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This, my friends, has been a topic that I have held very near and dear to my heart, and it has brought me many a laugh, but also many a blood-boilingly moronic hippie mother who believe that vaccines cause Autism and that the Swine Flu shot contains monkey brains. Now, you may be thinking, “Jeez, Reid, calm down, bro. What’s your deal?” And, to be honest, I don’t know exactly what my deal is, but there is just something about a fully-functioning, sentient human being denying the science of modern medicine that is truly nothing short of magic that just really garfields my lasagna. Now, it really isn’t very difficult at all to find a specific source pertaining to this subject – heck, I bet you could take a trip down to your nearest Whole Foods and find yourself at least three of these types of people at any given moment – but this, albeit almost a year old, really caught my eye. This particular article is not the first of its kind, and it certainly will not be the last.


This article, entitled Baby died of meningitis ‘after parents tried to treat him with herbal remedies’, is covering nothing less than a tragedy, not only because of this infant’s terrible, untimely, easily preventable death, but also because this couple, 32 and 35 year old Canadians, David and Collet, are breathing the same air as us; occupying the same space on earth as we do, and acting as members of society, who are clearly two impressively ignorant people whose actions sincerely baffle me. I mean, seriously, how on earth could anyone in their right – or wrong, even – mind believe that the hidden, cureall remedies of their  minds and the internet are better, ten times out of ten, for treating their infant son with meningitis. And, yes, it is honestly a life-shattering thing to go through, losing a child, and even though I am apparently bashing on this couple currently, I extend my deepest sympathies to them and feel for their loss, but the things that they tried to do to help their ill baby, even after being told to take their baby to a doctor by two different medical professionals, is ruhtarted.


One would hope – one would really hope with all of one’s heart – that this occurrence is not a very common one, and that these people are in the infinitesimal minority here, but no no no, good sir/madam; this is far from a rare occurrence. In actuality, there is this whole entire neanderthalic, moronic, stupidiotic subculture of science-denying, herb-munching, doctor-ignoring dummybrains who actually result in the deaths of over ten thousand people, and over 100,000 preventable diagnoses of illnesses, as seen here.


The whole Anti-Vaccine movement has been going on for quite some time, and has been at the forefront of conspiracy theorist garbage since its birth. Led, in large part, by minor celebrities and nutritional supplement CEO’s, always with either stripped – or no – medical or scientific qualifications whatsoever, and backed by the occasional rogue doctor who conducts an absolutely outrageous ‘study’, proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccines lead to Autism in its recipients.


It really is hard to say where, exactly, these ideas initially formulate, and how they spread so quickly from healthfreak mom to healthfreak mom and from hippie dad to hippie dad. I think that it is just attributed to this cauldron of propaganda, a deep mistrust of our government, and pure ignorance and arrogance, that breeds this awful monster that is the anti-vaccination movement. It is a movement founded upon the single-digit amount of medical documents that suggest a correlation between autism and common childhood vaccinations, and upon masterful advertising and marketing by the leaders of the movement, like the nutritional company CEO’s and minor celeb’s – many of whom probably don’t even believe in the junk that they’re preaching, they’re just preying upon easily influenced, susceptible, gullible people, who will follow and do exactly as their favorite celebrity says because they love them so much. It is such a strange phenomenon that is this movement, and how it has grown into the cult of brainwashed dolts that now identify themselves with the movement. It’s all about the money; cha-ching, cha-ching.


This entire philosophy, the one by which someone decides to downright deny scientific facts and the proven wonders of modern medicine and technology, is, while ridiculously frustrating to bear witness to, is ultimately not detrimental to society as long as those who believe in it are not in a position of power over someone else’s medical access and treatment, like, say, a parent. Up to the point of its affecting other people besides oneself, this simply moronic philosophy begins to become completely insane and utterly dangerous to those it can affect. If a man or woman decides to identify with the anti-vaccination movement, and chooses not to vaccinate themselves, as long as they don’t sicken other people, I guess that it is ok to do in that it only affects them, but the moment that that man or woman becomes a parent and then, when their child falls ill, denies that child the right to a doctor, to contemporary medicine, they are essentially depriving said child of their life, as seen in the original article referenced. It just seems terribly unfair that, as a child, you are at the mercy of your parents, no matter how level-headed or insane; no matter how responsible or moronic.


Essentially, what I’m trying to say is that the fact that so many people are willing to succumb to such foolish ignorance really crocs my socks.


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