Dreams and what they are scary

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               Dreams are something everyone has experience with. They could be a good one or they could even be a nightmare. But in both situations we have all thought that they were real. But do scientist see dreams differently than us, or are they as clueless as me and you when it comes to trying to figure out what just happened. But why do we have dreams, and to other living organisms also dream when they sleep? I’ll try and answer my own questions so you can have a better understanding of dreams and why they are scary.

               Dreams are scary if you think about it. There is this quote from WebMD ( Dreams are basically stories and images our mind creates while we sleep. Dreams can be vivid. They can make you feel happy, sad, or scared. And they may seem confusing or perfectly rational.). When you think about it, we could be dreaming and not even know it since when you dream you are able to have the same feelings as if you were awake. I remember the dream that made me start thinking of dream as something to be scared of. I can recall waking up to go to school around 5:30 am, and i was proud of myself because i was able to get ready for school on time and wouldn’t have to rush like i sometimes do. As the day went on i forgot that i had a test for my english class and i forgot to study, but somehow by a stroke of luck i passed with a passing grade and i was happy. It was weird because somehow i was still able to think for myself and make my own choices even thow i was dreaming. In the back of my head i was thinking how well my day was going, but it was going to well. I was able to hang out with all my friends and as soon as i started to think that the whole day was real i fell, and i can recall passing out and waking up in my bed. The whole time i started to think deeply about the crazy dream i just woke up from, it was hard to wrap my head around the fact that it all seemed so real yet it was just a dream. That is why i see dreams as something scary, we are able to feel happy, nervous, and many other emotions we would think could only be had while we were awake.

                But the real question i have is, what is a dream from a scientific point of view. Do scientist see dreams as our brain trying to sort out our daily lives, or is there a deeper meaning. According to WebMD (There are many theories about why we dream, but no one knows for sure. Some researchers say dreams have no purpose or meaning and are nonsensical activities of the sleeping brain. Others say dreams are necessary for mental, emotional, and physicalHEALTH. ). So in a way dreams are still a mystery, since even scientist have a hard time figuring out what a dream is. Most scientist refer to dreams as REM or rapid eye movement, which is basically when you are in a deep state of sleep and it’s normally when you begin to dream. So our brain may just show us memories that we have forgotten about, or they may be just a way for us to process information that can only make sense if we are in a state of sleep and not busy doing other task as we would if we were awake.

There is still one question left to be answered. It is if other living organisms dream like humans? Well according to http://news.mit.edu/2001/dreaming (
They monitored the animals’ brain activity during the task and while they were asleep. While the animal ran, its brain created a distinctive pattern of neurons firing in the hippocampus, a brain area known to be involved in memory. ). Animals do dreams in some ways, as a dog owner myself i do think that animals dream. I have seen my dog ever since she was a puppy move and make noises as she sleeps. I have a strong feeling that my dog as any other animal and pet is able to dream.

In conclusion, dreams can be a wonder full thing to have but in my opinion they pretty scary and can really mess with how you see the world around you and how it would be hard for someone to determine if the world they are seeing is real or just an other dream that they are having.

School starts to early

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Schools in the United States should start later in the day. Many kids complain how they wish school could start later in the day, but parents and teachers just see complains as them being lazy and not wanting to get out of bed. But what if these complains have some sort of bigger meaning to them. Studies have shown that school starts to early in the day. Scientist have come to an agreement that there are many benefits when it comes to schools starting in the morning. There are medical professionals that say that school stars to early, “Around 80% of schools start before 8 a.m., witch means many students windup sleep deprived”(Education Degree). Physicians say you need 8.5 to 9.5 hours to sleep to stay healthy. Physical education teachers have also made comments that students having to begin school later preferably after 8:30 because having good grades is what lets athletes do sports. “Research has even shown that students who get less than 8 hours sleep at night were two-thirds likely to get injured than those who do. What’s more, 20%+ of these injuries required a trip to the emergency room” (Education Degree). This makes seance because students wont be so tired, slow to react, clumsy, and wont lose balance. Not getting enough sleep has bin linked to alcohol and drug use, so in many ways sleep kinda plays a roll in our lives when it comes to our choices. It has bin shown by starting school at a later time would bring up attendance, witch is linked to the amount of money the school would get. “in Los Angeles they estimate increasing attendance just 1% would net around $40 million.” (Education Degree) Studies have shown the more sleep a student gets the higher there test scores are, even students who have lower test scores have gotten much better grades when they get a good amount of sleep. As you can see there are many grate argument points for why school should start at a later time not only would it be good for schools, but most importantly it would help the students be able to learn when they are better prepared. But also with the health of the student and for there ability to be successful in life.