Crater of Mass Extinction

Do you remember the little story you were told back when you were a little person, you know, about that big rock that made your favorite dinosaurs disappear? Yes that meteor was in fact a true story of how the those jaw-dropping dinosaurs went extinct. Not only did the dinosaurs go away, in fact it was a mass extinction that rid of many other species. This big rock was known as the “Chicxulub Crater”. The reason it was named that is because it landed to the nearest town in Mexico. Scientists still want to examine this huge impact in the earth also known as one of “Earth’s darkest times” which was when the dinosaurs went extinct as well as other organisms.

The Chicxulub Crater’s area is 9,826 mi² and is underwater so it is not visible on the earth’s surface. To be more specific the asteroid is around 40 miles in diameter and about 110 miles across. The depth of the crater is approximately 12 miles deep and scientists want to continue digging. Interesting fact, every foot of dirt they dig up is around a thousand years of life on earth being dug up. Speaking of years, the asteroid hit the earth about 65 million years ago. The Crater bit in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The Crater was first discovered back in 1978 since then scientists have put effort into research so they can see what the cause of the Crater’s impact was.

The crater that was coming in hot was coming at speeds of 40,000 miles an hour. The National Geographic stated that “the asteroid slams into Earth with an explosive yield estimated at over 100 trillion tons of TNT.” None of today’s explosives, maybe even combined can match the power and force of this asteroid’s capability. Take a moment to think about it, this crater killed an entire species of dinosaurs which therefore revived another name known as “Dino Killer” which implies that it killed the species of dinosaurs yet we haven’t even had any research that is anywhere near to the explosive power that this asteroid had. It’s easy to say that all the TNT is pretty big but if a little TNT can do pretty huge damage to be inside of a missile then imagine how the trillions of TNT affected those dinosaurs. They were alive one moment then the next second, they’re gone.

A response for this can be difficult but also can be more or so hopeful because if the scientists put enough time and effort into researching what caused the asteroid to hit earth and exterminate the dinosaur species off the planet. Scientists are now still studying and digging deeper to find out many other aspects of the causes that made the crater hurtle to earth’s surface. We should have the knowledge to prevent or at least be warned if this asteroid will hit the earth anytime in the future. It’s not a fact but it can be a huge hazard if we don’t at least have the knowledge of this damage that the asteroid caused. If the crater came around once, then what’s stopping it or another one from coming back for round two. If the huge, viscous and amazing dinosaurs from the past, now humans won’t even stand a chance of survival if those enormous creatures didn’t survive.

The advantage of having this valuable knowledge is great because we can prepare for an Incident that may or may not occur but can still be used in case of any other sort of threat. The crater must be filled with lots of knowledge to take in and examine due to it being many years old and have old mineral-rich substances in the impact. The debris from the impact may have affected the surroundings by some other way shit as it being more vulnerable to earthquakes, floods etc. There is so much about this world that we do not know of and this is one from the past, from 65 million years ago that we are still trying to study and comprehend till this day.

Servaling Volcanoes

Servaling Volcanoes

Volcanoes have been around for quite some time and we know they are quite the spectacle to observe, but shouldn’t we be worried to? I mean as interesting and amazing they can be, don’t forget that they can also kill thousands of people to. In fact volcanos are so interesting that they are underwater and other places, including around the solar system. Interesting fact that Venus is basically a whole planet made of volcanoes and whenever we want to explore the volcano planet but it’s so hot there that when we put our machines on the surface it either melts or explodes do to the heat. Wouldn’t you agree that we should monitorize volcanoes before they can harm people and populations?

Volcanoes are an interesting yet dangerous part of earth. Volcanoes come in many sizes and can do various things to it’s surroundings. Volcanoes under water can cause tsunami’s. If the eruption of the volcano under water is really strong than it could possibly bring up another Island from under water. A good example may be Hawaii and the islands of Hawaii were originally not there, a really strong volcanic eruption from the bottom of the ocean arose and caused the islands of Hawaii to rise. If the pressure and force is strong enough, islands can appear out of thin air just like Hawaii did.

Volcanoes can be researched and examined to find out the most spectacular things about them but they should also be kept in check, just in case any deadly explosions occur. We need to find a way to be able to research them without risking injury of civilians. We have found a way that can keep us cautious of volcanoes and it’s through satellites and other systems that can detect heat. Although volcanoes are well monitored, some are not and that can become a problem in case it does erupt. We may have the technology to keep watch of dormant volcanoes but who says we need to only keep watch of those volcanoes. There may be other volcanoes out there and are getting read to erupt that could cause major mayhem to a city or population living near the volcano. We need to keep a better watch on these volcanoes instead of waiting for hazards to erupt.

