Nike Air Force 1s



There are many sneakers that have stood the test of time. Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-star went from the original performing basketball shoe to the stylish modern staple. The Adidas Stan Smith is more known for being the go-to white plimsoll of street styles and teenagers alike, rather than the grail of one of the best tennis players to ever hit the courts. But the Nike Air Force 1 is in a class of its own. Beyond the myriad of athletes and celebrities that have endorsed it over the years, the Nelly song that pays homage to buying “white-on-white pairs”, and the collaborations with relevant brands like Supreme, Off-White, VLONE, and Acronym, it’s achieved a certain status based on its own merits.

Designed by Bruce Kilgore in 1982, the Air Force 1 is notable for being the first basketball shoe to implement Nike’s Air technology, and among the first basketball shoes to utilize durable cup soles. This process cradles the shoe’s upper with a taller sidewall that is then sewn around to reinforce its bond with the sneaker, making the shoe light, more flexible, and more prone to handle day-to-day wear and tear.

Considering Nike’s design legacy is built on the interdependent relationship between form and function, the Air Force 1 unites both in an ingenious, understated way. It’s sleek and pragmatic in the same way that the iPhone is. Comfortable and stylish, the clean lines of the shoe complement athletic gear, casual clothing, and in some cases, have even been worn with a suit.

During the early days of sneaker culture, the only place to buy Air Force 1s in Los Angeles were in mom-and-pop sports stores on Fairfax and La Brea. Venerable sneakerheads like Bobbito Garcia and DJ Clark Kent drop names of defunct sneaker retailers, like Nort and Forkspin in Los Angeles, as the go-to spot to cop the increasingly popular silhouette.  Originally called “Nike Airs” by the fledgling sneaker cognoscenti, the AF1’s nickname soon evolved to reflect the area of Los Angeles that put it on the map – the uptowns.

It’s gone from mere silhouette to canvas, a symbol of Los Angeles style and the grey area where basketball culture spills over into the streets. In 2014, Supreme celebrated its 20th anniversary with a high-top pair that embodied the sneaker’s significance to skater culture. When A$AP Bari released his VLONE x Nike Air Force 1 Highs on the East Coast, he did it at a pop-up shop in Harlem, bringing the silhouette closer to its national fans.


The versatile sneaker has gone on to inspire several higher-end reinterpretations, most notably Nigo’s A Bathing Ape “BAPESTA” to Phoebe Philo’s pared-down take on the Air Force 1 Mid for Celine for the label’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. Philo eschewed the iconic Nike swoosh but kept the silhouette round toe and overall shape, then rendering the sneaker in luxe calf leather. In a case of the snake eating itself, Philo’s monotone uppers in tan and blue leather have since seeped into Nike’s in-line offerings.

But the future of Air Force 1 goes beyond simple retros and recolors. Designers like Errolson Hugh of ACRONYM and Nike designer Ben Kirshner have expanded its scope, taking it from casual style staple to utilitarian performance shoe. Silhouettes like the ACRONYM x Nike Air Force 1 Downtown and Kirschner’s Special Forces Air Force 1 use Bruce Kilgore’s foundation as a base point, updating the silhouette with modern materials and forward-thinking design details.
In doing so, the Air Force 1 becomes much more than a shoe, it becomes a medium for self expression. And that creativity extends to the people who wear the kicks in their own way. As more and more sneaker-heads and stylish citizens around the world get dressed from the feet up, the Air Force 1 continues to be the ideal foundation where sport, fashion, and timelessness meet in the middle.

This Is Grime


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      This past year or so I have been listening to this new kind of hip-hop genre, Grime. I also read this article about it and I thought it was incredibly interesting. Grime is a genre of music that emerged in East London in the early 2000s. It developed out of earlier UK electronic music styles, including UK garage and jungle, and also draws influence from Jamaican dancehall, ragga, and hip hop. The style is typified by rapid, syncopated breakbeats, generally around 130 or 140 bpm, and often features an aggressive or jagged electronic sound. Emceeing is also a significant element of the style, and lyrics often revolve around gritty depictions of urban life. Grime is a very avant-garde and contemporary form of hip-hop. Many people say Grime is the cousin to the American variation of hip-hop. It is just like any form of hip-hop or rap however their a two very different distinctions between the two. Grime originated out of East London and most of the well known Grime artist have a very thick British accent which is a main attraction towards it. Another distinction is the faster tempo. Usually grime is 130-140 bpm while American hip-hop is 110-120 bpm so it is a tad more sped up which is part of the appeal.

