Man who said the world is ending Saturday changed his name.It isn’t actually ending

Hello everyone my name is Victor and in the past week or so a lot of controversy surrounding the world ending has left everyone thinking it is really true. Today im going to open your eyes to the real facts about this whole hoax.

This article literally disproves the entire hoax. It not only states evidence and facts but the man who started everything says that it isn’t true. This kinda sucks in the sense that we still have to go to school so sorry to all my high-schoolers and middle-schoolers reading but if you are reading its mainly because the hoax was really a hoax.

David Meade is a self published author and his book regarding the hoax that has the world going crazy. Inside the book David talks about this new planet that apparently exists in our solar system with NO proof and still stating it is going to collide with Earth on the 23rd of September. Now NASA the known group for taking a man on the moon and astronaut practices and many more disprove Mr.Meads “statement”

This doesnt say in the article but Planet X or Nibiru is not even real. The idea of planet X is theoretical. The theory planet X is a planet in our solar system that we may not have discovered yet because it is light years away from earth. Some say it could be orbitting so far that the sun may look like our moon.

The world is gonna end just  not today but by the time that day earth would be a literal garbage planet. Many in the past have tried pin pointing exactly when were going to die. Such as David Meade,although none have actually been correct. I found it kinda dumb that last year they tried saying the world was gonna end when The Movie San Andrea Fault came out. I was gullible enough to beleive it but as the day passed on the release of San Andrea went on I was thinking im not gonna believe that the world or at least my state was going to die based off of a movie.





Trump: Ill revisit DACA if congress cant fix it in 6 months


Recently trump had put a ban in DACA. This allows students who illegally came to the US stay here to study and become successful. The students involved in this program are called “dreamers”.800,000 young undocumented immigrants were protected from deportation. Trump and his administration began to say that Obama never legalized DACA. Congress now has a deadline  to do this. In 6 months  trump will revisit DACA. In my opinion, DACA should not be banned nor bothered with. They call these students “dreamers” for a reason.  There parents sacrificed everything to give these dreamers a better education and to be successful in life. What trump is doing is deporting hardworking students who want the best for themselves. Your doctor who you trust like a family member may not be around anymore because DACA will force him to leave his job and all his/her hard work.

“The Department of Justice cannot defend this over reach”. I got this quote from the link above. This was said during a session discussing DACA. If the department of justice could not defend this over reach why was it able to deal with it for such a long time. Keep in mind DACA was running smoothly. It helped many immigrant students get a amazing education and become successful. Many are in college. Trump is crazy for banning the protection of immigrant students.

300,000  people will lose their status by 2018. 300,000 people will have no choice but to leave to their home country. However, DACA are allowed to permit many to stay in the USA which means many will stay in America after the deadline. Many will leave their jobs and studies.