Now Hiring… ¿But do they want the job?

Richard J Berry talks explains how society can help homeless find jobs and stay safe in the Ted talks video “A practical way to help the homeless find work and safety”. He goes ahead in the beginning and asks who in the public have seen someone in their city at the edge of the road holding a sign that say “job wanted”, of course the majority and could even be said that everyone has at least once. However Berry hits a good question “Has anyone ever wondered if they really mean it? If someone were to offer them a job would they really take it?”
Richards point “Your dollars or spare change given to the homeless or ‘beggars’ don’t help feeding the body rather feeding the addiction”. I strongly agree to this statement and that there are better ways we could as a society help these people who are less fortunate then us than just giving them our money. I believe more cities need to see this plan Mayor Berry has for his city. Instead of having panhandlers beg all day they collect them and give them a day worth work pay them nine dollars an hour and give them to eat at least once. This is an amazing way to improve society! Instead of walking past our panhandlers, criticizing, or giving them spare change we should help the actual problem…. getting them off the streets and into safety. Berry changed that mentality in his city reducing the amount of panhandlers sleeping out in the dangerous alleys and putting them in honest hard working fairly paid jobs.
If this action plan were to spread around the nation our society would improve so much. More jobs would get done less people would have to sleep in the streets and there would be no excuse other than being lazy to keep begging for money or help. It’s an amazing way to act like the Samaritan in the bible helping the less fortunate out. Even when you’re not as fortunate either the simplest action of promoting these jobs or offering a job yourself whether it be mowing your lawn, helping move things around, can be a huge help for these panhandlers who are just trying to improve their lives and escape the addictions that brought them to the living conditions they are in now. It is hard to leave when they have it easy and receive free money instead of putting work for their daily bread, let’s make a change!