      I actually really enjoy Grime. I tend to listen to all types of music and I don’t dislike any. Grime is very similar to hip-hop. Like both genres, they come from very tragic and historical backgrounds. Unlike hip-hop there is a severely clear origin of Grime. Grime was founded in East London in the very early 2000s. A lot of the credit that is given to the creation of Grime goes to the artist, Wiley. Wiley was very influential to the start of Grime and he has an incredible back story. He is still regarded as one of the most influential artist in Britain today.  Like most other Grime artist, Wiley grew up in East London and is African American. He is widely known today for the numerous amount of albums he produced and performed in.

     Wiley has a habit of self-sabotage. In 2010, a few weeks before the release of his new album, he fell out with his record label and decided to upload more than 200 songs from the recording sessions: finished singles, experimental demos, even unreleased work by other artists he was about to collaborate with. His fans were delighted, but his relationship with the label collapsed and the album was never formally released. Three years later, not long after he finally secured his first No 1 hit, Heatwave, he once again leaked his new album ahead of release, this time because of a trivial dispute over the tracklisting. Since he first began releasing music as Wiley in 2001, Richard Cowie Jnr has frequently disowned his creations, quit his record labels, dismissed the entire music industry, flaked on gigs and festivals, and announced his retirement from music altogether. He has publicly denounced and sacked his manager John Woolf several times, before rehiring him a few days later.

     Wiley is considered by pretty much everyone that knows him as the Godfather of Grime, the Paterfamilias of grime. He even said himself that he considers himself the Godfather of grime as well. He said that he considers himself the Godfather of Grime because he is pretty aware that a lot of Grime was started by him and he looks after all his proteges. He is responsible for many of the popular grime artists today such as Dizzee Rascal, Skepta, Stormzy, etc. He has done so much for the Grime community, not only for the Grime community but for all of Britain.

     Wiley’s back story is incredibly inspiring and moving. There’s one really messy part however, like many other rap/grime artist before their big explosion, they had to do something to earn money. Just like American rap artist A$AP Rocky, Wiley “slang” drugs through the streets to earn a buck to help with his career. Wiley’s taste for music was adapted early on because of his father. Wiley’s father was a musician, specifically a reggae artist. Wiley’s father played reggae music often and had many electronic musical instruments laying around. Naturally, Wiley grew up and learned all about musical theory.

     As a teenager Wiley and his friends used to DJ at radio stations. Specifically UK Pirate Radio stations. They fell in love with it. They played a lot of jungle electronic music. Jungle music is a type of electronic music in developed in Britain. Overtime, Wiley was getting bored of playing the same thing over and over again and there wasn’t enough Jungle music to be played, so he started to develop his own beats. He called them “eskibeats” or eskimo beats because of how “cold” it was. People seemed to like it and started to fall in love with it. He started to go to vinyl pressing factories and started to develop 12” vinyls of his beats and started to sell them at vinyl stores. Overtime, more and more people started to fall in love with his beats. What used to be a single vinyl of Wiley’s on a shelf turned into a whole wall, that’s how popular his beats got. These beats that he was producing at such a young age was the basis for all grime music. It was just like any other grime tune, in which the bpm is 130-140. He was also starting to sell vinyl through his car. He mentioned in interviews before that he has put in the most miles as a grime artist. Meaning that he used to drive a lot to drop of the 12” vinyls and sell many copies through his on trunk. From there, Wiley just started to rap and eventually it spread like wildfire. It was nothing that anyone has ever heard before, using contemporary eskimo beats as a background tune for rapping over.

     Grime was born at the turn of the century when production software like Pro Tools and Fruity Loops (and infamous productions on the PS1) allowed anyone to make beats at home. The resultant sounds weren’t studio shiny, but they didn’t need to be. They rebelled against the over-produced garage record to create something that actually resonated with their creators. Industrial, angry, and a little bit deranged, these digital avant-garde beats became the foundation of a genre.


Donald Trump versus China


Donald Trump versus China


Donald Trump is now the 45th president of the United States of America. Donald Trump is a very loud person. During his campaign he said many controversial things. Donald Trump doesn’t really have a filter.  He says anything and everything that come into his small mind. You do have to go it to him, he did win the election after all. He didn’t win the popular vote however, he won the vote that mattered, in the election. What is the actual point of having the popular vote if it doesn’t really affect the outcome. It may sway the one the electoral college vote, but who are we kidding? It doesn’t really. People are gonna vote who they want to vote for and not what is in the best interest for the country. A prime example of how Donald Trump doesn’t have a filter:


Why would Donald Trump tweet something like this? It doesn’t make any sense. It is a prime example of how he doesn’t have a filter and how he says anything and everything that comes into his mind. If you don’t understand this tweet, I am here to help you understand it. Let me give you another example. Now, let’s say I have a 3.0 GPA right?  I could have a 4.0 GPA however I have an F in one of my classes. Now if I had the mindset of Donald Trump, then I would gave a 4.0 GPA if I “deduct the millions of people who voted illegally” or in my case my F. I would have a 4.0 if I deducted my F. But that can’t happen because you can’t just disregard something that critical. You can’t disregard millions of people even if they voted illegally. Also this isn’t a fact. Donald Trump doesn’t really know how many people voted illegally. It is quite hard to vote illegally in America.  Like I mentioned a myriad of times, Donald Trump doesn’t really have a filter.

