The Possibility of Time Travel

Time travel has to be one of my favorite hopes and one that I want to make come true.

I was looking around on the web for information on time travel and I stumbled on this Is Time Travel Possible?

The following is what I learned.

I learned that time traveling forwards is easy this is backed up by Einstein’s theory of relativity, this means the faster someone is moving the slower the time passes.

For example, if someone is moving at the speed of light their perception of time would be that time is going slower. An easier way for all the flash fans it’s just like how the flash moves quick in regular time, but for him, he is moving regular speed as everyone else but time is slower.

I also learned about the “twins paradox” which is that if there were twins and one went off into space at a quarter of light speed and come back they would be younger than the twin that stayed. I found this pretty interesting and came up with a hypothesis that what if you vibrated your molecular structure at a quarter of the speed of light would that make time slow down for you or make you live longer.

The sad part of this is that it’s only possible to go forward and back where you started but going back in time would be impossible because nothing can go faster than the speed of light.

Wormholes is a very cool concept which is when a hole in spacetime opens and is able to move you forward in time and go back to your original position but it can’t go back in time.

There is also the “grandfather paradox” which is if someone goes back in time and kills their grandfather that means that their father wouldn’t exist and that would lead to him not existing so he couldn’t go back and kill his grandfather would this mean the grandfather would die?   

These are all theories, not facts so anything is possible.

Mandela Effect Just A Hoax?

Have you guys ever heard of what the Mandela Effect is? I just recently found out about it.

I found an article talking about it and i found this out.

If you are interested in the article here it is Mandela Effect Article

The creator of the Mandela Effect is Fiona Broome. She says that it started off by when she noticed that Nelson Mandela actually was alive and not dead as she thought because she believed that he died in the 1980s in prison. Fiona then realized that she wasn’t the only one to believe this. She then created the site and quickly realized that there were different circumstances of this happening.

The Mandela Effect is based on the theory that there are two different dimensions that are similar but not identical and that some of us accidentally phased through the dimensions and see that there are differences in what you remember.

One example is how you spell Loony Tunes, I remembered it as Loony Toons and many other do too but it is actually Loony Tunes.Image result for looney toons mandela effect

Here is another one on the ford logo on the F there is like a loop that people feel that it was never there but actually that has been there since 1912.

In a file photo a flag waves near a Ford sign Monday, Jan. 23, 2006, at a Little Rock, Arkansas








The most famous one has to be The Berenstain Bears, as of what I remember it was spelled as The Berenstein Bears with an ein but it is actually spelled as The Berenstain Bears.

Image result for mandela effect berenstain bears

In the article they say that these are all theories and can be proven otherwise.

What do you think is it a Hoax or is it Real?