Impossible More Like I’m Possible

Do you think you can draw? You, like the other 98% of the people in the Ted Talk audience, probably believe you can’t. Graham Shaw the speaker of the Ted Talk video, proves to people everyday that they can, in fact draw. He works with all kinds of people ranging from children to adults, and they all come out with the same results.

Graham Shaw came up with and proved, the conclusion that all people can draw. He states in his video that most children around the ages of 15 or 16,  think they can’t draw. He thinks that this has more to do with beliefs rather than talent and ability. Take a second to think about it. Do you think you can’t draw just because you believe you can’t or because you have tested the talent and have officially failed. In the video, he is proving to everyone that you thinking you can’t draw, is just an illusion and he is going to prove it to you.

“Hopefully, we’ve done enough to convince you that in fact we can all draw and not just the people here”, Graham says. He states this after showing and teaching the audience to draw a few different cartoon characters. This video brought a lot of laughter but also helped people open their eyes to more than just the “I can’t” mentality. By the end of the video, all the audience had a mindset change. They were all surprised at the fact that Graham Shaw did prove to them something that they thought they couldn’t do.

Yes, this video was about proving to people that anyone can draw but it was so much more. He wanted to open the people’s eyes to such a bigger picture. This was just an a small experiment to a big idea. At the end, he stated, “ How many other beliefs and limiting thoughts do we all carry around with us everyday? Beliefs that we can perhaps potentially challenge and think differently about. If we do challenge those beliefs and think differently about them, apart from drawing, what else would be possible for us to do?” He wants people to have growth mindsets and he wants people to think critically. He used this small experiment to prove to people that they can do a lot of things. They need to stop limiting themselves and start challenging themselves. Imagine what everyone could accomplish if we set aside our beliefs. All he did was he demonstrated something very simple, like drawing, to make a positive difference in everyone’s lives.