Being Straight Is A Crime?

Would you like to live in an alternative universe, one where what you were taught or learned to be true is wrong? “Love is all you need?” by K, Rocco Shields for WingSpan Pictures is a motivational video dedicated to the people who don’t have a voice. To the people who struggle to live normal lives because society declares them different and wrong. People should be treated equality in my opinion. Many fight for their rights declaring that they(protesters) are human beings and the same as others.

The video “Love is All You Need” is a marvelously crafted. The main protagonist of this video is a young girl who we see her life developed from birth to death showing us how her world is. Demonstrating that in this alternate universe Heterosexuales are the bad, the wrong and that the Homosexuales are the norm. We see this child being harassed and hated for being true to herself. We see her at her worst moment when she feels as though the only way to escape the humiliation is by death, and I’m sure that there are many people who think the same.

Although the video may be from 2012, the symbolism is still intact. Many people can find this piece an inspiration, a view to a new world. I question what would our world be if this were true? Would be neglect our true selves or fight to be acknowledged? Some laws have changed since 2012 for Homosexual couples but they still fight to be acknowledged as normal instead of abnormal as they are now. “The worst part is that all of this really happened. These were dramatized from real-life stories of LGBTQ kids.” said Adam Mordecai.

We have all seen the campaigns thrown by these wonderful colorful people. Why do they do it? Why do they throw so many campaigns? Why do people waste their time doing all these events? Well if you ask me I wouldn’t call it wasteful, I wouldn’t even call it useless. All kinds of people want to be acknowledged you don’t have to be different to stand out. All you have to do is be yourself, protect what you find dear, to fight for what is right in your eyes. If you can do that then nobody will disrespect you. If only everyone had such a possibility our world is crumbling down with lunatics. We can’t allow people to be terrorized or scared and most importantly hopeless. Every human being has the right to stand up for themselves to reach what they believe.

Where do you stand? Were you taught to believe that Heterosexuals are evil beings that are cast out by your religion and society? Or were you taught to see everyone equally, to not judge others by who they decide to love? I was taught and raised to believe that homosexuales are bad that god doesn’t love them. Yet now that I am older I understand how wrong they all have been, homosexuales are not aliens or monster they are human beings like me they just choose to love differently. I outgrew my parent’s wishes and found the truth. Now I want you all to find the truth and it doesn’t have to be mine you can argue that you believe they are bad but think, are they not human? Are they not like you or me? Do they not have feelings? These people only want to be happy to live their lives the way they so wish. I don’t want to change you, i admit it even if my sole purpose at the moment is to convince you to see and understand and agree to my point of you. I don’t want to make you doubt your beliefs. I want you to expand your thoughts to acknowledge that there is another way of thought another way of life. And now I thank you for listening. For giving me a VOICE.

If you wish to watch the video here is the site and source: video