Do you know the line yours truly forever? Well with that line is also an album that was released by a popular musician known as Phora. Phora’s birth name is Marco Archer, is a highly talented artist. The way I see his music being placed in is relatable and inspirational. In his music, he speaks about how he came from Anaheim California and wanted to make that area into a known place where he can say a rapper grew up from there. He states that there are many other countries where other musicians come from and started from the bottom but he hasn’t heard one from Anaheim. He wanted to be the one to represent from there and show that he really knows how it’s like to live in a dangerous place unlike others ever did.


       The type of music he does is in the category of hip-hop music, well as other rappers like logic, J. Cole, and G-Eazy. What makes a difference is that his style of music is unique and I haven’t seen another rapper with the same style the flow that he has. He spoke about being shot 2 inches away from his spine on his neck with his girlfriend in his car and well with that, it led to him getting hope because his girlfriend was by his side and didn’t leave him. He was glad and he got some understanding behind why his girlfriend was more worried about him than she was about herself during the incident. To Phora the shot that was fired at him was an eye-opener to him in this world. To him that shot made him realize many things that he didn’t appreciate before and now he just appreciates the littlest things even if it’s just stepping outside to take a breath of fresh air. He wants you to understand that the little things you consider almost nothing is actually a blessing to him.

       Why I say here for him is unique in his style of art is because his songs are like stories.  His songs are based on what he feels most of the time and what he thinks is the right way or thing to do in case those situations happen. He said in an interview before that his songs are usually based on how he feels the flow should be instead of just going out and making songs with no meaning. The way Phora decided to make his music is through emotional, mental, and relatable to actually reach out to his fans on a deep level and if they don’t like his music then it’s fine. Phora would rather have his fan base be loyal and support him from the start than being fans who wouldn’t support him in his darkest times. The process he has when making his music is outstanding due to the fact that he turns his emotions into words then to the music we can all relate, or feel too.


       Phora isn’t like any other rapper, he shows you in explicit detail on why he does what he does. He is a great person on the track and off it. He’s a believer in many things, religion, god, hell, etc. Religion isn’t going to be his main focus because he tries to please all his fans instead of only focusing on the propel who are like him. Why I say he is a strong believer is because he wrote a song that answers many people’s questions of why he decided to write his music the way he does. In the song “God’s Plan ” by Phora in the album “Angels with Broken Wings,” he states “you don’t believe in god? Explain this they killed my a*s twice and I still lived and all it did was make me famous and appreciate life in ways I couldn’t explain, bullet in my head a few inches from my brain, homie I’m blessed to be alive and still breathing, what’s it gonna take to show these people that I’m here for a reason.” He does believe that he has a reason for being alive because if he had two very near death experiences then to him it opened him up to the world and all acceptance of everything. He thinks we all have a place in this world as well as a purpose. It’s not all about him and other successful people that have a purpose, it’s all of us that have a purpose in this world and no life is a waste even if we can hate ourselves. This is why he is an amazing artist who needs to show us and guide those who are alone and lost in this world because he understands us.