Although volcanoes can be intriguing to many others including scientists, these big mountains are actually very dangerous. In fact according to The Atlantic “The Scary State of Volcano Monitoring in the United States” it states that “Volcanoes aren’t just dangerous because of their fiery lava. In 1986, volcanic gas killed more than 1,700 people in Cameroon.” Others were also killed by flying boulders and the actual hot lava that was moving down rapidly towards the civilians. Volcanoes can seem to be nice and gentle but once awakened, they can become extremely fearsome knowing there is molten hot lava, boulders, volcanic gasses, etc. We need to figure out a way to maintain volcanoes from erupting and destroying homes and injuring the population.

We should in fact find a way to remain surveillance on every volcano that has either had a history of being active, dormant, and even the least hazardous ones. Even if the equipment may be a bit pricey to be able to monitor all the volcanoes around the world we have to potential to do so and I saw we should help people around the world to either evacuate before the volcano erupts and help them to safety or leave them to be either dead or seriously injured. At this moment what we use to keep watch over these mountains are low quality crappy satellites and systems but they aren’t as accurate as we want them to be. There is better gear to have and improve ourselves to protect others but we don’t put the money to work so we can keep our countries and people safe from theses amazing yet life-threatening mountains.


Have you ever noticed how much we are surrounded by technology? If so, don’t you think that it has helped us come along way whether it’s making our lives easier to connect with people from a distance or to gather information in an easier way. There are a lot of things that we have that are still quite quaint and we compare them to the new technology we have today. Even some people are quite flabbergasted to see how much we have evolved as a society. So if technology is so important in our regular day lives then I believe that it should be just as important in schools don’t you agree?

The reason I believe it is important to have technology in our schools is because instead of carrying around heavy books on our backs and hurting ourselves with the heavy backpacks and excess items, we could just have a simple either iPad or even our mobile phones that we carry around. This’ll help us in a large way because we can simply do our assignments and everything on our mobile phones, laptops or iPads. We wouldn’t miss out on assignments because there will be no use to carrying around heavy books to our homes and back to school instead only on our pocket-sized phones or iPads and chromebooks. If everything is online there is a larger percentage of students being able to complete their homework or projects. Unlike with physical books, we all don’t have perfect memory so we tend to forget things, but with it being online rather than a physical copy we can access it almost anywhere.

Technology has greatly improved us since its first appearance. We can all agree that technology has helped us come a far way beyond our expectations. Technology is aiding our future because nowadays education isn’t just about memorizing facts and vocabulary words, it’s about solving complex problems and being to collaborate with others in the workforce. We can say certain things are easy but as we grow we also develop and discover new things because we learn and improve. This technology could potentially increase our knowledge by larger jump in our classes and academics. We have stuck with the same quaint ideas like a piece and paper but we are missing out on a new and improved way to absorb new advanced knowledge with these devices. Comparing to old news and no i’m not talking about history, that’s another story, but what I do mean is that why have old books that we have been reusing for years and that we teach to kids every day instead of from online where there’s no physical space required to uptake in that place instead, we can use one device that stores all; math, english, biology, chemistry, etc.

Nowadays technology is just about around every corner of every building, but before you turn that corner let me take a wild guess and say that you’re probably using your phone on the gps on your phone to find your way to some of your best stores. We use technology from knowing where a location is to learning how to cook, we’ve been using technology since we just learned to crawl so it’s only obvious that we apply those devices to our academics too. For example, we have Youtube and it is a very popular website and we use it for entertainment purposes, well since we use youtube so much how about a change of topic. We can also use youtube to learn about various things such as “what actually happened in the Civil War” but the difference in that is that we can get a whole lot more of details and description of what happened instead of a same-old book we have been using for a very long times. So yes I believe that technology can be obliged to be in schools. If we incorporate technology into our schools and classrooms then it’ll keep the students and staff accustomed to adjusting towards the future since most things are now digital. This’ll only prepare the adolescents to intake the knowledge of growth and development into their future of a digital economy.

