Foundations to a strong confidence NO ONE will shake

 7 Unconventional Ways to Build Your Confidence 

Make yourself happy ? It sounds so easy and IS possible; yet many seem to never reach this. Many people on the daily are brought happiness by outside factors. They don’t use their own self power and determination to reach the level of satisfaction with their life that they are proud of. In addition to this, people without this method don’t find a strong way to reach the level of happiness they need and deserve.

This article opens with explaining how having control and growing your happiness starts with yourself. You are the only person who can truly build and start a strong foundation of confidence that won’t be broken. Together with your actions and by following 7 steps to a secure foundation you are taking charge of your own happiness and building it successfully.

Point one addresses making decisions and taking chances that make you feel uncomfortable. This is an idea that may sound crazy at first but is not. How will you be confident if you are uncertain you ask? Of course, by losing the fear of trying new things out and not missing out on chances of success.This concept makes sense to follow and it will strengthen your confidence greatly because you will lose that uncertainty that you get when you don’t take chances you receive to try something new and miss out.

Point two is to fail. Yes you read that right, FAIL! Of course this might not seem like the greatest way to construct a strong foundation of confidence however, it is a great step to achieving it. Why is failure good for confidence? Because it sets you up for not losing hope. Sometimes there will be loss however the risk you take shows you something new and now you have that added knowledge and confidence of succeeding in the next attempt and you have many more time to try and be successful. Failure shows you how to lose and that it is okay to do so.

Point three is  to be wrong and be okay with it. This does not mean to be cocky but to be confident enough that you might be right and smart enough to know if you are wrong it is only a newly added piece of knowledge. Don’t take it for granted to be wrong because it is teaching you something new and growing your future possibilities of being right.

Step four to happiness and confidence is to make other smile and happy. You might think helping others is not benefiting you but it is! Spreading your joy and complementing other sets for a better environment and friendlier atmosphere. Having this will ensure you have the same positive attitude in response to your kindness. This is a great way to get compliments for you to begin coming in and boosting your self confidence.

Step five is to laugh smile and see the silver lining. When you are frustrated you might feel set back and unsuccessful which I know is not a good feeling. Smiling or laughing it off will set for a positive outlook and encourage you to look at future possibilities that are still out there and how you still have the chance of doing better next time. So it is either laughing or crying for humans when we are in frustration. However, that laugh is what is building that strong foundation!

Step six is to ignore other negativity. This is an essential step in building your happiness because it is this step, and surrounding yourself with good people who care and believe in you, that will ensure you have a positive outlook on every decision you make and mistake you make. The important people you chose will be there for support not judgment. Having these people will strengthen you in being a confident person because you know you are not alone.

The last and final step presented in this article that I completely agree with will help create the confidence everyone needs is to start now! Don’t procrastinate to start your journey to confidence and happiness. Being here as soon as possible is the best way to accomplish all the goals you set for yourself to be reached sooner.

So yes I do agree every single one of these steps is essential to building the best foundation to a confidence that won’t be taken from me. I am positive it is important for everyone to achieve confidence in themselves and happiness from within with self strength and motivation by following these steps.