More sleep for students


Wendy Troxel, a sleep researcher, talks about how students should start school later than the usual time that school starts (around 7:30am). Although later on once you’re an adult you’ll need to wake up early, she states that students should sleep around 8-10 hours every night. Students with less sleep usually become more moody, lazy and they can also become depressed. Troxel claims that according to major medical organizations, that schools should start around 8:30am. Troxel claims that teenagers shouldn’t be robbed from their sleep.

I agree with Troxel’s argument. Students all around the United States need to have the necessary amount of sleep in order to be more successful. Students going through puberty release melatonin around 11pm, which means that they become sleepy around that time. Students usually need to wake up around 6-6:30 to get ready for school, which means that they would only get around 7 hours of sleep. That is less than the minimum amount of sleep recommended by medical organization. As teenagers we are usually sleepy or tired in the beginning of the school day but towards the end we have more energy. If school were to start later, teens would be able to get more sleep and wake up with a bit more energy than they would before. When teenagers are tired we pay less attention to things which can impact how well we do in the first periods of the day. People who don’t sleep the full amount needed, sometimes start doing drugs, they get depression, and worst case scenario they attempt suicide. The loss of sleep can impact your mental health because your body needs to be able to rest for a period of time. People who sleep 8 hours and think that it is okay are kind of wrong, although they sleep 8 hours that’s still the minimum hours needed it would be better if they slept longer. I believe that if schools would change the schedule and start at 8:30am, more students would have more energy by the time school starts which means they will pass their classes easier. Some students drink coffee or energy drinks before they go to school so they can be less tired than they are. Some students also sometimes stay up late working on homework because they were busy during the day, which means that they will stay up longer than 11 and they’ll still need to wake up around 6:30am. Some students drive to school and if they are tired and driving it can cause accidents which can involve serious injuries. Students who don’t get enough sleep will hurt themselves in the long run because they can end up getting heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes. Schools that have changed the start time to 8:30am notice that they get less absences and they also have less drop outs than other schools, but most importantly they do better academically. 

Having more sleep is better in the long run because students will do better academically and will learn more. It will also be better for their health as they will be able to do more things without getting tired fast.In the LAUSD teens with sleep problems were 55% more likely to have had used alcohol in the last months. Students that only sleep for 5 hours is almost equivalent to driving with a blood alcohol content above the legal limit. Students with less sleep also do bad in sports which can affect their health. Making schools change the start time from around 7:30 to 8:30 can impact students in many ways, it can make students smarter and healthier than they are right now.