Don’t worry I won’t spoil the story for you. In the beginning of the game it might take awhile to get to place to place but after you play for some time it becomes simple. You might get curious at time to time and don’t worry you can take the path you desire since the game doesn’t make follow a certain path. Which is great since you don’t have to follow a direct path and u can decide what order you want to play the game. This game is simple and unique, it also has some puzzles to solve. This game can take a while (a long amount of time ) if you are trying to get 100% in progress of the game. I have played over 70m hours and I’m still at 35% (maybe because I don’t try to find every thing) anyway, it has many hours of gameplay to enjoy.

Most websites and critics would give this a perfect score and I would agree but it still is not finished, well that’s how I see it anyway. An article from IGN would explain in more detail, but a quick summary of the article is a review of the game. I quote from the article itself BY JOSE OTERO “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s sheer freedom and sense of adventure is a remarkable achievement. Right from the start, the vast landscape of Hyrule is thrown completely open to you, and it constantly finds ways to pique your curiosity with mysterious landmarks, complex hidden puzzles, and enemy camps to raid for treasure and weapons.” It is a simpler way to put it and better explanation in fewer words. Another website is Gamespot and this website took opinions from people and got some more opinions and not just their own. They got a total of 317 reviews but it might have changed depending on when you read this.


-Thank you for reading