7 Ways to Build Your Confidence

I read an article about “7 Unconventional Ways to Build Your Confidence” and it was about 7 ways to be more confident with yourself and around others. This link about 7 Unconventional Ways to Build Your Confidence was great because it explains a lot. It explained that there are many ways to be more confident with others and that even if you mess up or you do something wrong you could try again. The first, way to be more confident is to 1. Take chances that make you feel uncomfortable, the article said that by doing this it can get you to feel more confident when you do things that you don’t usually do all the time. Also, that by doing this you might get embarrassed if you don’t do it correctly but it will help you learn in the future. This will also help you feel better about yourself when you do something funny or as it says in the article you might look silly but it’s ok.

The second and third way were similar they were 2. Fail fast and fail often, and 3. Be wrong and be OK with it. They are similar because they are both saying that if you fail or are wrong sometimes its ok and it’s ok to do it sometimes. It also talks about not giving up and trying your best whenever you do something wrong. In the article, the second way said this “Failing is a process of learning; it helps you grow and know who you are, what you can rise from, and how you can still rise after you fall.”, and it’s true because you can fail and try again. For the third way, the article said that you should accept that you are wrong and that you should move on and to not let that hold you from what you are doing.

The fourth way is 4. Compliment others and help them smile, this means that even if you didn’t do something correctly you can be happy about others. Also, that if you are happy and if you have a positive attitude you could feel more confident about yourself and about others. When you act negatively you start to do bad thing and do thing to your friends and family that they don’t like. The article, said “If someone looks nice, tell them.  If someone does a good job, applaud them.  Refuse to engage in backstabbing gossip and make an effort to compliment those around you.”, and that is true because if you backstab your friend or family they won’t like to help you when you might need them. The fourth way also talks about how treating others can help you build up your confidence with others.

The fifth and the sixth are similar 5. Laugh in the face of frustration, 6. Ignore what most people think of you. These mean that you can’t give up because of things that get in your way or people. It also means that you shouldn’t care about getting frustrated because you need to keep trying until you finish something. For the sixth way, the article said, “Accept no one’s definition of your life except your own, and seek approval only from the people who truly matter in your life.”, that means that you should not care about people that tell you bad things. Also, that you have to listen to the people that actually care for you and want you to do good in life.

The last way is 7.  Begin right NOW, that means that you should start to do those 7 ways so that you could be more confident about yourself and among others. This will help you to become a person that can do many things without worrying about what others think. It will also help you feel better about yourself even when you make a mistake or you get something wrong. Also, this can help you be more positive about what you do and what other people do like doing something good in class. By doing these things you will become a person with a lot of confidence and be confident about your actions.