Sep 22 2017

What is depression to you? To me, depression is a very serious topic to talk about. It is an illness that has a negative impact on someone’s life it could hurt them and the people are them. Depression is not something to take as a joke because you don’t know what a person with depression is going through. Personally I have never had depression but I know a few people that have and sometimes not even they know they have depression, but sometimes they do and they won’t tell you, you could ask them so many times if they are ok and the answer will always be yes but that is how they appear on the outside you don’t know what’s going on the inside. If you know someone who you think might have depression, but you are not sure there are a few ways and signs of determining whether someone is depressed.

First I want to start off by saying that depression affects both women and men and it could happen to anyone at any moment. There are many types of depressions and everyone could be affected differently it all depends on the person. There are a few common types of depression’s, one of the most common is major depression in the United States and “nearly every day for at least 2 weeks that interfere with your ability to work, sleep, study, eat, and enjoy life. An episode can occur only once in a person’s lifetime, but more often, a person has several episodes”-NIMH. Another very common depression is Seasonal Affective Disorder also known as (SAD). This type of depression comes and goes as the seasons change throughout the year. Psychotic Depression there’s another type of depression that happens when someone has depression and also have some kind of psychosis such as having delusions and hallucinations. These are only three types of depressions out of the many more out there because the list goes on. But I named these three specifically because they are the most common but just because they are one of the most common doesn’t mean that you will get or have this type of depression if you have to depression.

Like I said before depression affects everyone differently. With the women, they are more likely to have depression than men because they play a bigger role such as life cycle. When women are pregnant they experience a type of depression called Perinatal Depression, this usually happens after birth because this is when they start to ratiocination about how drastically their life will change because now they don’t only have to care for themselves but for someone else too. This type of depression is also called postpartum depression and when women get this it is technically major depression but at a really high-level. For men is the total opposite to what women experience when they have depression. For men, it is more of a physical problem that experience when they have depression. They usually start doing drugs and drinking alcohol this could affect the way they sleep at night and this could cause them to have sleeping problems. Something the more people should keep in mind is that depression could also happen to younger kids, But most people aren’t aware of it because they are kids and they don’t know anything, especially with depression is because are usually start to learn about depression in high school or middle school. At first, you won’t know that your child might be suffering from depression because like the NIMH says “depression may pretend to be sick” and your kid might not want to go to school and they could also become very attached to you as their parent. Because they are afraid of being alone so they start to fear and worry about the parents and if something will happen to them.

Some symptoms someone may experience when they become depressed can vary from feeling to having problems with their daily life. When someone is depressed they may feel guilt, anxious, sad, Worthless, helpless and they may start to have suicidal thoughts or they might try to commit suicide. Some difficulties that they might start to experience is having problems sleeping, waking up early, remember, concentrating and even making decisions on own. People around that person will also start to notice changes in the person such as them always having headaches, their appetite changes and so does their weight and lastly their energy will become very low to the point where they can’t-do much.

Know that you know more about depression such as how it affects someone’s and what are some signs and symptoms of depression make sure to pay more attention tension and be more aware of the people around you and how they act. If you think someone you know might have to depression talk to them and show them they are not alone and that there is help out there do not make them feel whatever they’re feeling. Because what if you think someone you know has a passion but you don’t do anything about it and it becomes too late.


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Why You Should Go To UCLA

Sep 04 2017

UCLA  is a university where many students go in order to study for their dream job. Maybe you have a dream job and whatever it is; it could always be accomplished at UCLA.  Whether you are in middle school or high school it is never too late or early to start thinking about college. Especially if you want to have a good career, don’t get me wrong there are many successful people who didn’t go to college or drop out of high school but it is really rare. I have always had a strong opinion about UCLA, in fact I have wanted to go to UCLA since I was a little girl and hope to get in. Even though it is a great school it is also very hard to get in because this a university for high level thinkers.  As long as you work hard and always try your best you could have a chance into getting in, but if you can’t do that then how do you expect to get into any college.

Why This University?

Well UCLA has always been a well – known school along with Harvard for being very good schools. Like for example lets say you turned in an application you filled in for a job, well one of the first things they look at is what college or university because helps them get a better view of you and how you would be as a worker.  Because if they accepted you as a student at UCLA then that must mean that you are a very hard working person and that is what you want them to think. It will be if you  go to UCLA.

This university is also so beautiful, form it’s garden full of statues to it’s famous stairs what isn’t there to love about UCLA especially during the afternoon when most students go to the garden and lay under a tree and study or to sit outside with friends. UCLA also has dorms like any other university but it’s the view that says it all, it’s just so nice to wake up everyday to that type of view. Also this university isn’t like any other university because this one is unique and the way there system work there makes many people from around the world want to come to this university. Like I said before UCLA is a very tough university to get in but like Albert Einstein said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” so in order to get into UCLA you must keep trying over and over again until you get in no matter how long it takes. Because when you do, then you will move on to studying whatever you want  and becoming a person of value. Another important thing to keep in mind is that UCLA isn’t only a university to help you get a good job or your dream job because it’s not about the money you make its also about having a job that you are happy about and that you enjoy. Because if you like your job you are happy to wake up every morning to go your job and do what you do, if you don’t get a job that you do like you will miserable and its going to feel like if the hours were going by really slow. Also many people who don’t go to college or university end up with a job they hate and the problem is that after you finish with school you have to work for the rest of your life in order to survive and you have to stay and work at that place until you find a different job, but this could take a long time because you didn’t go to university and you don’t have any experience.

Does UCLA Have An Sports That I Could Join And If So What Kind Of Sports?

UCLA is a great place to go to if you what to join a sports team. They have a voluminous field for all the different sport that they have. UCLA in a university with all types of sports , whatever sport it is UCLA has a team for it. This university also has a school mascot which is the bruin bear and he wears the school colors. Yellow and blue are the school colors and also the color of the uniforms for the sports they have.

Overall, UCLA is a great university and I think everyone should want to go here because of all its amazing features, but this blog isn’t here to tell you what to do but, to help you get a better perspective of what to look for in a university in the future and also to get you ratiocinating about what you want to do after you finish high school.


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