Why Can We Not Stop Checking Our Phones?

We live in a society where we are surrounded by technology. The 21st century has brought us technology that will forever change our world. A fascinating piece of technology that this century has brought us are our phones. Phones are a wonderful tool to have. We can use our phones to contact people, shop online, and to check our social media. Our phones are now attached to us as if we were born with them. This is not a good thing because our phones are enabling us to interact with other people. In order for our society to work, we must have face to face interaction. We are here to discuss what is making us to constantly check our phones and how these actions could have serious consequences in the future. Communication is key and we must be able to talk to one another without our phones. Phones are a distraction for our society and we must be able to control ourselves.


When we check our phones and see that we have received a notification we feel good about ourselves. We feel happy because people want to interact with us. People, especially teenagers do not want to miss out on something. Teenagers always want to be updated with the drama and never feel behind. This is why teenagers are constantly checking their phones and going on social media. Our phones are getting to a point where they are distracting us and becoming an obsession. Once our phones become an obsession, that is the point where we are no longer ourselves. Technology has taken over us and we are a changed person. As a teenager, I am constantly checking my phone for notifications. It is to a point where I feel my phone vibrating but I have not received a notification. It is just a feeling that I get because I think that something important has come up or the girl I like has texted me back. Phones are just distracting me from my education and I need to be able to control myself.


Phones have provided people a sense of protection. People hate being by themselves in a public area and do not want to feel alone. Our society has learned that when we are feeling discomfort or loneliness, we immediately go to our phones for comfort. This is not a bad thing for humans, it is just a new way we feel protected. Before we had our phones or any type of technology we usually felt protected when talking with another person. For example, waiting in line at a store or waiting for the bus. Our first actions before was to talk to someone, now we just go on our phones. This idea does not imply for all people. People go on their phones because they might just not feel comfortable talking to other people. This is called having a social phobia. There is nothing wrong with having a social phobia. People just have different feelings about how they are being watched or judged.


Not being able to control ourselves with phones can have serious consequences in our future. Teenagers are constantly on their phone not knowing what is going around them. This can have both a mental and physical consequence. People are always on their phone when they crossing a street and forget to look if any cars are coming. If we are too busy looking at our phones we will not be able to notice a car coming straight at us. The mental effect is more frightening than the physical consequences. Constantly using our phones can have a negative effect on a teenagers mind. Teenagers are always on their phone and are using them late into the night. This is causing teenagers not getting the rest that their bodies need. As a teenager, I truly believe that sleep is the most valuable thing that we get can get. The amount of sleep we get makes a big difference on how we perform in school. Teenagers just need to be able to control themselves.


Phones are a value piece of technology that will always be helpful to have. The only problem is that our society can not control themselves with the amount of usage. We need to learn how to control ourselves or else it will lead to serious consequence to the future.

Is Communism Better Than Capitalism?

Communism is a term that Americans and Capitalist countries do not want to hear. The Cold War was a clear representation of why these two different social philosophies can never work together. The United States and the Soviet Union were close to ending the world with a nuclear war when trying to expand their social philosophies around the world. These two economic systems do not go with each other because Communism is the belief that everything is equally spread throughout and Capitalism is the idea of a free market trade. Communism has always been received as an economic system that can never work. In world history, Communism has always been used by ruthless and violent dictators like Stalin, Mao, and Castro. These dictators should not be the face of Communism because they did not use the economic system correctly. When used correctly Communism allows everyone to have equality and peace.


As a proud American, I do not believe that we should live in a Communist country. I am here to explain the positive impacts of this economic system. I believe that that free market trade is the most successful way to live. Americans are not receiving the full meaning of communism and have only been taught the negative impacts. One of the biggest problems that America has is a difference in society. No one is equal in our country and everyone has a different amount of materials to survive with. This has caused serious problems in our nation’s history. If America started as a Communist country slavery would have never happened. Everyone will be equal and treated the same. The fight to end slavery soon led to the Civil War, where more than 620,000 American soldiers died. Capitalism has brought hatred in our country allowing people to segregate themselves from other people and not treat everyone with equal rights.


