Ban Vending Machines in School!

When was the last timeyou purchased or actually ate something from a vending machine? Vending machines should be banned from schools for many reasons. For example, vending machines can increase school littering, affects student’s behavior in a negative way, and can affect student’s health. Vending machines increase student bullying and cause students to feel uneasy because of the thoughts and the words they receive from buying the healthy food rather than buying the unhealthy food. Also, vending machines are causing childhood obesity. How do vending machines affect people in a lot of different ways? Vending machines come with a price not the on the foods labels, but a price that will affect you in the future. The problem with having vending machines in schools they are affecting student’s health According to Christie Nelson, associate editor research source: journal of adolescent health. “Researchers looked at the food sold in vending machines at 152 schools and the dietary behavior of 5,930 students. They found that the overwhelming majority of the schools- a whopping 83% sold foods having minimal nutritional value, such as sodas, sweets, and chips.” This evidence shows that most students when given the option between healthy food and junk food they would get the junk food. Out of 5,930 students, 83% of them are more likely to have problems with their weight in the future. This is just one reason why vending machines should be banned in schools. I found this web site regarding more of reasons why they should be banned.

Vending machines: good or bad?

Vending Machines Equal Bullying

Another reason why vending machines should be banned is because they can trigger kids behavior. Not only are vending machines poisoning youth’s health but they can also lead to giving attitude to their parents’. Youth don’t like feeling left out so they feel obligated to buy food from vending machines.  According to an articles by Linda Guzman says “Some kids will go through a phrase of starving themselves because their friend is doing it”. This will affect student’s behavior in a negative way because they would ask their parents for money and if they say no, they might give them attitude. Students are wasting their parent’s money just because they want to fit in with the cool kids. It might also affect kids to steal their parent’s money just to be “cool”.

More Trash

Many people might say vending machines are good because they support schools and supply food to students. Vending machines are like a year round fundraiser supported by student with the craving for a snack. According to an article by Tasleem Jackson on it states, “Another good reason to have vending machines in school is to help school profit. With the money a school makes in a vending machine, they could buy new school supplies/equipment.” Although this may be true, vending machines are creating an unhealthy environment in schools. Having vending machines in schools could lead to littering, bullying, obesity, and even starvation. For example if a student could not afford to buy food from a vending machine they could be picked on for eating school lunch therefore they would rather starve themselves and not eat at all. Also littering is a huge problem for schools with vending machines. If students already littered with broken school supply and lunch packaging, having vending machines in schools are like giving them more trash to throw around. Today,students are not concerned with finding a trashcan; it’s considered “Lame”. shares, “Schools with Vending machines have more trash than schools without.” This proves that vending machines are bad for the environment and produce trash.  

To conclude, vending machines should be banned from all schools, because they affect student’s health, increase school littering, and can change students behavior in a negative way. Also, vending machines could increase the chances of childhood obesity. Vending Machines would increase student littering when a trashcan is not near students would throw their trash on the floor. Some students are forced to buy from the vending machines because other students make fun of them for grabbing school food. This is my  reasons why vending machines should be banned from schools.




How to Build a Better Friend

21 Things To Look For In A Best Friend

At first I didn’t know what to write my blog about, so I was thinking, and thinking, and then I had the best idea ever! Why don’t I write my blog about what I know best, being a teenage girl and dealing with the struggles of life and going on this crazy, stupid, wild rollercoaster ride we call life. Between crushes, school, friends, enemies and trying to be yourself, How the hell are we supposed to know what to do? I know there are a ton of other blogs like this, but there all by mom bloggers who grew up like 50 years ago. Who wants to read a blog by a lady who has no idea of how we’re living now, and what it’s like be a teensager now. They didn’t have social media, as much homework, or even the problems we have now.

Today I’m going to talk about friends. I’ve made so many throughout the years, some i still have, and unfortunately i had to part ways with others. I think it’s important to make friends and be sociable, because y not? Anyway this blog isn’t about how much i could talk to someone or why i always get moved seats in class because of how much I could talk to the randomest person in class because I somehow find something in common with everybody. This blog is about the important qualities to find in a friend.

I think an important quality to find in a friend is trustworthiness. You have to trust your friends, if you don’t how are you supposed to tell them who you like or special secrets that are to never be spoken of in public, or brought up ever again. When you and your friends trust each other it makes everything so much easier. Like when u buy them hot cheetos or something you’ll trust them to pay you back, or maybe your friends are just that good of a friend that they’ll pay for your chips and thiers. If you do, tell me where you find friends like that.

Another important quality a friend should have is humor. When someone is funny they are always so much fun to be around. It is important to have friends who can not only be funny but can also be serious when something else is going on. When a person is funny at the write time and warm hearted and caring you always feel safe around them. Say your parents are going through a divorce, you broke up with your lover, or an important person just died. During those times you need a shoulder to lean on and someone to make you laugh.

Another key feature a friend should have is self confidence. It is important to have friends who you can feel good around  and boost your confidence levels. For example, me and my friends will take pictures of ourselves and be like, “Damn! we’re cute!” I know it’s a tiny bit conceited but it’s important to always feel beautiful, because everyone will have their opinions, but the only opinion that is important is your own. Being confident is key in feeling beautiful and happy with your appearance. When you walk into a place feeling yourself and totally slaying the game you can’t help it but feel amazing!

Another key aspect a friend a should have is loyalty. When a friend is loyal they always put you first and care about your feelings. They always are supportive of your actions and will be by your side no matter what. Loyal friends will not, and i repeat not! Ignore your facetime call, because they are talking to their crush, they will answer you turn the camera around and show you how they look for your approval. They will also always listen to you and care about you. There a a quote that is the basic definition of loyalty and is, “Loyalty is about people who stay true to you behind your back.” What it’s basically saying is that people who are loyal will stick up for you and will never bring you down or make you feel less than. They will never let you do something wrong and if you do they will help you  fix it, and feel better about yourself.