An existing paradox, a moderation of cynical belief and romantic outlook

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revival, not attrition

Image by Tim Calver via Nature

Image by Tim Calver via Nature

I’ve always been a nature lover, and thus been horrified by all the negative effects humanity and climate change has brought upon this lovely gift to us. Ironic, huh? A beautiful gift, which we slowly destroy. Of course, not everyone is going to destroy this wondrous thing called nature; there are those who are dedicating a good portion of their life- or sometimes their whole life- to saving the primitive world we once lived in before urbanizing. And that saving includes coral rehab! I remember first learning about it in some ocean documentary I was watching, and it fascinated me to see how people used innovation to think of creative ways to help our environment.

Hold up. What’s coral rehab? For those who do know, you may skip this paragraph; I’m just gonna give a cute little gist for those ignorant fools who seem to not give a damn about the wonderful god given because he has mercy on us gift of nature. Just kidding, you aren’t ignorant fools. Well, coral rehab is just my slang way of speaking of coral nurseries, which as you can see up above, are these small structures designed to grow coral, where they shall be transplanted to the reef areas, thus nursing those areas back to health. This way, one can ‘rehabilitate’ the dead reef areas, where corals have died due to invasive algae, pollution, and coral bleaching (which is partly because of global warming).  And so, people all over the world are working in different organizations and trying to raise enough money to be able to execute this in different areas. For an extensive knowledge of this, I found this manual, which if I had time, I’d read it. But, right now, I don’t have a life.

Now that you have a brief background, let me begin my discourse. Well, first of all, I believe most articles on environmental issues and ways to achieve the goal of solving those issues are meant to inspire people to help out either donating or volunteering. And that itself is a way to solve those issues. In order to solve global problems, one needs global support. And thus, organizations have formed all over the world to achieve global support. And I daresay I do believe that together they are reaching that goal, in order to make vital progress. And so, the article that I linked in the commence of this amazing blog  is an obvious example of this. If you check it out, it is an organization, and it does want to receive donations and help. Of course, there are other articles found on website that don’t directly call for donations. But the articles deliver messages to appeal to their audience’s sympathy and longing for a rejuvenated environment.

I’m always moved by articles for environmental protection and rehabilitation, and I am especially appealed to those emotions of longing. Here’s a silly metaphor to represent this: it‘s as if there are a bunch of articles and videos about the doleful scent and luscious saccharine taste of cake; then they remind all people, including cake lovers, that because of the diminishing number of bakers and disappearing recipe books, cake will run out soon if nothing is done about it. .  Happy me

But there are projects meant to create cake libraries and special schools for bakers that will give them high pay afterwards

Okay, so that was a grungy way to represent, but I hope you got the concept. We’re missing out on those lost cake recipes! We’ve made extinct several species, and devastated gorgeous nature sites, all due to our negligible actions!But, there shouldn’t be despair,-go away despair-but big thinking. There are nature lovers, just like there are cake lovers. But we don’t need those who sit down and admire what is and what might soon not be, and then just sigh and say, “oh that’s too bad,” but those who also will stand up from their sofa and take action. Every single time I watch a nature documentary, or in this case read an article on coral nursery, I’m appealed to emotions, but it’s time to take the next step. It’s wonderful to live somewhere where death, pollution, and gloom does not loom, but life, health, and satisfaction.

Image by Unknown via ISQMagazine

Image by Unknown via ISQMagazine

I find the idea of coral nurseries a wonderful example of how humans can use their minds not to destroy, but revive.