In conclusion, we should include more tech for our future students to be better prepared for all the complexities of the government, advanced studies, and increasing knowledge to the new world and a new generation. Technology is a proper way to simplify things between students and teachers, there’ll be times where the teacher may lose the assignment  but if it’s electronically then there’s only two options; they did the assignment or they didn’t. There won’t be an excuse for unprepared students that try to get one over the teacher. Not only will it help them academically but also give them a sense of freedom and responsibility towards caring for their own device so they can learn to take care of their things in the real life. With this technology, it may be a bit pricey but in the long run it’ll give us a huge jump into advancing in knowing the world better.

Importance of Music in Schools

Do you think that music is an important aspect in our everyday day school life? Well to begin with, what is music to you as a person? To me music is an amazing and fundamental way of either use for soothing some stress one may retain or simply a way to escape your life of pain and work or other things you may be going through. Either way we all have a reason for listening to music and we can all agree that there is no age limit to listen to music or at least not explicit music for the young kids. The reason why i say music is important is because i tend to see that most schools nowadays don’t really seem to care about music being involved with students in school but i say otherwise.

A reason i consider music a fundamental aspect in schools is because it’s easier to memorize things way faster than writing int down or having to study all night so we can save students’ sleepless nights full on headaches and instead have them practice with soothing music of their own because everyone has a different music taste. If you would like a more rather scientific approach then here it is; Prior research had shown that listening to music that people considered pleasurable increased the release of dopamine in the brain, and dopamine is well known as a “feel good” neurotransmitter. Other research had also shown that dopamine promotes learning to approach rewards, while a deficiency of dopamine promotes learning of punishments. In simpler terms, there is a chemical in the brain that helps you feel better or happy and basically help you interpret things in a more positive and fun way when listening to music. Unlike when you’re studying in a quiet room with a light on trying to remember things it makes either remember what is a possibility of the consequences you could receive if you fail. Another reason why i believe music is important to use while studying or trying to memorize something is because you can absorb the knowledge in a easier and upbeat way to help you feel better towards studying or any other activities you might find boring. For I, in silence am easily distracted by the slightest noise, even by a creak in the floor boards.

School often seems to lack enthusiasm within its walls and bores students because they like to have fun activities but are usually required to do regular, non-entertaining tasks. Now, what some People consider boring can also be very fearful and daunting to them to either present their work in front of their colleagues or the teachers. School is different to everyone but some students struggle with fear and anxiety during school in crowds, presentations, asking questions, etc. Music itself can be a teacher itself by teaching students to be responsible risk-takers because Performing a musical piece can bring fear and anxiety. Doing so teaches kids how to take risks and deal with fear, which will help them become successful and reach their potential. Music can possibly teach students more about fear such as stage fright and help them be more confident in presenting instead of letting their fear, shyness, or any other doubt they have in their minds but to actually do well for themselves so they can have a better chance of improving.

There is also another similar topic of anxiety, fear, empathy, self-confidence, and emotions to sum it up. In schools students have different views on learning and sitting in class to do work unlike others that may think it is boring and maybe a bit useful in life. Perhaps all they need is a little boost of happiness to make their outlook on school be a bit brighter in the morning than the grey clouds persuade them to be. According to some studies it shows that music can help students emotionally develop more empathy towards other cultures, their peers and staff members instead of being crazy and careless. Also new research shows that even sad music can lift your mood, while other studies suggest music can boost happiness and reduce anxiety. According to recent research from Durham University in the United Kingdom and the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, published in PLOS ONE stated that “Even sad music brings most listeners pleasure and comfort.” Music can have many features to aid students academically, mentally, emotionally, and internationally but only if we give music a chance instead of pushing it away. You never know, music could possibly be a game changer.

Red Panda

Red Pandas

Have you ever heard of a Red Panda? It might sound familiar by the popular adorable big bears we all know today as Pandas. Not this time though, these little creatures look like a cat and they resemble the markings of a panda or raccoon. In fact the red panda actually looks like a combination of all three of those animals! These little guys are interesting animals and have an interesting past but also a confusing one. The red pandas have amazed doctors and other people by how far they come and contribute as an animal in the wild or an organism that we can study safely. Sadly but truly not everything with the little creatures is or sounds too great because they are actually endangered. I know it sounds bad but let me inform and help you understand why.

