Is the World Really Ending ?

Is the world really ending you might ask yourself, the answer to that remains anonymous but it will be answered to you in a matter of hours. You may be confused to what’s happening due to the rumor that has been spread. If you are here, you want answers, unfortunately I will not be too complex to give them to you, I myself do not know, but I can give you information on why people would think our world may be coming to an end. The first thing that occur that got people frantic was Hurricane Harvey, which started on August 25, 2017, that ran throughout September 3, 2017. This hurricane took place in Houston, Texas. Hurricane Harvey wasn’t a big storm but it was strong enough to leave at least 70 people dead. Hurricane Harvey did destroy many things such as buildings, structures, homes, and even gained trauma that families went through. The total cost to repair everything will be approximately $125 – $180 billion. This hurricane was unexpected, little did we know that more natural causes will arise and more problems will be set.

The second natural disaster that left many shocked was the Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma hit many places such as Florida, Cuba, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, The caribbean, and many other countries. Along with another Hurricane; Hurricane Maria. Hurricane Maria hit some of the same countries as Hurricane Irma did. Hurricane Irma left at least 38 people dead while Hurricane Maria left only 15 dead. Another natural disaster that was very big and iconic was the earthquake that occur in Mexico. This earthquake had a magnitude of 7.1. The earthquake took place in Mexico City and at least 225 people were killed. According to reports, approximately 32 buildings collapsed. Now the reason for why I say this earthquake was iconic was because the last earthquake that occur in Mexico City was in September 19, 1985 and the most recent earthquake in Mexico City took place on September 19, 2017, the exact same day, yet only a 32 year difference, and as I mentioned, exactly 32 buildings collapsed. Coincidence?

Another earthquake that occurred was actually here in Los Angeles. It was a minor earthquake with only a 3.6 magnitude. As you can see, many incidents have happened throughout the year. Rumor says that tomorrow, September 23rd, the world will end. Don’t get fooled this is just a rumor, but it may turn out to be true. Due to all the disasters, our lives are at risk. Many natural disasters have taken over and are spreading throughout the whole world. If the world isn’t ending for some of us, just know that it has ended for those affected by all the incidents. My prayers go out to everyone who is suffering right now, all these accidents are not intended to happen but they just do, naturally. The world may not end entirely, but our world is falling apart. Hopefully these disasters stop for a while, and us humans recuperate everything that has been destroyed and the loss of our loved ones. By reading this article, I hope you understand that by this is what one means by “the world is ending” by these sort of things. I hope not to scare you, this was not my intention, my intention was to make you aware and alert you of all the things that are happening in our world, and I truly hope that we can help ourselves because after all, we all live in the same world.


Reasons why to smile

Do you ever get that sensation in your body, the need to smile or to make a polite gesture when you see a stranger? If you do, then don’t hesitate to do so, smiling not only looks good on your appearance, but it speaks out loud for you as a person and really shows that you’ve got manners. I believe that people should smile more often, and not only to family nor friends, but to everyone that comes upon them, such as strangers. Now, when we think of strangers, we think of unfamiliar people that we don’t know. We may not know anything about them, but a smile won’t harm you nor them. My childhood self would probably be screaming “stranger danger”, but as we grow, we mature and become more independent. We see things in a whole other perspective, some may be careless, while others may actually care for the sake of others. It doesn’t matter if we know them, we’re all humans and deserve the same respect as for others. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day, those people may not be responsible for that, they might be having a bad day as well, and you never know, a smile might just cheer them up and brighten up their mood and day. Studies have also shown that you will look more attractive when smiling. I’m not saying that you should smile just to be attractive, my intention by stating that piece of evidence was that smiling is a good gesture for your appearance. Smiling does you a favor and it doesn’t hurt. Did you know that you use more muscles to frown than to smile. So why not smile ? Smiling is very contagious and just by doing so, others will do it and more positivity will be spread! In addition, smiling makes you look more friendly and people will be more attracted to you. You may not realize it, but when smiling, you seem to get more special treatment than those people who don’t. Us humans don’t pay as much attention to each other as before. We can all thank our new society for that. I hate to say it but, this society is lost and ignorant. We don’t interact with one another and it’s very disappointing. Smiling has a huge positive impact on that. When one smiles to someone, the person’s instinct instantly feels the need to smile back and by doing so, people may start to realize that smiling does actually play an important role in our society. We can still fix our society and start communicating with others. In conclusion to my reasoning, smiling is very important and I highly suggest that we start smiling more often. It doesn’t take long, and the longer you do it the more used to it you become. Sooner or later, it won’t be be hard to be reminded by it, it’ll be a habit, a good habit and it will become unintentional. Smiling is way of communicating, if you don’t feel like starting a conversation, you’re not obligated to, but just keep in mind that “There are hundreds of languages around the world, but a smile speaks to them all” -unknown. Researchers have also proven that smiling brightens up your mood. You don’t even have to see yourself to believe that your smiling but do believe in yourself when smiling! Smiling is the best cure for anything and yet it’s so simple. It can be healthy both physically and mentally. It is proven that smiling reduces stress and boosts your immune system. It lowers blood pressure and makes you a healthy person along with a positive human being. Lastly, did you know that smiling is a baby’s first facial expression. See, your already born with the ability to do so, so why do you still neglect it. Don’t be ashamed of smiling, just because you think it’s not trending, you’re definitely wrong. Smiling is always a great altitude when trying to get to someone’s level. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your smile, I guarantee you that everybody’s smile is beautiful! Express your self through smiling, and encourage others as well. I hope you found my first blog interesting and definitely stay tuned for more, and don’t forget too smile!