According to the article, End the Ban on Psychoactive Drug Research by the editors of the Scientific American LSD should not be banned in order to obtain more knowledge on the medicinal benefits. I on the other hand, believe that LSD should not be a medicine because someone can possibly abuse the drug to the point where they can hurt themselves, hurt someone else, or even end their life. LSD can hurt anyone’s brain and it can even cause the person to be in distress for the rest of their lives and permanently damage their brain. It can cause some people to be in a state of madness, lose reality, and even do something crazy like murdering someone. Also, the stories of people going through mental trips when taking LSD are just insane because when they talk about having a horrible trip, it can cause the person to be in extreme anxiety and lose a sense of reality. I believe LSD should not be used as a medicine and should be banned at all cost.

One of the reasons why LSD should be illegal is because someone can abuse the drug to the point that it can drive the person insane or make them become an addict without a sense of reality. When LSD is used a lot, it can cause the person to face different realities, from pleasant ones, to unpleasant ones, without being sure of which it will be. Taking LSD is like a rolling a dice, there’s a chance you will have a good experience but there is also a chance that it will be a bad experience that will mentally break you down. Taking LSD helps you lose your memory or relive bad experiences that you have had in the past. Some people can also sell it to earn money or create a production of the drugs, possibly affecting people who have never done drugs before. LSD should not be legal and it can cause someone to abuse the drug or rather, sell the drug for their own benefit.

Some might say that LSD helps people who have anxiety and disorders in order to feel better, but I think LSD does not help because there is a chance that a person can be affected with a bad trip that they cannot mentally or physically handle. Their state of anxiety would most likely be triggered and react in an even worse way. Some people may think taking LSD helps relieve your stress or issues in the brain, when in reality they are risking possibly having a bad trip. The effects would also cause the person to be in a fantasy land and lose all sense of reality, making them believe things are not, or begin to see things that are not there in reality. It is believed that there’s no side effects or negative effects that can happen to your body when really, they can cause you to feel nauseous, sick, have a headache or migraine, and even mentally scar you for the rest of your life. In the article, some doctors think they should give medical marijuana or lsd to the people who have disorders or an addiction, but I think that it is wrong because someone can abuse the drug or even worse, try to sell the drug to other people.

LSD should be illegal and banned because of the horrible side effects, including abusing the drug. In the article, “The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 declared that these drugs have ‘no currently accepted medical use’ and classified them in the most stringently regulated category of controlled substances… these drugs are banned because they have no accepted medical use, but researchers cannot explore their therapeutic potential because they are banned.” Even if LSD is to be tested, the scientists do not understand that the fact that when a patient takes LSD, the risks are higher than the benefits. Having a bad trip can cause the person to be severely scarred and be in mental distress for the rest of their life. If LSD became legal, then the person who takes the drug could abuse the drug to the point that they lose all sense of reality and are in a fantasy for the rest for their life. Some people would even try to create more forms of LSD so they could sell the drug and even try to lure the children to take the drug. In conclusion, I disagree with the article and strongly suggest that LSD should be made illegal because it can cause anyone to be in pain or severe distress for the rest for their life.


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