Girls have always been taught to avoid risks and failure, to smile pretty and play it safe. While boys are taught to play it rough and be brave. So this is where Reshma Saujani comes in and says girls are raised to be perfect. At age 33 she decided to run for Congress, people thought she was dumb and crazy for running. Saujani was positive that she was going to win but once the votes came in she only got 6,321 votes. She was humiliated but knew what she did was bravery. She doesn’t want other girls to become brave at the same age she did, she wants parents to already teach them that being out of this world won’t impact their lives, bravery will. She talked about in the Ted Talk that women will apply for a job if they meet the requirements 100% but boys will apply if they meet 60%. Women are being left behind in jobs because they go to careers that they will be perfect in. Us, females will show nothing at all instead of showing progress, it’s like a do or die situation but instead it’s perfection or bust situation. Saujani said that she has a friend who is a professor in a university and he told her in his computer class “the boys will go in and ask for help but who girls they’ll go in, not to ask for help but to say what is wrong with them.” This is powerful because we think we need to impress people, that’s the way society is showing females. Like the Victoria Secret models, they’re “perfect”, they’re shown to be flawless and that’s what everyone thinks perfect is. But perfect is bravery. You can’t show fear in everything you do, you have to take courage and do it and not think about what others will say. Saujani also says that we don’t want to show that we’re struggling that’s why we never raise our hands to ask questions. I agree with everything she says because it’s true, I don’t like asking questions because I feel like I look dumb and everyone else knows everything. But this happens everywhere, don’t think that you’re alone. There’s a bunch of girls who are like you, having a wall of perfection instead of bravery. We need to be comfortable in being imperfect, we have to stop doing what everyone wants, we need to start going out of our comfort zone. How we’re being taught of being perfect that’s all we think about, pleasing people but they don’t want to see perfection they want to see bravery and we will still be loved and accepted. Soujani ended the her talk by saying she wants everyone to teach women imperfection, that they need to build a movement of better women who are brave and who will build themselves a better living. I also think that women should be taught bravery instead of perfection because no one’s perfect, someone is not going to be with you because you’re perfect, they’re not going to hire you because you’re perfect, someone is not going to be your friend because you’re perfect. Someone is going to get will you, they’ll hire you and they’ll be your friend knowing that you’re not afraid of doing anything. Like how I said before society pictures us to be perfect even Disney/Pixar films too. They have all their princesses getting what they want, instead of them going for it. So this is where the film Brave comes in, Merida, the princess, was given a bow and arrow as a present but her mom the queen didn’t like that. Why? Because they’re taught that girls are no good just being perfect. But Merida goes out and does what she really wants because she’s brave enough and doesn’t care what others will think about a girl being an archer. I think this film relates to Soujani’s talk about teaching girls bravery instead of perfection because we need to go out and do what we want to do, not what society wants us doing. We need to start showing that girls can do this too. That girls aren’t about looking pretty, that we’re all about being brave. BRAVERY IS THE NEW BLACK.