The quality of education between a Capitalist society and a Communist society is remarkable. Education is the most important resource that a country can give to its people. In America, education is completely different across cities. The more fortunate get better education and resources than children living in the inner cities. It is not fair for an inner city kid to not have the same education as the more fortunate student. President Obama believes that everyone should have the same education  “And what’s happened in our economy is that those who are doing better and better — more skilled, more educated, luckier, having greater advantages.”  Here President Obama is presenting us the belief of Communism in our education. If communism is in our education system everyone will have the same advantages as students going to private schools. Education and Communism go together because it makes everything equal for every student.


For a country to function its government must be able to give shelter to everyone. America does not do a well job of keeping people off the streets and has about 564,708 people who are homeless. How can America, which calls itself the greatest country in the world allow for people to live on the streets? This country is all about helping out one another and being there for the less fortunate. A Communist country, for example, North Korea does not allow for its citizens to be homeless. In the last year, North Korea has helped over 120,000 people to find shelter. When used properly Communism helps everyone for the best.


Communism has always been a social philosophy to help everyone equally. No one should have more than others and everyone must be treated equally. The theory of Communism works but in the real world, it has yet to show us. I will always be proud to live in a country that believes in freedom and hard work.


Is the World Flat?…..NO!

Over the past weekend, a new debate has come up if whether the earth was flat or round. During all-star weekend, NBA basketball player Kyrie Irving openly admitted that the earth is flat. This made social media and the internet go crazy. How can an alumnus from one of the most prestigious universities, Duke university, think the world is flat. This is a serious topic and one that should not be easily taken. There have been multiple conspiracy theories about how the earth is flat and how the U.S. government is not telling us everything. This topic is bigger than if the earth is flat. What happens if some day we find out that the earth is actually flat. What other theories have we been lied to by the government? I am here to discuss that the government is not lying to us and the science behind if the earth is round is true. The earth is not flat rather round.

Before we discuss why the earth is round we must first know why people think conspiracy theories are true. Is it the uneducated part of our society or is it just something that we believe in deep inside of us. According to scientists Joseph E. Uscinski and Joseph M. Parent from the University of Miami have stated that “42 percent of those without a high school diploma are high in conspiratorial predispositions, compared with 23 percent with postgraduate degrees”. This shows a big difference in the minds and beliefs of having an education. We are more likely to believe whatever is being told to us if we have not been fully educated. These two scientists have also found out other factors that make people want to believe in conspiracy theories. Their research has “found that inducing anxiety or loss of control triggers respondents to see nonexistent patterns and evoke conspiratorial explanations”. These people who believe in conspiracy theories are not crazy. They only need help to understand what is going on in the real world.  

People just need to understand the science behind why the world is round. Gravity is the reason why we can tell the world is round. There is a significant amount mass on our planet and mass attracts other masses. For example “small objects, like your computer, your car, and even a building, the force of gravity is tiny. But when you have millions, and even trillions of tons of mass, the effect of the gravity really builds up. All of the mass pulls on all the other mass, and it tries to create the most efficient shape a sphere”. Another reason why the earth is round is because of the International Astronomical Union. They decided in 2006 that “the requirements for an object to be considered a planet, it must orbit the Sun, need to have cleared out all the smaller objects in their orbit, and need to have enough gravity to pull themselves into a sphere”. Again science has come to put down the conspiracy theories and use reasoning and knowledge.

This is the most scientific and reasonable explanation on why the world is round. I truly believe that the world is round and there is no evidence that can go against that. I am a very religious person and I hate it when people tell me that I can not bring religion and science together. I just finished agreeing with science and there is nothing wrong with that. I have every right to my own opinion and no one can tell me what is wrong or right. I am not the only one who believes that you can bring both science and religion together. I have many friends at my church that agree with me. At the end of the day, if Kyrie Irving wants to believe that the world is flat, he has every right to his opinion. Scientists or religious groups cannot just start attacking him for his beliefs. We live in a country that worships the first amendment. There will always be people out there who will say that the earth is flat. I congratulate them because they are taking a different road than everyone else.