I will give Donald Trump props for winning the election and becoming our next President of the United States. Honestly, he is brilliant at strategizing. Donald Trump said many things throughout his election that put him in the news. A lot of the things that Donald Trump said during his campaign put him right in the spotlight, and these things that he said were not positive things. He mostly said things like he will go after people and groups. He will go deport all the illegals, he will not refugees stay within the confines of the United States, he will deport everyone who is not a U.S. citizen, etc. He said all these things going after racial groups. Now Even though he said these things that seem very wild, it appealed to many Americans. He said these things to appeal to the older racist Americans, which turns out to be a lot.  To be honest, many politicians are not who they seem they are. There are politicians out there that agree with Donald Trump’s point of views. However, it seems like Donald Trump only said these things to put himself in the spotlight and to get people’s attentions. If you paid attention during the election week, every single poll, and I mean every single poll, said the Hillary had a 90%+ chance that she would win. But that was only the popular vote and not the electoral college. The people running these polls didn’t really think about that, because almost everyone thought the Hillary was gonna win, but she didn’t. This brings me back to the point of why Donald Trump may be a brilliant strategist.  He only said these things to put himself in the spotlight and to get the attention of the main people that vote, older people. I believe that Donald Trump won’t actually do the things that he said because if he did, he would be hated my literally almost everyone. If he deported millions of people at a time, this country would be under fire. It would be shot down by every other country because of the mass deportation. I honestly do believe that Donald Trump isn’t as radical as he seems.

Donald Trump isn’t as radical as he seems. One piece of evidence that we have that shows that he isn’t as radical as he seems is. “On Day One of a Trump administration, the U.S. Treasury Department will designate China a currency manipulator,” Trump wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed in late 2015. Essentially what he said was he was gonna publicly humiliate one of the biggest economies in the world. China alongside with the United States has one of the biggest economies in the world, and if Donald Trump actually did this, the United States would be in fire a tremendous fire storm. The United States would be under fire because of a stupid thing that he spouted out of his ass. If Donald Trump labeled China a currency manipulator it would be like a verbal slap to the Chinese government, and we all know how influential the Chinese government is.

Donald Trump pledged that he would go after China day one in office. It’s past day one already and Donald Trump hasn’t really done anything that he promised. He promised something big, like publicly humiliating China on his first day and not doing it, is saying something big. He is essentially saying that he isn’t as radical as he seems. Donald Trump says many things. He says too much. He says things that should not be said. I believe that Donald Trump only said the things that he said to win the presidency. Honestly, when you are in a race like that, you should do everything in your power to win. If you truly want something like being the President of the United States, you have t o give it your everything. You have to do everything right. You have to do things that you haven’t done before, now that doesn’t mean doing illegal things like rigging the election, however that does mean saying things that you can’t promise. Donald Trump said many things that he promised, but obviously he won’t deport people by the millions. That is completely outrageous. You have to hand it to him, he did win the election of the United States. I do not mean to offend anyone, however if you are a citizen of the United States, he is your president, and if you don’t want to accept it, that’s fine. Just know that he is the president of the United States.

Kanye Boycotting the Grammys




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Kanye West is a person that most people know, and if you don’t, you’ve heard his name around. Kanye West is producer and is mostly known for his rapping. Kanye West emerged out of Georgia in the early 2000s with his first mixtape release of “College Dropout.” Kanye West is known widely for his rapping and lately known for his shenanigans. Last year there was a whole debacle on him running for the next presidential election inspired by Donald Trump (he still fully plans on running for the next presidential elections in 2020). Kanye West is also known widely for his relatively new brand of clothing, Yeezy. Yeezy is a contemporary fashion line famous mainly due to the fact it is affiliated with Kanye West himself.  Kanye West is also married to reality television personality, Kim Kardashian. Kanye West is a widely known icon. He’s been relevant for the past decade. Kanye West is in the news again because he is planning on boycotting the upcoming Grammys due to the fact that a Frank Ocean’s new album “Blonde” is not being nominated. There is a good reason as well.  

