Sharks dangerous or misunderstood?



Sharks have been around for millions of years, they survived the extinction of the dinosaurs and eventually evolved into what we see today.Sharks are the vicious killing machines as movies depict them, or are they?


The shark, nature’s perfect aquatic killing machine has dominated the oceans waters for centuries, in their diet, they eat humans and other sea animals, or do they? Movies such as Jaws and Sharknado have shown sharks as evil unstoppable killing machines and have stopped many people from going to the beach but is this actually true?I personally believe that sharks are being mistreated and have earned a bad reputation, and I will explain why.


Sharks are the ocean’s top predator, but does this make them man-killers? No, it doesn’t, according to the ISAF(international shark attack file) between 1985 and 2016, 2875 confirmed shark attack have occurred worldwide and only 439 were fatal, now that may seem like a big number but compare that to the 3,287 daily car crash deaths toll, not so big anymore huh? This is something that we use every day and we don’t run in terror when we see a car, why should sharks be treated this way? A lot of people think that humans are on a shark’s diet, that is not accurate.All of the 2875 shark attacks were unprovoked, meaning that sharks didn’t intentionally attack humans.It’s been proven that sharks have bad eyesight so when they see a surfer from below it seems like a seal to them so they attack it, but once sharks get a taste of humans they let go and swim on.Furthermore, sharks don’t have hands to feel or touch anything so to “feel” something sharks use their mouth.They “feel” what they see with their mouth so they don’t go attacking humans at the random.Another misconception is that sharks can smell human blood in over a mile of water, this is true but sharks can’t distinguish the difference between fish blood and human blood, so when they sense the blood they go after it but they don’t know what they are going after.


Another misconception is that all sharks are big and are carnivores, but that’s not true.About 85 percent of sharks are carnivores but out of that 85, only about 8% are known to have attacked humans.In that eight percent, you have the great white, tiger shark, bull shark, lemon shark, and blue shark.All those sharks are not man-eaters,but they do attack humans because they are an aggressive species.It’s these types of sharks that have earned the reputation for the rest of the sharks.Although these sharks bring fear to the word,there are others that bring joy to humans.For example the hammerhead or whale shark are prime examples of “good sharks”.The whale shark aka gentle giant is a 40 ft shark that poses no harm to humans,despite it’s size it only eats plankton and not humans,also whale sharks are accustomed to humans presence so the sharks swim at human speed and let humans swim alongside them. But also humans aren’t the saints they claim to be, a lot of sharks are near extinction because humans are hunting for shark fin soup or just because they have the idea that sharks are killers. A great amount of the world’s shark population is endangered so hunting them for no reason is highly illegal. So to sum up sharks are misunderstood animals that deserve respect and there should be more done to keep them alive.Sharks arent dangerous but misunderstood creatures

In the mind of Winston Churchill

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak but courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”-Winston Churchill

A little of background info on who  Winston Churchill was, he was born November 30 ,1874 and died January 24, 1965. He was the British Prime minister during WW2 ,Churchill along with Stalin led the European front against Nazi run Germany.He had various meetings with the press and during one he said “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak but courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”.This quote has a very strong meaning behind it that Churchill is trying to show to the British people, and I will explain what it meant to help you get a better understanding of how Churchill was as a person.

To fully understand what the quote means you must try and interpret this as if you are Churchill talking to your country when your getting beat by the Germans.He is talking to a population that is getting heavily beat down by the German “Blitz” ( strategic bombing of civilians to but pressure on government) and the  population  needs reassurance.Being the primer minister everyone is looking up to him for answer and solutions to the German bombing and he has no choice so he does his best to inspire them.The first part of the quote “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak” gives a dictionary type definition on what courage is. This part of the quote means that everyone is in there own right to do what they want and that they must be strong to be able to do that. The second part of the quote “but courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen” is the important part, here he is trying to tell the Brits that they need to trust and believe in him, they need to stop and listen because he has the solution that they need. This does not only apply to war torn Britain but also to modern day life.

There are many ways that this can apply to daily life. For example, in leadership we all are filled with ideas and stuff that we want to do for the school this year, so we muster up our courage and present our ideas to our teachers (Ms. Flores and Ms Cotta) who then present it to Mr Duran. Our leadership teachers are about as energetic as we are about getting things done and getting them done quick, but they also need to sit down and listen to what Mr Duran has to say because we need to follow school policy and make sure everything we are doing is LAUSD approved.