We all have stress When someone thinks of stress, they might randomly think about their job, school or their baby who won’t stop crying. In an AsapSCIENCE video, “Can stress actually kill you”, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, talk about the stress hormone that our bodies releases. From a biological perspective, they found that the hormone released if being attacked by a bear can also be triggered by worrying about financial problems and even school related issues such as a grade impacting test. Even though stress hormones can keep us hustling and alert, not knowing how to manage stress can lead to negative life impacting consequences.   Warning! stress overload Constantly being overwhelmed by daily life problems that follow you everywhere you go, that don’t stay at school or work but follow you home and are constantly in control of your thoughts. You might even be stressing about being stressed. This constant stress over time becomes chronic. Chronic stress begins to slowly take over not only your piece of mind but your health. Asapscience made me realize that stress can literally “kill us slowly” “heart attacks and strokes are linked to stress.” Observations were made on a macaque monkeys as evidence to show that those monkeys who were “under significant stress have more clogged arteries than those who weren’t”. Over time, these clogged arteries lead to these cute little monkeys to die of heart attacks. Stress not only impacts your heart and your chances of having a stroke, but […]