Who is Frank Ocean? Frank Ocean is a singer songwriter known widely for his previous album “Channel Orange.” He is a brilliant songwriter and has a wonderful voice. He became relevant again due to his album release “Blonde.” His album has been rumored for over a year or so. Before his album release of “Blonde” a myriad of people believed he was hiding or so, however he was just working on his album. His new album is wonderful. What makes his album so great was the anticipation it brought with it. No one knew what it would be like, besides it will probably sound like his previous album, “Channel Orange.” A myriad of people have been awaiting the album release for months. When the album came out it was booming. It hit top charts within a day and it made his fans extremely happy, including Kanye West. Kanye West even said “The album I listen to the most this year is Frank Ocean’s album…” at the end of one of his concerts. Frank Ocean’s “Blonde” was definitely one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

Frank Ocean has a reason why he did not submit his album to the entry of the Grammys. Frank Ocean’s album had a chance to be nominated in the Grammys, however Frank Ocean did not submit it. He didn’t even miss the cut off date for entries, he voluntarily chose not to. It wasn’t just Frank Ocean. All producers affiliated with him respected his choice. Frank Ocean rarely does interviews with any group. When he does, they are usually short and concise. Nobody knows what Frank Ocean motives are.

Now at the matter at hand, Kanye West says he will boycott the Grammys if Frank Ocean is not nominated. It is obvious the Kanye West clearly enjoyed Frank Ocean’s new album. However, I don’t care about the situation. I enjoy both musical talents, however drama like this does not appeal to me whatsoever. I am not upset Frank Ocean will not be nominated at these year’s Grammys, however he made the choice and I respect that. He chooses to do something and he doesn’t have to explain himself. I believe Kanye West often acts up due to stupid and menial things like this. Why doesn’t he just grow up or go back to making good music like before.

The Legalization of Every Drug

The Legalization of Every Drug


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What if every drug within the United States was made legal as of tomorrow? At first it would be total mayhem every child, man, woman, and grandpa who is interested in drug use would be shooting themselves up with heroin or some sort of strong substance then we would see what true mayhem was. This doesn’t mean other crimes would be made legal, so all the people who just shot up a gram of heroin can’t go around murdering everyone after or robbing the nearest liquor store. I do believe that’s what would happen the first couple days. Many people would die from drug overdose and such however, most of the people who just died from the drug abuse made their own choice to utilize it. I’m not saying they are bad people, however they should already know that those drugs are harmful and affect your body. But this would seriously bring down the crime rates and stop gangs from earning an income. Our Government would also bring in a tremendous amount of tax revenue if they decided to tax every drug. In my previous blog post I wrote about the legalization and taxation of marijuana which would lead to millions in tax revenue, and that’s just from one drug. If, we taxed all the drugs that would cause the tax revenue of drugs to skyrocket way into the sky. According to this article, the decriminalization of all drugs Portugal in 2001 held mostly positive effects.


If all drugs were made legal I would be worried at first at the amount of people who would die immediately from drug overdose. The numbers would be supremely high because anyone could just go and buy drugs from the local CVS and shoot up the wrong amount and die instantly from a heart attack. First, if drugs were made legal all packaging should warn the person who purchased it how to do it right and how much is the right amount. Second, there should be an extensive amount of warnings on the usage of drugs. However, the people that buy their crack rock from the local CVS should already know what they are doing, so that doesn’t concern them, this concerns the idiotic teenagers who are purchasing a teenth of crack from the CVS. I’m not saying CVS should sell crack rock or any harmful substances however, they do sell alcohol and such, and that could be as harmful in the wrong hands.
Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001, they treated it as a public health issue instead of a criminal issue. The did it because they have the highest rate of  HIV/AIDS due to drug related instances. They have 2,000 new cases a year, in a country with a population of just 10 million people. While many critics who are largely conservative attacked the change in the new drug policy, feared it would lead to drug tourism while simultaneously worsening the country’s already shockingly high rate of hard drug use, a report published in 2009 by the Cato Institute tells a different story. Glenn Greenwald, the attorney and author who conducted the research, told Time: “Judging by every metric, drug decriminalization in Portugal has been a resounding success. It has enabled the Portuguese government to manage and control the drug problem far better than virtually every other Western country.”

