Can water be dangerous?



How can water kill you?. Over drinking can cause you to vomit, normally water some people drown in water because of they can’t swim or because of its height. Drinking too fast can cause to feel sick and die. We use water for plants, to take a shower, to wash our hands, wash the dishes and many other things but how can water be dangerous and how can it kill you. Did you know that water can kill you? Water can be healthy and good for you at the same time. We all have to drink water every day to stay hydrated and healthy. Everyone and everything need water to get their energy.


What will happen if you overdrink water?

There are different signs if you overdrink water, you can sweat more than how you normally sweat and vomit it can cut in and burn the gas, unexpectedly inhaling water can kill you up to 48 hours, it can damage you, it slowly lowers your ability to function. In the article, it says that inside a cancer patient a tumor is forming.  Water is a dangerous chemical because it can kill you.


When water spills in your nose be careful not to breathe in because it can kill you. Sometimes people drink a lot of water because of the heat from the sun. Water that is contaminated can be dangerous because it has a lot of bacteria and can give you a disease and die, it is really important to drink clean water. Fatal water overdose is when you don’t drink the average amount of water that you’re supposed to drink, it can cause a disease.  Hyponatremia is when you over hydrate. Running can get you tired and wanting to drink more and more water to hydrate and directs to Hyponatremia and can also head to a coma and seizures. Many people die from water and once you breathe in the water you die unless they do CPR on you then you’ll survive. We all need water to survive but it can cause harm, water can also kill you when there’s a hurricane and a huge wave of water floods your house, it will destroy your house. You will also feel the force of the water pulling you, water can be strong enough to push things away. Another way water can cause harm is if you’re in the ocean on a boat and the boat crashes into a rock, the boat can get destroyed and you won’t have a boat and the water is deep, it will be hard for you to swim in the water. Water is a transparent or clear chemical, water is one of the element of earth, most parts of the earth is water.  Water intoxication causes death to your brain from working.  Water can poison you if you overdrink it, one thing is water can be good for your health but over drinking it can kill you. You will have to drink an average amount of water to prevent over drinking from killing you.

Positive people live longer

positive vs. negative

Being positive brings good things in your life , and being positive your whole is to avoid negative thoughts and other things that are negative. Positive always beats negative. It mostly will depend on your attitude. The brain is very powerful and attracts things into your life. For example, if your negative bad problems will come your way.

According to the text “attitude affects our health” means that being good, thinking good thoughts about your life and trying to achieve it is really good for a person who wants to do great things in life rather than saying you can’t achieve your goals in life and doing bad things you shouldn’t do brings negativity to you.

Being negative

Nervous, stress, anxiety, depression and all bad things are negative which can hurt your health and cause you to die less longer. If your having a bad day don’t try and be negative try to be positive if something goes wrong. Any little thing thing can cause stress most of the people get stressed, that is what a lot of people have to avoid. To become positive you have to think positive, think of the good things you’ve done in your life and go a long with it.

Being positive

The mind is connected to the body and brings the attitude that you have, if negative it will cause death. Positive people become more mature, healthy and it helps their mind become more positive and receives positive in their life and live longer than people who seek negative in them. Always think of the things you can do to become good in life. Emotions can take control of your body. If your feeling sad or depressed the things around you will be all negative .

Some things become a habit, people know things they shouldn’t do and still do it and others know what not to do and don’t do it which is how they become more positive. positive people need to be mature, responsible, discipline, trustworthy and be grateful for what they have. Being kind helping others is also a part of being positive . When theres a problem people who are positive try to find a answer and others who are not give up.

Positive people can live longer than negative people

According to the website people who are joyful, grateful or think positive have a really long life. They are also healthy and won’t get stressed often. Negative people will die less longer because of their attitude and what they bring in their life that makes them less positive . The mind is powerful and controls you, what you feel emotionally is what brings good or bad things to you. Positive people have courage because they have a great attitude and positivity can bring others that are positive to you. According to the text “Less stress means less inflammation is the less negativity the less pain you will get and it means to stop being negative when something goes bad you have to make it right