Some of the reasons they are endangered is due to the following things; deforestation, human encroachment, and illegal hunting. A real life situation that I can use as example for human encroachment is the spread of agriculture through the red panda lands and the more we spread out our crops means the less area the red pandas have to live in. For illegal hunting a way that is making the red pandas endangered is that people enter the restricted areas and kill red pandas for fun or to sell red panda fur hat. A cause and effect occurs when human encroachment happens, after that happens then it leads to deforestation and what happens after deforestation is the red pandas are being rid of their homes. With fewer homes to live in and reproduce in we are left with a little population of red pandas which there are only less than 3,000 individuals left in the world.

You might be asking why should we care for red pandas, because for us they just look like other adorable little animals but the truth is that they actually contribute way more than you would think. The red pandas help keep the forests clean and fresh for us. They also provide with keeping fresh water running down stream and oxygen for us to breathe. They may seem like they do nothing but the little creatures maintain the five hundred million people healthy as well as the forest and themselves. The parents of the offsprings of the red pandas already have a hard life of reproduction as it is due to the father giving little to no attention to the baby red panda. Since the father doesn’t do anything to provide help then the mother takes on the duty of caring for the child and must do a variety of tasks in order to prepare the youngster to be out of the tree and on with his/her life.

We are doing little to help out the red panda population but with the little help we have is good enough for now but not for the near future. The WWF is helping out by keeping people away from the area that the red pandas inhabit right now so there is no more deaths of red pandas. There are others helping out these little critters but there are others aiding the situation of the troubles in reproduction of the red pandas. One of the things we are doing to help is taking in some red pandas in captivity and breeding them and once they have enough babies or genetic diversity they release them into the wild for further exploration. So they keep them safe for a while and then release them to repopulate hoping they don’t drop in numbers as individuals. We have to try and save the red pandas because as foolish as we are trying to kill them and say oh they can simply reproduce but no they can’t because we are taking away their homes leaving them on the category of endangerment. We might be bettering ourselves in food supply but then again we are also depriving ourselves of a fresh forest and clean water that these animals produce by just being alive and doing what they need to do. They aren’t dangerous but if they are hungry they will find anything to that it edible and try to eat it as their digestive system is small which only allows them certain meals. So overall the little red pandas are important to five hundred million people and with even more red pandas imagine how much more help they could be if there were more of their populations.



Do you know the line yours truly forever? Well with that line is also an album that was released by a popular musician known as Phora. Phora’s birth name is Marco Archer, is a highly talented artist. The way I see his music being placed in is relatable and inspirational. In his music, he speaks about how he came from Anaheim California and wanted to make that area into a known place where he can say a rapper grew up from there. He states that there are many other countries where other musicians come from and started from the bottom but he hasn’t heard one from Anaheim. He wanted to be the one to represent from there and show that he really knows how it’s like to live in a dangerous place unlike others ever did.


       The type of music he does is in the category of hip-hop music, well as other rappers like logic, J. Cole, and G-Eazy. What makes a difference is that his style of music is unique and I haven’t seen another rapper with the same style the flow that he has. He spoke about being shot 2 inches away from his spine on his neck with his girlfriend in his car and well with that, it led to him getting hope because his girlfriend was by his side and didn’t leave him. He was glad and he got some understanding behind why his girlfriend was more worried about him than she was about herself during the incident. To Phora the shot that was fired at him was an eye-opener to him in this world. To him that shot made him realize many things that he didn’t appreciate before and now he just appreciates the littlest things even if it’s just stepping outside to take a breath of fresh air. He wants you to understand that the little things you consider almost nothing is actually a blessing to him.

       Why I say here for him is unique in his style of art is because his songs are like stories.  His songs are based on what he feels most of the time and what he thinks is the right way or thing to do in case those situations happen. He said in an interview before that his songs are usually based on how he feels the flow should be instead of just going out and making songs with no meaning. The way Phora decided to make his music is through emotional, mental, and relatable to actually reach out to his fans on a deep level and if they don’t like his music then it’s fine. Phora would rather have his fan base be loyal and support him from the start than being fans who wouldn’t support him in his darkest times. The process he has when making his music is outstanding due to the fact that he turns his emotions into words then to the music we can all relate, or feel too.


