A Death Poem


The poem above is a poem that goes by the name of “Death That Need Not Have Been” by Flora Hendricks. It is a poem based on the infamous World War 2 and all it’s death. I chose this poem because after reading it, it had given me a feeling . A sad feeling … a feeling of death. The poem really hit me hard after reading it.

I chose this poem out of the infinite amount of poems because one of my favorite topics is World War 2. The poem painted a picture in my mind. She stated that a “too-quick boy” was in a still form with his boots next to him. He was covered by hempen bags which paints a picture of death. There is a lot of imagery used in this poem.

Hendricks then goes on to explain how sick death makes her feel. She says that it makes her feel like when an “old moon upsets the morning sky.” I think that means that when a bad day has passed, there is still traces of it in the new day. That is the bad and that represents the old moon and the new day is the morning sky. She then talks about how uncomfortable and scared she feels. She talks about how wind shrieks and makes windows rattle. She gives you a scary image because when you are alone the wind is able to make you paranoid, scared, and  insecure.

Death makes you feel lonely. When you lose someone and you know you will never feel their presence, it is a sad feeling. Death could’ve been avoided if there wasn’t a World War 2. Many people would’ve lived and their loved ones and close friends would’ve not suffered. In the end, she says that she hears the cry’s of millions and the bombs screams. Which most likely is the noise that bombs or artillery make when they are falling from the sky. She sees the body parts (Small feet) flying everywhere after the bombs fall. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day.