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when you can’t drink but wanna groove

Jazz has always possessed that interesting trait in giving you an ephemeral feeling that wants to propel you forward and groove to the music. Of course, I don’t deny that almost every kind of music does that, but jazz’s quality of bringing the “swing” feeling to you, not just the joy and excitement in other kinds of music, is what gives it a uniqueness. When I was watching the Princess and the Frog, I couldn’t stop ‘feeling’ to the music, and when listening to Peggy Lee and Louie Armstrong I had this soaring feeling in my chest that could solely exit my body and exist in the reality of this distorted world through my swaying and uncoordinated movements. The genius in jazz, the passion, the savor, all originating in New Orleans. And so, who wouldn’t want to visit this birthplace of an ethereal yet powerful music? Only people who dislike jazz. Like my father. 

Now, for those unlike my father, I have found an article that suggests locations in New Orleans for us to enjoy and appreciate the cultural inspiration for this art. Locations appropriate for anyone. Because, let’s face it, I don’t think teenagers are allowed to go into restaurants where you’re peer pressured into ordering a drink while listening to live music. And this is not a direct pressure, it is a force created by the uncomfortable stares of those around you that make you feel like an outlier and subtly oblige and then coerce you into ordering. It is only a few who will actually resist such forces, which I find admirable, and I’m lucky to know one or two in my life. Back to the topic, yes, I don’t think teenagers can go into bars. That’s unsolicited.  The law backs me up. Well, until you’re 21.

Based on a website with the goal of satisfying people in their travels or wherever they want to go for some entertainment, this article serves to work for that goal. So it makes sense for it to give you the best places to enjoy jazz. I was about to go for surreal essence, but I feel like I’ll be making my blog a bit too wordy. Perhaps not. Man, these days I’ve been doing much shrugging. And lots of distracting too… Anyways, forgive my pondering by the way,  but I’ve been thinking, should we rely on these sites, or learn for ourselves? I think the answer is dependent on time. If we have all the time in the world, I would heavily assure you that personal experience in discovering the different treats hidden in the city would be a lovely reconnaissance in New Orleans, Louisiana, but if you’re on a tight schedule, then it’s best to whip up a travel guide and head toward the sweet spots immediately.

Why would I say such? Why not also pragmatically attend to the travel guide when we have the blessing of having a plethora of hours on our hands? These are rhetorical questions by the way. Don’t bother. Well, I believe in something called exploration and learning. I’m a sucker for adventures. I think life is that way in its whole. You mess up you learn, you totally bomb it, you learn. You accidentally walk into a bar with some awesome jazz? You love it, until you’re escorted away. (Unless you’ve got fake IDS! or you’re 21<) You patronage a restaurant with some dingy food and second-rate musicians? Maybe you’ll be mischievous and recommend it to the unsuspecting tourist. You have the luck to enter into the jewel inside the jewel, wow, wow wow wow. You feel sensational. With a sense of achievement to it. You didn’t need a travel guide. You used your instincts, and wow, you are rewarded. That sense of pride in oneself for being independent, self-reliant, even reckless, is what several regret not feeling enough of on their deathbeds.  They regret not living fully. And so, toss away the travel guide, and head towards adventure. Live life.

Now for those who are living but dead, take a hold of those travel guides. They’re created for you. You, who have no time for anything, but for a brief vacation and then its back in front of the computer screen looking at statistics that might lead some to prefer dismemberment by the close of their careers. Nah, work is important too. We’ve gotta be stoic sometimes.

Now, there is no intention in this blog to create a caricature out of travel guides, but I do believe that for those blessed with eternities, please, do go on an adventure.