The Affects Media Leave on Children

         There are plenty of TV shows and Movies out there that portray certain gender stereotypes, but how do they affect children. Children are being affected by the type of stereotypes shown on the Movies and TV shows they watch as shown on CNN. On shows and movies they make the boys try to seem masculine, brave, and tough, while they make girls look feminine, weak, and and fearful. This makes children think thats how each gender acts which affects the way they see each gender role.

        This affects children because it harms their career choices by showing them that only certain jobs can be for either boys or girls. For example they show that girls can’t be engineers because of their gender, and how boys can’t be doctors because it’s a girl job. This affects their career choices because they are being taught what jobs are for each gender and what they can’t pursue in a career due to their gender. Instead it should show gender equality for careers to help influence young children to pursue the job that they want.

       Another way the stereotypes for gender in the media affects young children is by harming their self-worth. These shows and movies teach young girls that they can’t be strong or tough which makes them think they can’t be strong or stand up for themselves which affects the way they act and see themselves. Another way this affects children’s self-worth is because TV shows and Movies show that each gender have to look a certain way which causes these children to want to change the way they look. Young boys are being taught that they can’t talk about feelings or open up to someone because of their masculinity. It also changes the way boys look at themselves because they think they have to have muscles to be strong which changes the way they look at themselves in wanting to change how they look.

         I think that gender equality should be shown to help influence not only young children but everyone. Everyone should not be stereotypical about gender because it can affect our society in being sexist and stereotypical. These young children are being shown that each gender has to act or look a certain way when in reality boys and girls are equal and should not be persuaded to do a certain career due to their gender. Girls can pursue careers that involve engineering or a uniform. Boys can do jobs such as being a doctor, veterinarian, or even a stylist. Gender equality should be shown and influenced all the time and especially in the media because it gives big impacts on what we see and makes us think.

        Even now gender stereotypes affect women and their jobs because men are getting a higher pay, this is an example of a gender stereotype because both genders aren’t being paid equally. Stuff like this influences young children which is why Media needs to show TV shows and Movies that have gender equality to help better the mindset of young viewers. I can conclude with saying that young children should be taught about gender equality through stuff like TV shows or Movies to help our society and the future of these children.

The Fight for DACA

       Lately there has been plenty of headlines based on this program called DACA as shown on Now you might be asking what is DACA? Why is DACA important? Well, DACA is an abbreviation for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”, basically DACA is a special program for children brought into the U.S. illegally by their parents through no fault. DACA provides a two-year shield from deportation and a work permit allowing them to be able to attend college and get a career. About 800,000 people have succeeded in using this program that now have a stable career and well education. These people that benefited from DACA are called dreamers because they’ll strive to achieve their dreams with the help of this program.

        A recent declaration from President Donald Trump has left these dreamers in shock and fear. President Trump declared that in six months DACA was to end if congress fails to renew or revamp this program. In 2012 President Obama opened the door for immigration reform by creating DACA. These dreamers are left in worry and fear because if DACA is being taken away then this leaves them to believe that their education and career will come to an end as well. Taking DACA away is stripping the work permits of these Dreamers causing them to loose their job.  Another fear left is deportation, since the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency he has been wanting to deport all the illegal immigrants here in the United States.

Growing up these Dreamers thought that they were born here in the U.S. and didn’t know that they were unable to get a work permit or even be allowed in the U.S. This leads them without the fault of their illegal migration which is why DACA gives them a chance to be able to attend school and have a job. This affects our future in many ways because Dreamers need this opportunity in their life to benefit them. These Dreamers can be deported and left without a job which is very upsetting to know. The question is why does President Trump want to end DACA? I think he is taking away DACA because he thinks it’ll take away the amount of illegal immigrants in the country.