       Phora isn’t like any other rapper, he shows you in explicit detail on why he does what he does. He is a great person on the track and off it. He’s a believer in many things, religion, god, hell, etc. Religion isn’t going to be his main focus because he tries to please all his fans instead of only focusing on the propel who are like him. Why I say he is a strong believer is because he wrote a song that answers many people’s questions of why he decided to write his music the way he does. In the song “God’s Plan ” by Phora in the album “Angels with Broken Wings,” he states “you don’t believe in god? Explain this they killed my a*s twice and I still lived and all it did was make me famous and appreciate life in ways I couldn’t explain, bullet in my head a few inches from my brain, homie I’m blessed to be alive and still breathing, what’s it gonna take to show these people that I’m here for a reason.” He does believe that he has a reason for being alive because if he had two very near death experiences then to him it opened him up to the world and all acceptance of everything. He thinks we all have a place in this world as well as a purpose. It’s not all about him and other successful people that have a purpose, it’s all of us that have a purpose in this world and no life is a waste even if we can hate ourselves. This is why he is an amazing artist who needs to show us and guide those who are alone and lost in this world because he understands us.

Music Has Logic

Do you know who logic is? In my opinion, he is a very talented musician when it comes to lyrical music. Logic started off his career as a musician in The early 2009 and released an album named young, broke and infamous in 2010. Why I feel like he’s different from other rappers but also similar in certain occasions is because of his style of rap. Sure in the world of music there are various other artists that are similar to him but they aren’t as unique as he can be, when it comes to him it isn’t all about one certain thing to specify on it’s more of a generality than a specific beat or lyrics.

One of the reasons why I believe that logic is one of the best rappers of our time is because of his open personality and perspective on the world today. Usually, modern-day rappers focus on being a gangster or having the best beat but logic is more of an “I look into a lot of what’s wrong with our society nowadays”. Logic released a new album in 2017 that spoke about the troubles in our society and not being able to open up as an individual. He doesn’t focus on a certain subject but instead, he focuses on how we work and how we live in this cycle that we are stuck in. The irony behind it is that we are the ones that created the cycle of misery.

Logit released a song called 1-800-273-8255 is a new album and it surprised me because when I looked up the number and what it meant. It was the national suicide hotline. This really surprises me because I would’ve never thought that a rapper of modern day would ever even consider making this a song and more likely into a title. Sure there are other rappers that focus on this now but what Logic’s purpose was into the industry music was to spread a positive message before he left the game. He thrives in the world of lyrics, he is very spontaneous, wise, and very fluent with what he has to say to Society and he isn’t embarrassed to be who he is because he knows he’s doing good for this world and all his fans. He sought to it before many others can even begin to think about all the problems in the world. He saw this as an opportunity to leave the industry of music and an amazing and positive way. I believe he was trying to leave a legacy behind, to show all those in help or need that they aren’t alone in this world and he knows what’s going on. He isn’t blinded by money and fame. Better yet he is driven by the amount of confidence and support he receives and is able to relate to so many people that others couldn’t.

The thing about logic is that the only way he was ever able to open up about what he thinks and what he feels is wrong about this world is what he’s been through. Logic was able to live in the shoes of many others I thought they were alone but who would’ve known that logic himself was the one that went through that and even worse in some cases. He knows what goes on in society, he knows what some people have to deal in order to survive. Logic is very intelligent and that’s why he is an amazing rapper because he really does bring out the “Rhythm And Poetry” in rap. Logic songs have meanings behind them and in front of them, he is an afraid to show who he is because he knows that he is an alone and many others have faced that same problem in their lives one time or another. His ability to be able to relate to so many people is outstanding because even if we all say we’re different we are actually all similar even if you were a rich, poor or even abused. He knows what it was like to live a life in the poor. He can sympathize with everyone who’s dealt with that.

A reason why I look up to him is that his determination and personality. His perseverance to his future and future kids. Logic surprises me so much because he comes in left and right. What I mean is that he comes up with new ideas and positive ways to cheer up those in need. He tries his very best to please everyone even if it’s in the smallest way. To him, helping people is his purpose in life and to help raise a wonderful family, career, and fanbase. Funny seeing logic being raised in the poor and dangerous, yet look at him now being protective over the ones he cares, care free of whoever disagrees with him. There will always be hate in this world but we just have to learn to accept who we are and if people don’t accept you for that then they don’t deserve you.
“I think that’s another reason why I’m so open-minded, and I really love and respect all colors, creeds, faiths, religions, even though I might have my own personal connection, or whatever that is, with myself. I think it came from that household. I think it was all the negative sh*t that I saw, witnessed, went through, that turned me into the positive person that you see today. And I’m sorry. I know I’m talking a lot. I’m just so excited. A lot of people, they’re always like, “How are you so positive? How are you so positive?” And to be quite honest, it’s in my darkest of times that I am my most positive.“
– Logic