Is Crowd Size is a Big Deal?

The Donald J. Trump Campaign has finally come to an end on Friday 20, 2017. We were promised by President Trump that his inauguration will have the biggest crowd on record. Unfortunately, his record-setting crowd size did not show up during his inauguration. There hasn’t been an information why Trump’s supporters did not show up during his inauguration. Maybe because they did not want to stand in the cold for a couple of hours or perhaps they were too embarrassed to show their faces on national television. We live in a world where we get our information from news sources that may not be correct. After the inauguration, a now famous photo has come out comparing the crowd size from President Obama’s 2009 inauguration to President Trump’s 2017 inauguration. There is clearly a massive difference between both crowds. This photo has caused President Trump to become furious about the media and call them out for their inaccurate reporting. I personally go against President Trump when he starts to make little problems into his biggest priority. We cannot have a President who gets easily offended when a photo comes out against him. There are more majors problems that he must try to resolve rather than the size of his inauguration crowd.


In his first day of office, President Trump already one big issue. What was the real size of my inauguration crowd? President Trump has already taken this topic way too far. On his first day, Trump visited the Central Intelligence Agency and wanted to speak about his support for the intelligence community. The President ignored his own repeated public statements criticizing the intelligence community, as he compared them to Nazis a week ago. President Trump told the media that more than 1.5 million people came to his inauguration, going against what the photograph shows. I have no idea how long President Trump can keep telling himself about these lies.


Now that President Trump has focused all his attention on getting the correct amount of people who showed up to his inauguration, his first use of  Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, is to clear up any false information that the media is saying about the crowd size at his inauguration. Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, took the stand for his first time from the press briefing room. “He read a statement filled with demonstrable lies and excoriated the media for its accurate reporting about inauguration crowd size, reporting that displeased Donald Trump.” President Trump actually sent his White House press secretary to speak on live television and tell even more lies about President Trump’s inauguration. We have no idea if Spicer knew what President Trump wrote or if he actually lied to us on live television.


Facts between President Obama’s inauguration versus President Trump’s inauguration is that Obama had more than 1.8 million people at his inauguration. Going back to my earlier question about if the weather played a major role in President Trump’s inauguration crowd is no. When Obama became President in 2009 the temperature was in the 20s. While at President Trump’s inauguration the temperature was above the 40s with little rain. There are other variables that could have taken place to lower the number of people at President Trump’s inauguration. The subway system in Washington D.C. can play a big role in estimating the crowd size. During President Trump’s inauguration, people in the Washington area, as of 11 am had 193,000 trips along the city’s subway system. At the same hour in 2009, that number was 513,000, according to WMATA. The same time for the second Obama inauguration saw 317,000 riders.


From the beginning, I have expressed that we cannot have a President who gets mad by a photograph or tweet that is irrelevant compared to the major problems that we have in our country. President Trump must be able to control himself and not overreact on little problems. Donald Trump is our President and we must hope for the best.

Are buying Nike and Adidas shoes worth it?

Our generation is always caught up with who is wearing the most popular brand. We compare each other on our clothes, shoes, income, and lifestyle. One of the biggest things that we do as consumers is to go out of our way and buy the most popular brand even though it might not be the best brand.  As a society, we want to wear the most expensive and popular running shoes that are out in the market. We spend hundreds of dollars just to buy the most popular running shoes as consumers. Buying the most expensive and popular running shoe will not make you faster or better at what you want to do.

As consumers, we think that buying the most popular running shoe will help us run longer or jump higher. Sportswear makers such as Adidas, “are using motion capture technology to design their latest shoes” in order to make running shoes that will actually make you run longer and possibly jump higher. The technology that they are using is called “ARAMIS — technology that NASA has used to analyze stresses on the outer hulls of space shuttles. Here, they look at how materials stretch on the foot while it’s in motion” and these sportswear makers are really testing their shoes and using technology the improve their shoes. NASA is looking into how the body works and if your type of body really makes a difference. Their analysis from the data stated by Adidas Global Category Director Andy Barr,“We’ve used it in the latest running products to show the way that the skin stretches and moved. By knowing more about the body, you can make better products.” and from this analysis, Adidas is creating shoes like the Ultra Boost and Alpha Bounce to make the consumers possibly runner or jump faster.

