Music Has Logic

Do you know who logic is? In my opinion, he is a very talented musician when it comes to lyrical music. Logic started off his career as a musician in The early 2009 and released an album named young, broke and infamous in 2010. Why I feel like he’s different from other rappers but also similar in certain occasions is because of his style of rap. Sure in the world of music there are various other artists that are similar to him but they aren’t as unique as he can be, when it comes to him it isn’t all about one certain thing to specify on it’s more of a generality than a specific beat or lyrics.

One of the reasons why I believe that logic is one of the best rappers of our time is because of his open personality and perspective on the world today. Usually, modern-day rappers focus on being a gangster or having the best beat but logic is more of an “I look into a lot of what’s wrong with our society nowadays”. Logic released a new album in 2017 that spoke about the troubles in our society and not being able to open up as an individual. He doesn’t focus on a certain subject but instead, he focuses on how we work and how we live in this cycle that we are stuck in. The irony behind it is that we are the ones that created the cycle of misery.

Logit released a song called 1-800-273-8255 is a new album and it surprised me because when I looked up the number and what it meant. It was the national suicide hotline. This really surprises me because I would’ve never thought that a rapper of modern day would ever even consider making this a song and more likely into a title. Sure there are other rappers that focus on this now but what Logic’s purpose was into the industry music was to spread a positive message before he left the game. He thrives in the world of lyrics, he is very spontaneous, wise, and very fluent with what he has to say to Society and he isn’t embarrassed to be who he is because he knows he’s doing good for this world and all his fans. He sought to it before many others can even begin to think about all the problems in the world. He saw this as an opportunity to leave the industry of music and an amazing and positive way. I believe he was trying to leave a legacy behind, to show all those in help or need that they aren’t alone in this world and he knows what’s going on. He isn’t blinded by money and fame. Better yet he is driven by the amount of confidence and support he receives and is able to relate to so many people that others couldn’t.

The thing about logic is that the only way he was ever able to open up about what he thinks and what he feels is wrong about this world is what he’s been through. Logic was able to live in the shoes of many others I thought they were alone but who would’ve known that logic himself was the one that went through that and even worse in some cases. He knows what goes on in society, he knows what some people have to deal in order to survive. Logic is very intelligent and that’s why he is an amazing rapper because he really does bring out the “Rhythm And Poetry” in rap. Logic songs have meanings behind them and in front of them, he is an afraid to show who he is because he knows that he is an alone and many others have faced that same problem in their lives one time or another. His ability to be able to relate to so many people is outstanding because even if we all say we’re different we are actually all similar even if you were a rich, poor or even abused. He knows what it was like to live a life in the poor. He can sympathize with everyone who’s dealt with that.

A reason why I look up to him is that his determination and personality. His perseverance to his future and future kids. Logic surprises me so much because he comes in left and right. What I mean is that he comes up with new ideas and positive ways to cheer up those in need. He tries his very best to please everyone even if it’s in the smallest way. To him, helping people is his purpose in life and to help raise a wonderful family, career, and fanbase. Funny seeing logic being raised in the poor and dangerous, yet look at him now being protective over the ones he cares, care free of whoever disagrees with him. There will always be hate in this world but we just have to learn to accept who we are and if people don’t accept you for that then they don’t deserve you.
“I think that’s another reason why I’m so open-minded, and I really love and respect all colors, creeds, faiths, religions, even though I might have my own personal connection, or whatever that is, with myself. I think it came from that household. I think it was all the negative sh*t that I saw, witnessed, went through, that turned me into the positive person that you see today. And I’m sorry. I know I’m talking a lot. I’m just so excited. A lot of people, they’re always like, “How are you so positive? How are you so positive?” And to be quite honest, it’s in my darkest of times that I am my most positive.“
– Logic