Should Family Guy be canceled?

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Family Guy changed the nation’s way of seeing tv, first deputing right after the Super Bowl of 1999 January 31 became a hit sensention.  The man responsible for this and many of the voices on his show, Seth Macfarlane this amazing man, made Family Guy ,animation cartoon, the show that was canceled to later be the first show to come back after cancellation. This show angry many people for various reasons. Family Guy  is known to be offense toward many celebrities and is very disrespectful to races, gay right, different social groups and religion. Some certain individuals want for Family Guy to be killed off as a show because it is said to change the mindset of the average  American and younger audience. I believe the show should not be canceled because it provides a way for the average American to get a laugh out of the simplest things, has been on air for too long even after being canceled more than once, and just would do what other shows would not, making it original. The show to my understanding has a lot of hilarious  pop-culture references among other things that keep the Average American  entertained and excited to see the next episode. The amazing man who created the show has a mindset when making the show that helped many people get a job and made their life good, looking forward to go to work the next day and would do what other comedy tv shows wouldn’t even dare. The shows are put an enormous amount of work, from 6 months to up to 12 months per episode  for when it starts to get scripted  on to finally go on air on Fox.  This show may have a lot of jokes that affect the people watching them negatively but it sure makes ME laugh.

First of all family guy make me laugh along with thousands of other teenagers and young adult that just want to relax and see something funny. From fart jokes, politic joke, culture joke, religion joke to  sexual jokes and rape jokes just to name a few, not excluding their iconic flashbacks or cut away gags. These flashbacks are so iconic that people wait to just see them because they include references that remind them of their young adult life or childhood. Some just want to see something they don’t see on tv as often. People can connect social, political and even sexual with the  joke family guy has to offer , which makes the audience and fans want more, because if there is anything important about making people laugh, it making it connectable to the audience and Family Guy does that in a exceptional ways. on the other hand not everyone likes family guy especially not their jokes. there has been petition and bad reviews that suggest the show to be canceled   but it is  useless because it will just be overturned and covered by those who are fans of the show. The show has some very office joke such as joke on nazis killing the jews and jokes on white people, black people, Mexicans…….. some even make one feel bad for laughing at them. when one of the main character questions what happens when humans die, desperately trying to find a answer he eventually goes to the Jews, family guy as they are, found a great opportunity  to make a joke of  that. what was stated from the main character that is only one year old, was the Jewish religion was a scam and they were not a real religion because they just have a lot of holiday to get out of work, which seemed very funny to a lot but offensive at the same time to many.  The show other than having jokes it also has important and very significant  life lesson in their show that connect more than one person and makes to a certain extend for viewers to feel for the characters because all in all the story is about the  average family getting though life and its problems.

Secondly the show off Family Guy has got to inexplicable  and original  scenarios which other shows would never dream of, which lead them to be highly rated and popular. the show of Family Guy is very original and I’m not just talking about their jokes, there plots and way to take the show have had some drastic changes throughout the years. some may say this show is getting old and season by season the characters are changing drastically too much and not for the better but i say look at the facts. The hit tv show has been on the top 100 list of  animated shows being on number 7 of all time according to IGN and has got blessings from the one and only George Lucas when the show itself made a parody of the hit movies, Star Wars. this show has had very highlighted episode in which they change the way the show goes drastically by affecting the views in a emotional way on so many levels. The voice of reason on family guy has always been the dog Brian, voiced by Seth Macfarlane, and family guy took a different road during season 12 episode 6 by killing Brian off, one of  the main characters of the show also being for many the best one. He was later brought back to life, two episodes  later. There is little to no shows that would do something like that, killing one of the main characters of the show, but family guy did, because originality is key to a successful show and always keep you wondering what will happen next, because it never become predictable. The originality and guts of the type of jokes like making fun of Ryan Reynolds, Harrison ford, Bob Marley, the king of pop, and many more can not be questioned but only praised because they have had lawsuits in which they are sued for their joke, or show. The creators of family guy have never hesitated to make a joke out of everything or offend anyone and they have paid the prices which i can’t say for all shows. They can not be compared to other shows because Family Guy made its own rules.

All in all Family Guy is a exceptionally show that is rated among the best shows and does it with their  own rules, and their own comedy that has become a trademark for the show all this while being original and unique. Family Guy  has had two cancellations and has came back from them to go back on air being the only show to do that. Breaking countless records and being the go to show for many americans and countless teens. The best shows take risk and if they don’t work then learn from them, which is the definition of Family Guy and how it was made to keep running new episodes  to this day.



Technology in soccer?

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Football uses it, rugby uses it, many sports do but why technology and why not the most important and most famous sport. A very interesting subject in soccer has caught my attention explained by FIFA on their official page that they have been implementing technology to soccer when decisions are to be made. Showed by countless websites and showcased by FIFA themselves, people continent to not be 100% on board with the VAR, video assistant referees. I for one am not very happy with VAR. VAR might minimize errors, but will drastically Slow the game down, won’t completely stop errors, and will change the game of soccer forever not to mention doesn’t have a clear way to use the VAR and could be used for many situations some in which will not be suitable.

Var is not clear enough to be used in a match and will change the game for years to come.  Although VAR is set to change the game drastically FIFA’s has other ways to interpret it, “They are only used in the four game-changing situations and provide minimum interference with maximum benefit.”- FIFA. This provides the viewpoint of FIFA which is respected, by at least not for me believable. The VAR has started a new era of football since it was dictated which will lead to questioned that one way or another will rise up like, sooo. Then why is there a ref when we can check the replay? VAR has sadly minimized the work and recognition of the refs as a whole. When var is used or can be used it is in the hands of the main ref to see or not to see the play again to come up with a solution if need be. On FIFA rules there is no law stating when or when not var can be used. this becomes not clear for the people watching the game of when it will be used.

The game of soccer will b slowed down tremendously and cut the excitement of a game by a significant amount. The game will be longer and set the stage for a more paced game and will relay slowly but more on technology then the human refs on the field. When VAR is implemented for the world cup in Russia, not all football players and fans will be on board with the idea of redirecting the call or foul among other game situations. human errors are part of the game of soccer, and var could kill the sport and make it less popular. VAR has to be carefully put in the game only for major decisions because if put in for every decisions not only will it slow the game down, but refs won’t be needed as much unless they check the replay themselves. although replays and double checking are done all over the world of sports and other things that do not sport it shouldn’t be put in soccer because of the change it will do which is making the game longer for viewers to see and some might not even stay to see the whole game or not even see it at all.  A current form of VAR will not go though small issues and will only do major issues but who is to say what is and what is not major, the refs, which one, what is the laws in which VAR will be used.

All in all soccer should not rely on technology  to say what the “right” call is, because there is a reason why there are refs, it will slow the game down leading to less popularity and games will consist of slower paces and less excitement towards the ones watching the game. with MLS (American soccer) becoming a more competitive soccer league chances are that VAR will make this soccer league less fun to see than it already is. The VAR will kill the sport that we all love and will make the sport less popular around the world. 



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