 The reason why these sportswear companies are going through these experiments and analysis is to make more profit for their company. The market for athletic shoes last year was “worth an estimated $99.5 billion” and companies like Adidas and Nike want a major part in that money. For companies to reach that amount of profit they must raise the prices for their shoes. This is where the controversy comes in. Have we asked ourselves as consumers are it really worth it to buy an expensive shoe?

As you expected there have been many people who have experimented if buying an expensive running shoe really makes you jump higher or run faster.  As John Mercer, a biomechanics professor at the University of Nevada said, “The way your shoe performs is probably not related to the price of the shoe” and it all depends on the person. Mercer did his own experiment and analyzed original Nike shoes and underwater running shoes with gills. Mercer found out that it all depends on the person wearing the shoe. From his conclusion Mercer stated, “If we take one pair of shoes and put it on 10 different people, everyone could run a little bit differently in those shoes” and it does not matter the shoe but the person itself.

When going out to buy a new pair of running shoes we as consumers must ask ourselves is really worth it to buy the most expensive running shoe in the market. As we have concluded buying the most expensive running shoe will not make a difference in how high you jump or how long you run. We must follow the recommendations that Mercer has told us, “Don’t be brand loyal and don’t be model loyal” and take this when you go out and buy your new pair of shoes. You should be open to as many running shoes that are out their. We must be able to open ourselves to any style.   

Why Are Galaxy Phones Exploding?

Samsung has always been a big time electronic worldwide store with their new ideas and inventions. One of Samsung’s most successful inventions are the galaxy phones. The galaxy phones have been a huge success since they arrived in 2009. On August 19, 2016, Samsung came out with a new galaxy phone called the galaxy note 7. At first, the phone was a huge success until the first report that the phones are exploding and no one knows why. Samsung does not why their new phones are exploding and want to know why. These new galaxy note 7 phones are dangerous to the public and must not be sold to the public.

Ever since the first case of an explosion Samsung has tried to quickly resolve the problem. Wall Street Journal stated, “Company engineers went back to the drawing board, according to a person briefed on the test process who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the internal workings were confidential.” The Samsung company is working really hard to find out why their new phones are exploding. Park Chul Wan, a former director of the next generation battery research center at the state-owned Korea Electronics Technology Institute said: “They have to comprehensively check everything from the very basics, outside the battery and inside the phone.” Many believe that the reason is that when the battery is fully charged it overheats and explodes.
One of the biggest hits that Samsung is now taking due to their exploding phones might be costing them $17 billion in revenue. This is a big deal to the company because their main reason to introduce this phone to the public was to make revenue but now it is backfiring on them. 2016 will not be a good year for Samsung because “missed sales and recall expenses could cost Samsung nearly $5 billion (£3.9 billion) this year, analysts say.” Samsung needs to figure out what is wrong with their phone in a hurry.

These phones are creating a safety issue for its customers. “Samsung has received at least 92 reports of Note 7 batteries overheating in the United States, with 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage, according to information posted by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.” These problems could soon be headed into lawsuits against Samsung due to their phone. One of the biggest hazards that have happened is the phone exploding on an airplane. “The incident occurred on a Southwest Airlines flight to Baltimore from Louisville, Kentucky.” An explosion is the last thing you want on an airplane because you are thousands of feet in the air and a small explosion can lead to a misfortune problem.

There are still more problems that Samsung is going through than their exploding phones. Customers are finding more and more problems with the new phone. Consumers are saying that the phones are “either saying they lose power too quickly or run too hot.” This not good for Samsung because they thought that their only problem was their phone exploding but now it seems that the battery is also not working as they planned it to work.
As of now Samsung has stopped producing and selling their Galaxy note 7 and sending out special fire-resistant boxes for customers to return their Galaxy Note 7 handsets. The Galaxy note 7 has been a disaster so far for Samsung. The most important thing Samsung can do right now is taking care of the public and taking full responsibility to what has happened.

