30 Things to Start Doing to Yourself

Have you ever done something that you regret and want to change well you can’t so you have to do somethings to change your future so here are some things that you should start doing or you can visit 30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself. One thing that you and I should start doing is start spending time with the right people because some people that I know have started doing the wrong things and they are barely in high school. I am now avoiding those people because I don’t want to end up like them. One of them is now taking counseling and the others just got in trouble. I am now hanging out with people that actually worry about school and it showed off we had a test yesterday and I aced it with 100%. Now I am glad I don’t hang out with them.

Another thing all people should start doing is start making your own happiness a priority. Stop caring what other people are going to think about you focus on what makes you happy. If you like things that other people don’t like then oh well it’s their problem not yours. I like the tv show the flash and some people hate I don’t really care if they say hateful things I just do what I enjoy. Some people get bullied because of what they like or what you like to eat it doesn’t matter it’s your life not theirs do what you like not them. I get picked on because of what I like to do but I just ignore them they are just people who also get picked on.

A third thing that we all should start doing is start concentrating on the things you can control and stop worrying about things you can’t Instead of doing nothing do something you can instead of wasting time doing nothing. If there is a storm you can have everything prepared and also do your job as an employee. If there is a company that you know is doing something wrong then instead of getting mad you can work on exposing them. If something is bugging you like a product or a company instead of whining about it make it better and make more money then they can. If there is a problem with your computer like mine don’t whine about and ask to borrow someone else is. That’s something I have already been doing since 5th grade

Another thing we all must do is start facing your problems head on instead of avoiding them just do it. When I was in 6th grade my friends always tried to avoid problems and try to do thing the easy way. I on the other hand faced it I would always try to finish first to get it revised by a teacher but there were hardly any mistakes so it made it easy. Another thing we should do that’s the same topic is if we make a problem we should fix it and try not to make it worse. Also if you find something hrd that’s just another chance to learn more. That’s another thing we should change about ourselves.

The last thing I think we should change about yourself is start being attentive to your stress level and take short breaks if you stress out too much it could be bad for your health. Stress can put you in a very bad mood. If you show an act of aggression then they might not want to be next to you so you should take stress relief classes. You can also take breaks so you don’t feel stress or overstress yourself. I get stressed a ton by my little cousins because they don’t listen and their annoying. Some people say stress also causes grey hair because how much a person gets mad. I expect to get grey hair by 20 at this rate because of my little cousins and my dog. Anxiety is caused by stress and a way that you can control it is by a service dog.


12 rules for being human


Edit“12 rules for human beings”

Hi my name is steven as you know by the title or the blog.A topic that I found very interesting was 12 Rules for Being Human. I actually agree with this article because it was all true I do most of these things in my everyday life. Everybody should be doing these everyday life things. One rule is to you earn respect by being respectful. I agree but not tons of kids understand it. Now that we have social media there is tons of bullying. If we respect one another there would be less bullying and suicides. If they continue being disrespectful nobody is going to want to respect them. I met this one person and he instantly began acting disrespectful and I ask him if he could stop so he didn’t and I let him continue but I didn’t care much. That brings us on rule 8 negativity poisons the soul. When you hate someone it’s not going to hurt them your just hurting yourself. In the future you won’t even care so I why not stop caring now focus on yourself and your future they might end up in a terrible future asking for your help someday. I agree with the phrase that Marc Chernoff made, “Don’t let needless drama and negativity stop you from being the best you can be.  Avoid the drama, and focus on what truly matters.” Reading this showed me that hatred is not important happiness and your success is. Another rule that I find important to me is there is a positive lesson in every life experience which is rule 3. I find this true because I actually say that to myself mistakes are failure but you can learn from that failure and succeed the next time. Take it as a exam if you take it and fail and have another chance study what was wrong and try to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes but remember mistakes are just positive feedback. Another quote he states that I supported is, “If you make a mistake that sets you back a little, or a business deal or a relationship doesn’t work, it only means a new opportunity is out there waiting.” In my life I don’t like to give up easily I like to try and try but I never give up. Rule number 2 is you will learn as long as you live. It is true no matter what you do you will learn from swimming from snowboarding. You can learn tons of new things such as how to fix a car to how to drive a car. Another rule is your love creates happiness which is true because if don’t have anything to love what would put a smile on your face. What would be the cause of you waking up every morning? Love fills you up with joy and happiness yes love can be broken but love will come back better and stronger. Love is what keeps you going in life and it’s what pushes us forward. That’s what keeps me going. I love my parents so when I’m older if they get sick I can help them or support them with it. Another rule he stated is only you know what you’re capable of which is so true. During school we had teachers that would force us to do hard things and if you were tired they didn’t care they would make you run. By the way I’m talking about P.E which is difficult but since I try to do my best I pass my class. I had tons of friends cheering me on and there was one kid that was like me and we all cheered for him his name was Bruce. The rule that I think is the most important is number 12 your choices design your life. I have to really agree with this one because you don’t want to ruin your life because of dumb decisions. If you choose the life of crime over just working you’re making the wrong decision. You can either go to college or just not even try in school. I want to try every good choice if possible if you made a mistake in the past forget about it and try to make yourself a better future. I want the best for me and my family so I will choose the best choices. I want the best for me now and for me in the future. If you want to be successful don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t as long as you try. AS long as you have grit and are inspired you shall become great. If you remember these rules that I chose out of the 12 but you can still check it out on the link I put in the beginning. I hope you enjoy this blog because it sure was something interesting like who knew we had rules well at least you now know.  That is my opinion on this topic see you next time.