1 Billion Dollars in Tax Revenues



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Nobody likes taxes. However there are a myriad of taxes that all residents within the United States are forced to pay. There is no single person in the world that enjoys paying all the different types of taxes. Taxes do however pay for a lot of utilities and jobs that are necessary to the well being of our country and some are just downright essential, like our police force and school districts. However there are still a handful of other taxes that we still have to pay like estate taxes or sales taxes. Nobody likes paying taxes, but we still need to pay. Why not add another? What about legalizing and taxing marijuana for recreational use? This is a tax that will not effect everyone, just a slight majority. There are five states within the united states that have already legalized and taxed marijuana for recreational use. There are a myriad of reasons why we should legalize marijuana and there are barely any legitimate reasons as to why not. Yes, there are a few like it is a “gateway drug” however it does not overweigh the myriad of legitimate reasons. If Marijuana is legalized in California it will bring in upwards to one billion dollars in tax revenue.


Governments struggle to bring in enough income to counter the money that they spend. Taxing marijuana is another reason for them to tax their citizens to bring in more money. For example, Colorada racks in about one million each month in marijuana taxes alone, and that is increasing by the year. This could benefit each and every state in the United States. What state do you know can’t use more money? It surely doesn’t hurt and it will definitely help each and every one. This tax money could be used to help repair roads, bonuses for jobs, help pay for new jobs, and the list goes on and on.


Legalizing marijuana will put a dent in organized crime cutting off revenue to a very easy to grow and distribute product. Marijuana is a weed that pretty much any person with a brain can grow. With a basic education and a know-how to grow plants/weeds just about any average “joe-blow” can grow marijuana and distribute it for money. If and ‘joe-blow” can grow it how easy is it for a group of organized criminals to grow marijuana by the pounds and sell it off for an unreasonable price. If we legalize it now, it will definitely put a dent in the revenue streams of organized crime groups.


Medical Marijuana is already legal in the state of California. It is said that it helps with a numerous amount of diseases. It is quite hard however to just go and get marijuana. The state wants to make sure you actually need it. Sometimes patients or people suffering from diseases don’t have the time or energy to go and get marijuana let alone other drugs. With the Legalization of marijuana this will make it a million times easier to just go to your local dispensary and buy an ounce or two to help.

I have never once smoked or used marijuana in any kind or any form. I just believe that people should have their freedoms and it wouldn’t hurt our government if they got millions more in revenue. Many people have already argued the same argument I have. The state of California will be voting on this issue, whether to legalize recreational marijuana or not, on November 8th 2016. There are a myriad of reasons as to why we should legalize marijuana. The most helpful being it would rack in millions of tax dollars monthly. 

Where did summer go?



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I bet that most students in the Los Angeles Unified School District would like to have a couple more weeks of summer. Who wouldn’t like more vacation? The LAUSD board will be talking about extending the student’s summer vacation back after Labor Day weekend on Tuesday, September 20th at 2:00PM. By extending the Los Angeles School Unified School district summer vacation they will be providing their students with precious time that they could utilize for family vacations, study time, more time for summer assignments, and more time for summer programs and internships.


The Los Angeles Unified School District board passed a proposal in 2011 that made school start three weeks earlier at the end of summer vacation. This proposal took effect during the 2012-2013 school year and is still in place now. Before this proposal passed, school started after Labor Day weekend giving all LAUSD students more opportunity for summer internships and family vacations.


The Los Angeles Unified School District has approximately 640,000 students. California is one of the hottest and driest states within the United States. LAUSD spends thousands of dollars each month on the energy it costs for all the air conditioning units to be on throughout the day and throughout all of Los Angeles. Air Conditioning units commonly break down which costs LAUSD even more money to either fix the unit or replace it. By passing this proposal LAUSD would be saving thousands of dollars for the three weeks of no school.


Summer in California, especially Los Angeles is terrible due to the triple digit temperatures on a daily basis. This prevents schools from engaging in physical education classes due to the horrible temperature. This prevents the much needed exercise for the students. There are many students who enjoy physical education classes but are prevented from doing anything due to the overwhelming heat. Not only do students enjoy the physical education classes, they are also very important and beneficial for children.


Families say vacation is more expensive during the months of June and July and they’re right according to aytm. Studies show that June and July are the expensive months to take a vacation. Most families involved in LAUSD will take a vacation in June or July so that their kids still have enough time for things like summer internships/programs or Advanced Placement summer assignments. This will cost the families more money to take a nice and well deserved summer vacation will their children. Who should be the one to take that away from them?


The majority of summer student internships take place during July which is a very crucial time during summer vacation. During this time, students are studying or working on assignments for AP classes or maybe they’re on a family vacation. By extending the summer by three weeks this will allow students more time to vacation with their family or more precious study time for their AP class.


By extending the Los Angeles School Unified School district summer vacation they will be providing their students with precious time that they could utilize for family vacations, study time, more time summer assignments, and more time for summer programs and internships. This will give the students more freedom so they don’t have to worry as much.