Football Getting Safer?

Football has been one of many great sports there is in the world. Fans love the action, hitting, and drama that occurs in the National Football League. The only problem is that fans don’t really know the punishment the players take every day for six months. Head injuries are the biggest risk of injuries in the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell  has agreed to spend $100 million for “independent medical research and engineering advancements.” The main goal is to prevent and cure brain injuries.


This investment is an additional $100 million that the NFL has already invested into brain injuries and chronic traumatic encephalopathy research. CTE has been found in numerous cases of dead retired NFL players. Notable players with CTE include Frank Gifford and Ken Stabler. CTE can only be diagnosed after the player has died. Evidence has shown that players who had CTE had suffered from depression, dementia, and other Alzheimer’s-like symptoms. In 2015, Boston University had conducted a research showing that 87 of 91 dead NFL players have been suffering from CTE.


Roger Goodell and the NFL has invested $100 million because former NFL players had filed a lawsuit against the NFL for $1 billion last April. This lawsuit required the NFL to make payments to players who have suffered through brain injuries. One of the biggest hits the NFL has taken this year was in March when an NFL executive had publicly stated that football has a clear connection to CTE.


This statement may have been obvious but for many years the NFL has denied any links between CTE and football. Elliot J. Pellman for many years has been the New York Jets football team’s leader on brain injuries and later a medical adviser to the league. Pellman was accused of sending false information about brain injuries and putting players in harm’s way. This made the NFL send out false information to players about their health.


The NFL has now hired full-time chief medical officers to coordinate practices and games. Including giving information between the medical staff of teams and the NFL and the NFL Players Association. Goodell stated, “[The NFL is] establishing an independent, scientific advisory board comprising leading doctors, scientists, and clinicians to engage in a clear process to identify and support the most compelling proposals for scientific research into concussions, head injuries, and their long-term effects.” As a football player myself, I feel the game has been getting safer over the years. The way teaching how to hit has been improved and been getting safer.

Taking a Knee on Police Brutality

This summer has been a very controversial and interminable time in American history. Police brutality has been going on for many years now in American history but the problem was that no one really seemed to find any evidence against these police men. We live in a social media world with everyone recording everything that goes on. The problems before we had phones are now being bringed up again because of new technology. Police officers are now being filmed and caught killing and beating citizens with no hard evidence. Athletes as Colin Kaepernick have been taking a non-violence stand against policemen and has gotten criticism and praise. President Obama has even commented on Kaepernick’s stand.


During his trip to Asia, President Obama has expressed his idea about Kaepernick, saying he was “exercising his constitutional right to make a statement.” This has to mean a lot for the criticism that Kaepernick has gotten. Kaepernick is trying to stand against the American flag because he views that this is not how America should be. He is not standing against the brave men and women who have defended and fought for our country but against the brutality against minorities.


Colin Kaepernick has done more than just take a knee during the national anthem. He has donated $1 million  to organizations to change the racial differences we have in America. Taking these actions means more than just kneeling during the national anthem. He has gone out of his way and put money where it matters the most. Kaepernick hasn’t been the only player to take a knee. His teammate Eric Reid has also chose to sit out.


This hasn’t been the first time that athletes have chose to make a stand and speak about racial violence in America. The “Ali Summit” is one of the most important moment in American history. Muhammad Ali, Bill Russell, Jim Brown, and  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar all came together to talk about the injustice to African Americans and the civil rights movement. They spoke out knowing that they were going to be criticized and possibly taken out of their careers. Muhammad Ali sacrificed his career by being banned from boxing and sent to prison. These four brave men sacrificed and paved the way for athletes today for what they knew what was right.


Colin Kaepernick is using his freedom of speech to make a difference in this world. We should not be criticizing him for what he is doing. Instead of criticizing we should be thinking about what we can do to make a difference. I’m not saying donate $1 million to an organization but sign up for an organization. President Obama is doing the right thing and supporting Kaepernick in his non-violence movement.